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Presidential Anti-Crime Task Force also known as Task Force Agila is a counter-terrorist group who is the main protagonistic faction in the TV Series: FPJ's Ang Probinsyano throughout the Crime and Corruption arc. the team founded by all surviving members of Pulang Araw/Vendetta, all Cardo's police allies, and Major Basco's allies.


After reclaiming the presidency and granting pardon to the members of the vigilante group, Vendetta, President Oscar Hidalgo assigned most of them, alongside some female officials from CIDG, to become a member of a newly-formed Presidential Anti-Crime Task Force later known as Task Force Agila in order for them to continue their quest to eliminate crime and corruption in the country.

The task force is composed of 2 groups—Opeña's (main) group and Basco's (partner) group. Opeña's group is the core group which lead the execution of all the missions assigned, formerly lead by PMaj. Romero until her death. Basco's group assists the task force mainly on intelligence gathering and planning.

During missions, they are assisted by CIDG officers. They directly receive missions from President Oscar Hidalgo through PMGen. Manuel G. Dela Cruz and former Presidential Security Adviser Sec. and current PM/Gen. Delfin S. Borja.


F -Team Founder - L - Team Leader - S - Second-in-Command - R - Resigned † - Died

Founder Members:[]

  • PM/Gen. Delfin S. Borja
  • PB/Gen. Diana T. Olegario

Leaders Members:[]

  • P/Cpt. Ricardo "Cardo" B. Dalisay L
  • P/Maj Victor A. Basco S
  • P/Cpt. Avel "Billy" M. Guzman
  • P/Maj. Roxanne Z. Opeña

Active Members:[]

Team Dalisay
  • Pat. Ramil "Manager" D. Taduran (formerly Allied with Lito)
  • PCM/Sgt. Jerome M. Girona, Jr.
  • Mara
Team Basco
  • Pat. Dante "Bulate" Villafuerte
  • Pat. Patrick Espinosa
Team Guzman
  • PM/Sgt. Rigor T. Soriano
  • James Cordero
  • Lucas
Team Opeña
  • Pat. Marsial "Butete" Matero
  • Pat. Gregorio "Greco" Cortez

Former Founder Members:[]

  • PMGen. Manuel dela Cruz R

Former Service Members:[]

  • PMSgt. Glenda "Glen" Corpuz R
  • PLt. Gelyn Gomez R
  • PCpt. Eric Opeña R
  • PCpt. Henry Eugenio †
  • PCpt. Benjamin Santos †
  • PLt. Christopher Hernandez †
  • PSMSgt. Roger Cueto †
  • PCpt. Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera †
  • PLt. Isabel Tiongson †
  • PSMSgt. Catherine Parana †
  • PSMSgt. Celeste Miranda R
  • PMSgt. Tricia Almario R
  • PMaj. Alessandra "Alex" T. Romero †
  • PLt. Samantha Salazar †
  • Police Asset Domingo "Domengsu" Suarez R
  • PLt. Serene Mendoza †
  • PLt. Karlo Ramos R
  • PLt. Louie Rallos R
  • PLt. John Gary Tuaño R
  • PMSgt. Eric Gabriel R
  • PLt. Camille Villaluna R
  • PLt. Marielle Lascano R
  • PSMSgt. Lea Singson R
  • PMSgt. Rolando "Lando" Reyes R
  • Pat. George "Wangbu" Espinosa R
  • PCpt. Amir Marquez R
  • PCpt. Mark Vargas R
  • PMSgt. Hannah Robles R
  • PCpt. Edwin Salonga R
  • P/Cpt. Natalia "Lia" Mante R

Former Rebellion Assets:[]

  • Atty. Fernando Mante R
  • Brgy. Captain Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay †
  • Lourdes "Bubbles" Torres R
  • President Oscar Hidalgo (temporarily)
  • Clarice Padua (temporarily) †
  • Ramon (temporarily) †
  • Teodoro "Teddy" Arevalo (temporarily) †
  • Virginia "Virgie" R. Arevalo (temporarily) †



1.) One of the member Task Force Agila Wangbu who is still alive but never appeared in his later appearance. His sudden exit is unknown.

2.) One of the former female members is credited and to be part of the show named Gelyn Gomez (portrayed by Ana Jalandoni/Asia Gomez). It is unclear and unknown why she never showed up afterwards in the series. She just showed to be a cameo during their trainings and their graduation.