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Stanley "Pating" Galvez serves as the Overarching Antagonist since Any Probinsyano who joins Renato Hipolito, was the leader of the loan-shark syndicate and orchestrated the white van scare. He was also a businessman working with an unknown affiliation. He is the abusive former lover of Krista Sandoval after being divorced by her previous fiancee.


Species: Human

Skin Color: Tan

Martial Fates: Killed in Action (KIA), Divorced

Friends: Renato Hipolito

Serrano Jacob

Lance Mendez


Juan (Best Friend)

Enemies: Ricardo Dalisay

Jerome Girona Jr.

Krista Sandoval

Luis Quijano

Kristelle Sandoval

Lily Ann Cortez

Arturo Padua

Ombudsman Castillo

Aligment Chart: Lawful Bad

Crimes: Betrays



Hate crimes







Type of Villain: Misanthropic Bastards

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Stanley was Egotists who wants and needs some important things he wanted to get at the most possible time. He quickly is a furious guy when jealoused or frustrated. He is more caring and lovable in terms of his positive outlook.


Stanley revealed as the annulled husband of Krista Sandoval, who was the newest harbor resident in Barangay Pag-asa where Cardo and his family lives.

Now, that Stanley wants to clear out the state of his wife, he rushed to visit her and with the bad welcome. Physically, the wife has been hit by his anxiety due to the fact that he caught her being cheated with someone else and then the conflict calmed lately soon as he apologizes for what he did, his wife is getting nervous and having cried.

Meanwhile, after other silent moves, Stanley was revealed as one of the crime bosses that Cardo must be put them into jail and serve justice. He was the manager of the kidnapping case to young people for any ransoms. Overjoys as he continues to witness his gamblers who are playing much even at their costs but one client is going to be kept silence from getting impatient in which Stanley remarkably is an anxious tier of the syndication to prove in that he is doing his work very clean.

Stanley continues to scare the people by kidnapping young people from his connections who did not pay his debt. For an instance, he wants to kill and dispatch Krista, Kristelle and their gay nanny Whiskey after Krista overheard Stanley's reprimand to his minions from scaring the people near Cardo's neighbors. When the fight with his girlfriend Krista, Cardo overheard them before he left from fetching Kristel back to the house. But he went on leaving them as he thought it was just a normal kind of misunderstandings. Stanley fought Krista because of Cardo visiting the house as he saw getting jealoused and where Cardo wants to shake hands with him, he neglected out of the mood. When Jerome tries to handcuffed Stanley he pulls his gun while Cardo shoots him three times.