Victor A. Basco is tbe Titular Protagonist from FPJ’s ang Probinsyano. He is ranked as a Major who joins Manuel dela Cruz with Task Force Agila, He cares about destroying Renato Hipolito after He was revived by His Unnamed Necromancer that He was shot by Ricardo Dalisay.

In February 3 2020 Book 4 Season 7, He turns NO LONGER one of Major antagonist of Delfin Borja who caused by Ombudsman Castillo.

In July 2020. He turns back one of Major antagonist of Delfin Borja.

He is portrayed by a Filipino voice actor, Raymart Santiago who is also known as Doctor Philip from Starla.

Do-Gooder Edit

Species: Human

Skin Color: Tan

Age: 45 Years Old

Friends: Amir Marquez

Camille Villaluna

Manuel dela Cruz

Oscar Hidalgo

Roxanne Opeña

Karlo Ramos

Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay

Jerome Girona Jr.

Rigor Soriano

Glenda "Glen" Corpuz

Enemies: Ombudsman Castillo

Lily Ann Cortez

Juan Morcilla

Meilin Yang+

Renato Hipolito

Jacob Serrano

Migz Rosales+

Lance Mendez+

Dante Madarang+

Alignment Chart: Good

Type of Hero: Heroic Fallen Cops

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Synopsis Edit

He is introduced shortly after the fall of Cabrera and the arrest of the Vendetta. He is one of the Policemen trusted by the president in order to destroys all criminals especially Renato Hipolito. He is also responsible for training Cardo and his allies in which they formed a team known as the Task Force Agila.

He wants to save Chloe Delgado but Renato physics Her not to be mentioned that Buwitre was now upset, His own Nephew, Serrano Jacob assaults and decides to stay away from His uncle and His evil deeds if They are not supposed to kills Her. They both dismayed and left behind Him and Serrano.

In Delfin Borja's episodes, Task Force Agila abducts Him on His June 18th Birthday. Victor convinces Ricardo Dalisay to not battles Kidnapper.

Personality Edit

He is seen to be friendly, supportive, and respectful towards his allies and team mates. He was to freedom, to saves the Innocence.

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