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He was the forerunner of the "Papa Toms" business and a secret gate leader of the illegal drug compounds for his speedy money scheme.

He is also the Leader of the Drug Syndicates and Carmen De Guzman's Taker down, was now released.

Tomas Tuazon is the Main Antagonist from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is the Father of Joaquin Tuazon and Rachel Tuazon. He is the Lover of Verna Tuazon who is the Daughter of Don Emilio and Adoptive Twin Sister of Mr. Philip Tang.

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Tomas seems to be Ruthless and Misanthrope, since He is the man that He shoots Carmen De Guzman who's First victim was. He'd been Sadistic during His deeds, He is more Rich to be one of His tribes.


Season 1

Tomas Tuazon abducts and kills Carmen De Guzman to knows Joaquin about His Victims, He wants to helps Ricardo Dalisay and His friends about Riding In Tandem. He meets His father in Law, Don Emilio the Founder of Drug Syndicates to reveals Himself about Verna Tuazon.

Season 2

After Tomas Tuazon was arrested that he kills and murders Carmen De Guzman, He gets mad him about Carmen's death. Cardo fights with him and murders Tomas, avenges Carmen and retreats Joaquin and goes wild over his father's passed away.


He is portrayed by the Filipino voice actor, Albert Martinez who is also known as Roberto Moondragon from Kadenang Ginto. He plays Prof T from La Luna Sangre.