Sto. Niño is a remote place located in the Northern Mountainous part of the Philippines.

History[edit | edit source]

During the days when Cardo is wanted and a member of a Vendetta, he then had a personal mission to take Alyana away from Marco and stayed to a friend living in Sto.Nino. Cardo and Alyana soon re married and later abandoned the place and returned to Manila for their mission. Cardo once again returned alongside with the Vendetta and President Oscar as a safest place to hide against from the hands of Lucas. On the same time, Don Emilio plans to move to start a mining company alongside with Renato and Lucas. The Vendetta soon decided to quit violence and fight for their country in a peaceful way. Surprisingly, Don Emilio and his minions soon terrorizes the place and enslave every civilian. Cardo and the Vendetta, then faught back and forced to return in fighting with violence. Don Emilio’s mining company was soon destroyed and the people’s freedom was saved. Lucas then blamed the Vendetta for the violent incident in Sto.Nino which was done by Tanggol, and blamed for destroying their Business Partner‘s Mining Company.

Known Inhabitants[edit | edit source]














Description[edit | edit source]

The place is rich in vegetation and nature. People use to have a peaceful lives living in Sto. Nino. Unlike in Manila, the place is more like a paradise.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

It is located in Tanay Rizal.

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