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Victor A. Basco is a overarching protagonist in FPJ’s ang Probinsyano. A police major, he served as the commander of Task Force Aguila.

In February 3 2020 Book 4 Season 7, he led the arrest of Delfin Borja, upon the order of the court in a case filed by Ombudsman Castillo.

In July 2020, he helped Cardo and the rest of the task force to rescue Borja.

He is portrayed by a Filipino actor Raymart Santiago.


Species: Human/Demigods

Skin Color: Tan

Age: 45 Years Old

Friends: Amir Marquez

Camille Villaluna

Manuel dela Cruz

Oscar Hidalgo

Roxanne Opeña

Karlo Ramos

Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay

Jerome Girona Jr.

Rigor Soriano

Glenda "Glen" Corpuz

Enemies: Ombudsman Castillo

Lily Ann Cortez

Arturo Padua

Juan Morcilla

Meilin Yang+

Renato Hipolito

Jacob Serrano

Migz Rosales+

Lance Mendez+

Dante Madarang+

Alignment Chart: Good / Bad (Demigods)

Type of Villain: Master of a Villain

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He is introduced shortly after the fall of Cabrera and the arrest of the Vendetta. One of the policemen trusted by the president, he is tasked to destroy all criminals, especially Renato Hipolito. He is also responsible for training Cardo and his allies in which they formed a team known as the Task Force Aguila.


He is seen to be friendly, supportive, and respectful towards his allies and team mates.