Task Force Agila is a fictional division of PNP-CIDG in Ang Probinsyano.

Background[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the downfall of Cabrera and Vendetta became free and Oscar returned to the Palace, as a gratitude for saving his life and able to bring him back to the Palace he soon asked Cardo and the Vendetta and the former CIDG police officers to form a Task Force known as the PACTF or Task Force Agila as an aid for the president

Members[edit | edit source]

Current Member[edit | edit source]

Ricardo Dalisay (leader)

Billy Guzman (second in command)

Roxanne Opena (commanding officer)

Mark Vargas (squad member)

Rigor Soriano (squad member)

Jerome Gerona Jr. (squad member)

Lando Reyes (Squad member)

Ramil Taduran (squad member)

Greco Cortez (squad member)

Patrick Espinosa (squad member)

George Espinosa (squad member)

Marsial Matero (squad member)

Dante Villafuearte (squad member)

Camille Villaluna (Female Squad member)

Marielle Lazcano (Female Squad member)

Hannah Robles (Female Squad member)

Lea Singson (Female Squad member)

Former Members[edit | edit source]

Some members have died and some others soon left the organization[edit | edit source]

Isabel Tiongson (Female Squad member)*deceased

Catherine Parana (Female Squad member)*deceased

Alessandra T. Romero (Commanding officer)*deceased

Celeste Miranda (Female Squad member)*left organization

Tricia Almario (Female Squad member)*left organization

Samantha Salazar (Female Squad member)*deceased

Francisco Rivera (Squad member)*deceased

Gelyn Gomez (Female Squad member)*unknown/possibly left organization

Eric Opena (Squad member)*deceased

Henry Eugenio (Squad member)*deceased

Benjamin Santos (Squad member)*deceased

Christopher Hernadez (Squad member)*deceased

Roger Cueto (Squad member)*deceased

Trivia[edit | edit source]

1.) One of the member Task Force Agila Wangbu who is still alive but never appeared in his later appearance. His sudden exit is unknown.

2.) One of the former female members is credited and to be part of the show named Gelyn Gomez (portrayed by Ana Jalandoni/Asia Gomez). It is unclear and unknown why she never showed up afterwards in the series. She just showed to be a cameo during their trainings and their graduation.

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