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The eighth season of Ang Probinsyano, a Philippine action drama television series, premiered on June 29, 2020 over at the Kapamilya Channel and it is simulcast on Cine Mo!, Jeepney TV, A2Z and TV5 through livestreaming on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube worldwide via The Filipino Channel. The series stars Coco Martin as P/Cpt. Ricardo Dalisay, together with an ensemble cast.


The eighth season of Ang Probinsyano picks up from the end of the seventh season, whose end coincided with the 2020 Luzon enhanced community quarantine, as it shows Lily's move to consolidate her power as both the first lady of the Republic and leader of the largest international drug cartel in the Philippines and also tackles the childhood life of Alyana meeting her past boyfriend named Lito who is weathering with under Cardo and Task Force Agila as they enter the new chapter Bagong Pag-ibig (lit. New Romance).


President Hidalgo has fallen into a drug-induced coma and Lily has made the most of this opportunity to finally consolidate her powers as the First Lady of the Republic and as the country's drug baroness, along with Arturo. To ensure their success, Renato puts a bounty on Cardo and his family in order to finally rid them of the biggest thorn on their side. Lily and Art then called their henchmen to take out Cardo and his family. Juan was the first to spot Cardo, instigating a shootout with him, which Clarice unexpectedly witnessing it. Cardo was able to injure Juan in the ankle, forcing Juan to retreat.

Cast and characters[]

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  • Coco Martin[3] as P/Cpt. Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay
  • Yassi Pressman[4] as Kapitana Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay
  • John Arcilla[5] as Renato "Buwitre" Hipolito
  • Angel Aquino[6] as Diana T. Olegario
  • Rowell Santiago[7] as Pres. Oscar Hidalgo and Mariano (Oscar's double)
  • Jaime Fabregas[8] as Delfin S. Borja
  • Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino[4] as Virginia "Virgie" R. Arevalo
  • John Prats[9] as PC/MSgt. Jerome Girona, Jr.
  • Bianca Manalo[10] as Lourdes "Bubbles" Torres
  • McCoy de Leon[11] as Juan Pablo "JP" R. Arevalo
  • Michael de Mesa[12] as Pat. Ramil "Manager" Taduran
  • Joel Torre[4] as Teodoro "Teddy" Arevalo/Jose Malaya[a]
  • Lorna Tolentino[13] as First Lady Lily Ann Cortez-Hidalgo
  • Susan Roces[3] as Flora "Lola Kap" S. Borja-de Leon
Recurring cast
  • Malou Crisologo[3] as Yolanda "Yolly" Capuyao-Santos
  • Marvin Yap[3] as Elmo Santos
  • PJ Endrinal[6] as Wally Nieves
  • Lester Llansang[3] as P/Cpt. Mark Vargas
  • John Medina[3] as P/Cpt. Avel "Billy" M. Guzman
  • Marc Solis[14] as P/MSgt. Rigor Soriano
  • CJ Ramos[15] as Pat. Patrick Espinosa
  • Daria Ramirez[16] as Auring
  • Arlene Muhlach[16] as Loring
  • Ella Cruz[16] as Lisa
  • Jobert "Kuya Jobert" Austria[17] as Pat. George "Wangbu" Espinosa
  • Bryan "Smugglaz" Lao[18] as Pat. Marsial "Butete" Matero
  • Lordivino "Bassilyo" Ignacio[18] as Pat. Dante "Bulate" Villafuerte
  • Hyubs Azarcon[19] as P/MSgt. Rolando "Lando" Reyes
  • Nico Antonio[19] as Jacinto "Entoy" Santos
  • Sancho delas Alas[20] as Pat. Gregorio "Greco" Cortez
  • Lorenzo Mara as Ruben
  • Rhed Bustamante[21] as Ana
  • Kenken Nuyad[21] as Aye
  • Whitney Tyson[22] as Elizabeth
  • Donna Cariaga[22] as Doray Mendoza
  • Joven Olvido[22] as Carlo “Caloy” Mendoza
  • Nonong Ballinan[22] as Ambo
  • Ghersie Fantastico[22] as Itong
  • Prinsipe Makata as Mot
  • Shantel Crislyn Layh "Ligaya" Ngujo[23] as Ligaya Dungalo
  • Rhian "Dang" Ramos[23] as Amanda "Dang" Ignacio
  • James "Paquito" Sagarino[23] as Paquito Alvarado
  • Iyannah Sumalpong [24] Kristelle "Letlet” Sandoval
  • Jay Gonzaga[25] as James Cordero
  • Juliana Parizcova Segovia[26] as Francisco/Francine
  • Roy "Shernan" Gaite[27] as Gido
  • Pedro "Zaito" Canon, Jr.[28] as Nick
Guest cast

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  • Rey Malonzo[29] as P/MGen. Manuel Dela Cruz
  • Raymart Santiago[30] as P/Maj. Victor A. Basco
  • Mark Manicad[31] as P/Cpt. Edwin Salonga
  • Empoy Marquez[32] as Domingo "Domengsu" Suarez
  • Dax Augustus as Augustus
  • Nadia Montenegro[33] as Nida
  • Alynna Asistio[33] as Vanessa
  • Caloy Alde[33] as Buloy
  • Dexie Diaz[33] as Dexie
  • Sammie Rimando[33] as Raquel
  • Arron Villaflor[34] as P/Cpt. Amir Marquez
  • Mart Escudero[34] as P/Lt. Karlo Ramos
  • Josef Elizalde[34] as P/Lt. Louie Rallos
  • Kaiser Boado[34] as P/MSgt. Eric Gabriel
  • Marc Abaya[35] as Jacob Serrano
  • Franki Russell[36] as P/MSgt. Hannah Robles
  • Jessica Marasigan[36] as PS/MSgt. Lea Singson
  • Romnick Sarmenta[37] as Juan/Mark Quiambao/Lemuel Pineda[b]
  • Carlos Siguion-Reyna[38] as Ernesto Tordesillas
  • Kim Molina[39] as Kagawad Bea Malonzo
  • Iyannah Sumalpong[40] as Kristelle "Letlet" Sandoval
  • Tirso Cruz III[41] as Sec. Arturo "Art" M. Padua
  • Jerald Napoles[41] as Jimbo Padua
  • Ara Mina[41] as Ellen Padua
  • Rhen Escaño[41] as Clarice Padua-Torres
  • Ana Abad Santos as Ombudsman Castillo
  • Shaina Magdayao[42] as P/Maj. Roxanne Opeña
  • Barbie Imperial[42] as P/Lt. Camille Villaluna
  • Isabelle de Leon[42] as P/Lt. Marielle Lazcano
  • Richard Gutierrez[43] as Angelito "Lito" Valmoria
  • Eric Nicolas as Ramon
  • Marissa Sanchez as Maring
  • Maynard Lapid as Salvador
  • Mark Leviste[44] as Antonio
  • Dennis Raymundo as P/Cpt. Lawrence Raymundo
  • Jeolanie Sacdalan[45] as Berto
  • Seth Fedelin[45] as Macoy
  • Edwin Pandagani as Mr. Reyes
  • Kevin de Vela as Vito
  • Val Iglesias[45] as Turo
  • Jupeter Villanueva as Mr. Calavera
  • Albert Langitan[46] as Mr. Gonzales
  • Marlon Mance[46] as Dr. Nuevas
  • Benjie Paraan as Ruben
  • Angelo Valmoria Roxas as Bong Barrera
  • James D.C Olipas[47] as Eljin Ramirez
  • Kenjie Calindatas[47] as Bunyi
  • Johnmark Taraje[47] as Tyron
  • Vance Larena[48] as PS/Sgt. Ivan Ponce
  • Geoff Eigenmann[48] as P/Maj. Albert De Vela
  • Jane De Leon[48] as P/Cpt. Natalia "Lia" Mante
  • Mark McMahon[48] as P/Cpt. Cris Fabia
  • Paolo Paraiso[48] as P/Cpt. David Alcantara
  • AJ Raval[49] as P/Cpt. Andrea Villar
  • Ed Albe Pandagani as Col. Sarmiento
  • Bubbles Paraiso[50] as Lara Vera
  • Drey Brown[50] as Malena
  • Jamina Cruz[50] as Margarita
  • Zeppi Borromeo[50] as Derick
  • Franco Daza[50] as Santiago
  • Neil Coleta[51] as Miguel Clemente
  • Maika Rivera as Cassandra Jose
  • Mitoy Yonting as Teban
  • Giselle Sanchez as Pilar
  • Rolando Gomez as Col. Francisco Pelaez


First version of the title card used for Season 8, the second to feature the "4.0" tag. See also: List of Ang Probinsyano episodes

No.overall No. in


Title Original air date[c] AGB Nielsen Ratings

(NUTAM People)

1167 1 "Bagong Laban" June 29, 2020 N/A
Alyana becomes worried over Cardo’s relentless pursuit of Lemuel. Lily, Renato, and Arturo set their sights on eliminating the biggest thorn in their side.
1168 2 "Hostage" June 30, 2020 N/A
Finding himself in another precarious situation, Cardo manages to escape the clutches of death with the help of an unlikely ally. Alyana learns about the serious threat to her loved ones' safety.
1169 3 "Hindi Susuko" July 1, 2020 N/A
Desperate to save Delfin's life, Cardo seeks help from his trusted allies. Arturo and Lily turn to Renato for advice on dealing with Cardo.
1170 4 "Takas" July 2, 2020 N/A
Task Force Agila move heaven and earth as they execute their rescue operation for Delfin. Wanting to elude their pursuers, Cardo and his loves ones head to a safer place.
1171 5 "Patibong" July 3, 2020 N/A
Cardo and Task Force Agila evade the authorities in order to take Delfin to safety. Arturo pulls some strings to entrap his adversaries.
1172 6 "Nakaligtas" July 6, 2020 N/A
Cardo and Task Force Agila try to get to safety as Arturo frantically attempts to track them down out of worry for Clarice.
1173 7 "Silong" July 7, 2020 N/A
Alyana makes a startling discovery about the new owner of the Arevalos' former estate. James and Edwin plan to take action as Lily and Art start to buckle under pressure.
1174 8 "Wanted" July 8, 2020 N/A
Art declares Cardo and Task Force Agila as enemies of the state after announcing the abduction of Clarice to the press.
1175 9 "Pagtakas" July 9, 2020 N/A
Clarice attempts to escape from Cardo and Task Force Agila. Lily orders Juan to coordinate with Renato to establish their drug den operations.
1176 10 "Ugnayan" July 10, 2020 N/A
A suspicious informant poses a grave threat to Teddy, Cardo, and Task Force Agila's safety. Ramon and Maring reminisce Alyana's childhood as they tour their guests around the property.
1177 11 "Tawag" July 13, 2020 N/A
The members of Task Force Agila grow troubled when Clarice pulls off a risky move to try and contact Arturo.
1178 12 "Nagbabalik" July 14, 2020 N/A
Cardo and Task Force Agila hold their breaths when an unwanted visitor threatens to blow their cover. Meanwhile, Lito's heart skips a beat upon discovering that Alyana has returned.
1179 13 "Pangako" July 15, 2020 N/A
Lito reminisces the vow that he and Alyana made to each other before going their separate ways as he looks forward to their inevitable reunion. Elsewhere, Oscar regains consciousness.
1180 14 "Alalahanin" July 16, 2020 N/A
Oscar plays the waiting game as he vows to end Lily's reign of terror. Fully aware that their security has already been compromised, Task Force Agila resolves to prepare for the worst.
1181 15 "Pananabik" July 17, 2020 N/A
Mariano places Arturo and Lily's plans at risk. Elsewhere, Cardo reaches out to Clarice in hopes of making her feel better.
1182 16 "Muling Pinagtagpo" July 20, 2020 N/A
Lito finally has his long-awaited reunion with Alyana. Elsewhere, Elizabeth tries to uncover the mystery behind Oscar's condition.
1183 17 "Cardo at Lito" July 21, 2020 N/A
Lito makes a heartbreaking discovery after finally reuniting with Alyana. Meanwhile, Teddy comes up with a plan to put pressure on the presidential palace.
1184 18 "Imbitasyon" July 22, 2020 N/A
Lily, Arturo, and Renato discuss their plans for their drug syndicate operation. Elsewhere, Alyana chooses to hide her past with Lito from Cardo.
1185 19 "Karibal" July 23, 2020 N/A
Bent on getting Alyana back, Lito vows to get rid of Cardo.
1186 20 "Alinlangan" July 24, 2020 N/A
Meanwhile, James and P/Cpt. Salonga sneak inside Oscar's room to find out the president's real condition. James and P/Cpt. Salonga grow suspicious of President Hidalgo's strange actions upon seeing him in the flesh. Cardo and Task Force Agila brace themselves for their visit at Lito's mansion.
1187 21 "Kayamanan" July 27, 2020 N/A
Alyana and Task Force Agila have a day of relaxation as they finally visit Lito's hacienda. Lito treats his special guests to a feast and makes an extremely generous offer to Task Force Agila Meanwhile, Diana and Teddy discuss the importance of bringing Cardo back to solve the mystery surrounding the president. Elsewhere, Oscar is flooded with memories before regaining consciousness.
1188 22 "Kagustuhan" July 28, 2020 N/A
James and P/Cpt. Salonga alert Teddy and Diana of what is happening inside the presidential palace. An unexpected development throws a wrench in Lily's plans.
1189 23 "Sagabal" July 29, 2020 N/A
Lily calls Renato for help after discovering that the now conscious Oscar is fully aware of their plans. Meanwhile, Cardo asks Alyana for advice about Lito's job offer.
1190 24 "Alok" July 30, 2020 N/A
Bent on keeping Oscar under control, Renato prepares a new intravenous drug. Elsewhere, Cardo and Task Force Agila accept the job offer from Lito.
1191 25 "Trabaho" July 31, 2020 N/A
Lito lets his guests enjoy themselves around his clubhouse as he tries to buy some time alone with Alyana. Terribly worried about Alyana, Virgie calls Teddy in hopes of contacting their daughter. Meanwhile, the news about the journalist's call for the presidential palace to let Oscar face the public reaches Flora and Yolly.
1192 26 "Tuloy ang Laban" August 31, 2020 N/A
Beyond grateful for Lito's generosity, Task Force Agila vow to return his kindness by doing their job well in his hacienda. Determined to find out the president's real condition, James, Edwin and the presidential staff iron out the details of another sneaking attempt into Oscar's room. Alyana musters up the courage to ask Cardo about her childhood friend's job offer.
1193 27 "Paghahanda" September 1, 2020 N/A
As Cardo's allies struggle to express their excitement over their new jobs at Lito's office, Alyana mulls over her forgotten promise to her childhood sweetheart. Growing tired of being held against her will, Clarice lets her frustrations out when she learns that everyone gets to have a chance to make the most of their idle time. Meanwhile, Teddy's petition for the presidential palace reaches Arturo's desk.
1194 28 "Pagninilbihan" September 2, 2020 N/A
Cardo and his fellow Task Force Agila members excitedly prepare for their first day of work at Lito's country club. The businessman's act of kindness reminds Alyana of the vow she made before she left her hometown to pursue her dreams in Manila. Meanwhile, Lily forces Mariano to prepare himself to face the public as president.
1195 29 "Utang na Loob" September 3, 2020 N/A
Cardo and his group start working at Lito's ranch. However, Alyana finds herself in an uncomfortable spot as Lito gives her romantic gestures. Back in Manila, Arturo and Lily prepare their plan to show the president to the public. This delights Teddy and Diana who are hoping to get an advantage to help Cardo and the rest of their allies.
1196 30 "Magsumikap" September 4, 2020 N/A
Settling into their new lives, Cardo and his fellow Task Force Agila members give their all as they take on their respective jobs at Lito's ranch. Fed up with being guarded around the clock, Clarice finds a viable escape plan. Alyana learns about Lito's dreams and deepest regrets.
1197 31 "Kakayahan" September 7, 2020 N/A
Alyana and Lito grow closer to one another as they spend some quality time ahead of their business meeting with his clients. Worried sick for their loved ones in hiding, Flora and Yolly try to find comfort in each other. Meanwhile, Clarice sets her plans in motion in hopes of finally breaking free from her predicament. Bent on keeping Oscar under control, Lily resolves to rely on the powerful drug given by Renato.
1198 32 "Pakikitungo" September 8, 2020 N/A
Renato and Jacob attempt to play mind games with Juan in hopes of damaging the latter's trust in Lily. However, they soon find themselves with more problems on their hands when their plan backfires. As he slowly regains his strength in the comfort and safety of Lito's hacienda, Delfin looks back on how his friendship with Oscar eventually fell apart. Elsewhere, Lito arrives at the location of his business meeting with international clients alongside Alyana and Bubbles.
1199 33 "Katuwang" September 9, 2020 N/A
Grateful for having a job and a safe place to stay, Cardo tells his friends not to break Lito's trust in them. Finally receiving a call from her brother, Flora's joy immediately turns to concern when Delfin informs her that Cardo and Task Force Agila are receiving help from Alyana’s childhood friend. Before meeting another client, Lito makes Alyana uncomfortable with his offer.
1200 34 "Pagkatiwalaan" September 10, 2020 N/A
As Delfin continues to doubt the young woman's unusual eagerness, Clarice expresses her willingness to help Maring with her household chores. Alyana and Bubbles, meanwhile see Lito's different side during a business meeting with a client. After a long day's work, Cardo and his colleagues reflect on how their lives changed overnight and how the loyalty of the people they trust can be easily bent. Elsewhere, Flora becomes suspicious of Lito's motive in hiring Cardo and his allies.
1201 35 "Nagkukunwari" September 11, 2020 1.5%[52]
Arturo and Lily keep a close eye on Mariano as he faces the public during the much-awaited presidential press conference. The fake president's composure is soon tested when Teddy inquires about the current manhunt on Task Force Agila. Meanwhile, Diana and Flora notice something amiss with the leading official's appearance. Elsewhere, a suspicious Delfin quietly observes Clarice as she makes amends with Maring.
1202 36 "Nakapagtataka" September 14, 2020 N/A
President Hidalgo's press conference raises suspicions among Cardo's friends and loved ones. Despite this, James, Edwin and the presidential household staff believe that the leading official is in good condition and decide to enact their plan to clear Cardo's name. Teddy's insinuations cause Arturo to conclude that the journalist knows about Task Force Agila's whereabouts. Elsewhere, Alyana tries to hide her discomfort as Lito continues to show his desire to bring back the old times.
1203 37 "Naghihintay" September 15, 2020 N/A
Task Force Agila talk about their first day of work at Lito's hacienda. Overwhelmed with her childhood sweetheart's generosity, Alyana cannot help but feel uneasy on her ride home with Lito and Bubbles. Clarice's pretense arouses skepticism in everyone except Patrick. Elsewhere, Teddy unknowingly puts himself and his loved ones in danger for his continued investigation on President Hidalgo.
1204 38 "Suportahan" September 16, 2020 N/A
Not wanting to cause more trouble, Alyana asks Bubbles to keep Cardo and Task Force Agila in the dark about her romantic past with Lito. However, she soon finds herself being devoured by guilt when she comes face-to-face with her husband. Despite his disappointment over his wife's broken promise, Cardo still finds a way to show his all-out love and support to Alyana for her secretarial job. Elsewhere, Renato and Jacob make the wheels turn for their betrayal against Lily.
1205 39 "Pagsilbihan" September 17, 2020 N/A
After a long day of hard work, Cardo and the Task Force Agila members reflect on their privilege of having jobs despite their odd situation. Maring becomes curious over the real score between Roxanne and Victor after witnessing their cozy conversation. Unknown to everyone, Clarice remains hellbent on finding a way to escape. Back in Manila, Virgie cannot help but worry over Teddy's and Diana's relentless pursuit of the truth.
1206 40 "Pinasusundan" September 18, 2020 N/A
Unaware that they are under the watchful eye of Arturo's henchmen, Teddy and Diana remain focused on their investigation. Meanwhile, James and Edwin team up with Oscar's household staff to try and uncover the truth about the president. Back in the province, Clarice continues to put on an act to gain Cardo and Task Force Agila's trust. Elsewhere, Renato reminds Jacob of their long-term goal as the latter grows impatient over getting back at Juan.
1207 41 "Kondisyon" September 21, 2020 2.1%[53]
Delfin ends up worrying his companions when he feels a sudden pain while helping around the house. As Task Force Agila heads to work for the day, Cardo notices Ramil feeling under the weather. Showing how much he trusts Alyana, Lito places a huge responsibility on her shoulders. James and Edwin face a new hurdle in their plans when Lily makes a sudden change in Oscar's living situation.
1208 42 "Pangarap" September 22, 2020 2.6%[54]
With Oscar under control, Art brings up the possibility of rescuing Clarice as he and Lily discuss their new plans. Meanwhile, Clarice decides to use her charms on Patrick in hopes of utilizing him as a way to escape her captivity. While recovering from his bout of chest pain, Delfin asks Maring to keep the incident to themselves for the moment. At Lito's stable, Cardo and Task Force Agila grow wary when they meet a young man curious about their pasts.
1209 43 "Alitan" September 23, 2020 N/A
Conflict arises between Patrick and Dante as the former defends his growing closeness with Clarice. As Lily rules over the country, Oscar remains at the wicked first lady's mercy. Driven by his desire to win Alyana back, Lito finds a weak link that could destroy Task Force Agila's battle-tested brotherhood.
1210 44 "Pera" September 24, 2020 N/A
Cardo and his fellow Task Force Agila members sense something amiss about Ramil following his delayed return to the stable. The group's suspicion further intensifies upon learning from Berto of Macoy's sudden disapperance. Unbeknownst to them, the young man holds a dark secret involving a long-time farmhand. Taking advantage of a disastrous business meeting, Lito shows his good side to a vulnerable Alyana.
1211 45 "Pirma" September 25, 2020 N/A
As Lily prepares a new photo of Mariano to be released for the press, Edwin notices an unusual detail in the image. Right before meeting up with Renato and Jacob, Lily instructs Juan to gather information from their hideout. Back at Lito's hacienda, Greco gets himself into hot water due to confusion over work. Meanwhile, Cardo learns more about Macoy's hopes for his future.
1212 46 "Pananakot" September 28, 2020 2.5%[55]
Arturo's henchmen strike fear in the hearts of Teddy, Diana and Virgie as they try to make them reveal Cardo's whereabouts. While Renato and Lily discuss their plans for the location of the drug lab complex, they take notice of Art's distracted behavior. Being pressed on the issue, Art soon reveals to his associates his plans of getting Clarice back from Task Force Agila. Back at Lito's estate, Alyana pushes through her fears and manages to secure a deal with a client.
1213 47 "Napapalapit" September 29, 2020 2.8%[56]
With Virgie suffering from her wound, Teddy and Diana scramble to find help from their contacts. As Art grows furious over losing his leads in finding Clarice, Renato and Lily promise to help him in his search for his daughter and Cardo. Meanwhile, Patrick begins opening up more about himself to Clarice when they bond with each other after she got into another argument with Dante. Doing all he can to win Alyana's heart, Lito surprises her with a lavish lunch to celebrate her success with their client.
1214 48 "Sabihin" September 30, 2020 N/A
Despite Lily's absence, James and Edwin urge Elizabeth to be more patient as they wait for the perfect opportunity to get close to Oscar. Concerned for Clarice, Art remains adamant in tracking down Teddy and Virgie. Meanwhile, Alyana receives a shocking offer from Lito.
1215 49 "Promoted" October 1, 2020 N/A
With Cardo's approval, Alyana decides to accept Lito's offer. Elsewhere, Renato gives Jacob the go-ahead to eliminate Juan. Wanting to quash all suspicions at the palace, Lily tasks Mariano to memorize the name and faces of the presidential staff.
1216 50 "Asawa" October 2, 2020 N/A
Fueled with anger by Juan's betrayal, Jacob sets out into the night to finally get his revenge on the former. Despite Art's concern over her safety, Ellen insists on staying by his side. Back in the province, Lito takes it upon himself to make Alyana fulfill her old promise to him. Meanwhile, Clarice refuses to give up on Cardo despite his constant rebuffing of her affection.
1217 51 "Minamahal" October 5, 2020 2.3%[57]
Cardo gives Alyana his wholehearted love and support on her new position as they head to work for the day. At Lito's estate, Macoy admits to his colleagues his growing guilt over stealing money from their boss. While touring Lito's golf course, Bubbles teases Alyana and her former flame when he reminisces on their memories together. Meanwhile, Cardo reminds Victor and Jerome the importance of showing their love to the people they care for.
1218 52 "Gabay" October 6, 2020 2.7%[58]
Salvador airs out his doubts when Lito decides to assign Alyana to head one of their bigger projects. Still refusing to give in to Clarice's change of heart, Dante keeps a close watch on her interactions with Patrick. Meanwhile, Cardo ends up revealing his and Task Force Agila's troubling circumstances when Macoy recalls the police officer's renown.
1219 53 "Aking Mahal" October 7, 2020 N/A
Concerned for his friend, Dante warns Patrick about his growing closeness with Clarice. As Lito tries to win Alyana's heart with riches, Cardo recalls the good and bad times he shared with his wife. At the presidential palace, Ellen notices the strange looks Oscar is giving her.
1220 54 "Mapaniwala" October 8, 2020 N/A
Much to Lily's disappointment, Mariano's small mistake and odd behavior flare-up Elizabeth's suspicions. Clarice, meanwhile tries to make Patrick believe that she loves him. Upon hearing some good news, Renato bares his dark plans to Jacob.
1221 55 "Aberya" October 9, 2020 2.0%[59]
Clarice makes an attempt to convince Patrick to run away with her. In the aftermath of their disastrous meal in front of the palace staff, Lily is put on edge when Mariano commits another fatal mistake. Tired of their lives being put in danger, Virgie makes an important request to Teddy. Meanwhile, Task Force Agila's cover is threatened when a businessman recognizes Billy's true identity.
1222 56 "Pagsunod" October 12, 2020 1.8%[60]
Clarice's resentment toward Dante grows as he refuses to believe her act and continues to tail her every move. Back in Manila, Teddy chooses to stand firm in his cause despite knowing the dangers that he and Virgie will face. With Billy and Rigor's covers blown, Task Force Agila is sent into a panic and rush to get to safety. Meanwhile, Lito is filled with dread at the thought of losing Alyana again.
1223 57 "Sinungaling" October 13, 2020 2.0%[61]
Desperate not to let Alyana disappear from his life again, Lito does his best to convince Task Force Agila that they are no longer in danger. Infuriated with Dante possibly ruining her escape plans, Clarice comes up with a scheme to destroy his friendship with Patrick. Meanwhile, Cpt. Salonga, Ambo, and Elizabeth grow more concerned for Oscar's wellbeing as they piece together more of the president's odd behaviors.
1224 58 "Mamagitan" October 14, 2020 N/A
Wanting to secure her hold on power, Lily asks Art to begin preparing ahead of the presidential election. Elsewhere, Lito remains adamant in keeping Alyana near him despite the danger it poses to his shady businesses. Later, Cardo gets to the bottom of Dante and Patrick's fight.
1225 59 "Naglilihim" October 15, 2020 N/A
At the palace, Edwin and James warn the presidential staff about the consequences of failing to keep their investigation under the radar. Meanwhile, Renato uses the art of deception to keep the truth behind Juan's sudden disappearance from Lily. Adamant in returning to her family, Clarice urges Patrick to run away with her.
1226 60 "Gusto" October 16, 2020 1.5%[62]
Patrick contemplates Clarice's offer to run away together, but struggles with the possibility of turning his back on Task Force Agila. Resolving their issue with Juan, Lily reveals to Renato and Jacob her plans of replacing Oscar as president. Acting on her suspicions, Elizabeth makes a risky attempt to try and check up on the president.
1227 61 "Mapalagay" October 19, 2020 1.4%[63]
Completely fooled by Renato and Jacob's story, Art and Lily become determined to hunt Juan down before he poses a risk to their plans. On the other hand, Renato and Jacob discuss what Lily's possible presidency could mean for their own schemes. Despite the dangers they face, Diana and Teddy draw strength from their cause to continue putting up a fight against the first lady and her forces. Back in the province, an impatient Clarice decides to double down on making sure that Patrick will accept her offer to run away together.
1228 62 "Katanungan" October 20, 2020 N/A
Clarice's treatment of Patrick turns harsh as he continues to be on the fence about their plans to escape. Meanwhile, Ellen and Art get into a disagreement when she insists on accompanying him at his work in the palace. Hoping for Mariano to step up in his role as Oscar, Lily gives him an irresistible offer. Back in the province, Lito's actions catch up to him when unexpected visitors arrive to question him.
1229 63 "Magingat" October 21, 2020 N/A
As part of her plan to escape, Clarice wears a mask as she tries to get on Delfin's good side. Soon, she uses her charm to manipulate Patrick into preparing for their nearing flight. Later, Task Force Agila heighten their guard after receiving an alarming news from Lito.
1230 64 "Natunton" October 22, 2020 N/A
Wanting to get closer to Oscar, Ellen finds an excuse to stay in the presidential palace. Diana, meanwhile is forced to use her tactical skills as she tries to escape from Art's underlings. Fearing that the authorities have surrounded them, Task Force Agila hide within their safe house and assume battle position for a possible encounter.
1231 65 "Nahumaling" October 23, 2020 1.3%[64]
Fed up with the strict protocols he has to follow in the palace, Mariano chooses to act on his wants as he puts the moves on Ellen. Despite Lito protecting Task Force Agila's safety once again, Roxanne remains worried over their group's location being compromised. Meanwhile, Flora shares with Yolly her fears about Task Force Agila possibly facing another betrayal.
1232 66 "Magtiwala" October 26, 2020 1.3%[65]
Ellen's fixation on Oscar and the possibility of becoming the first lady causes another argument to erupt between her and Art. Meanwhile, Diana reaches out to a former colleague for help to gear up for the dangers she will face alongside Teddy and Virgie. Preparing for the moment that Lily will turn her back on him, Renato ponders on strengthing his own drug cartel by looking for new partners. Back in the province, Lito makes a promise to protect Task Force Agila when he learns of.
1233 67 "Tatakas" October 27, 2020 2.0%[66]
Ellen happily anticipates spending more time with Oscar when Art finally gives in to her request to accompany in the palace. When Virgie's stress over her family's situation begins to eat her up, Diana makes a promise to keep her and Teddy safe from harm. Meanwhile, Lito lets his henchmen in on his plans to gain Task Force Agila's trust as a means of winning over Alyana. In the dark of the night, Patrick and Clarice begin their escape.
1234 68 "Habulin" October 28, 2020 N/A
After getting alerted by Dante, Task Force Agila immediately sets out to track down the escaping Patrick and Clarice. Scouring the thick and dark woods, Cardo expresses his disbelief that Patrick will betray them and put their lives at risk. Relying on the shade provided by the copses, Patrick begins running into complications as he helps Clarice make it out of the dark forest.
1235 69 "Pagsisisi" October 29, 2020 2.1%[67]
Following their sweep of the forest, Task Force Agila unleash their rage upon capturing Patrick and Clarice. Soon, Patrick's begs for mercy fall on deaf ears as the friends clobber him for his betrayal. Elsewhere, Diana and Teddy develop a hunch upon learning about the inconsistencies in Oscar's behavior.
1236 70 "Parusa" October 30, 2020 N/A
Wanting a teach Clarice hard lesson for her deception, Delfin lays down a harsh punishment on the young woman. Meanwhile, Patrick's life hangs in the balance as Cardo and Task Force Agila are faced with a difficult choice regarding his betrayal. As the punishments for the pair are doled out, Cardo and his group grow more concerned about their safety in the province. Elsewhere, Lito becomes more pressured to find a way to get contact with Renato.
1237 71 "Ilusyon" November 2, 2020 1.9%[68]
Alyana's perspectives shift as she wakes up from a romantic dream with an unexpected individual. Meanwhile, Cardo and Task Force Agila discuss their plans with Clarice in the aftermath of her escape attempt. Back at the palace, Mariano makes his final preparations to fully take on Oscar's role. Before heading to work, Art takes notice of Ellen's extravagant outfit for the day.
1238 72 "Bagong Bihis" November 3, 2020 N/A
Macoy finds himself on the receiving end of Turo's criticisms when Lito's most trusted stable hand makes his return to the estate. Annoyed with the old man's domineering attitude. Macoy becomes more driven to swipe the last of the money he needs to move to Manila and begin his studies. As his men raise their concerns about their current supplier, Lito promises them that he will reach out to new partner with Renato as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a seed of discontent grow in Alyana when she and Cardo get into a disagreement over her new outfit.
1239 73 "Tampuhan" November 4, 2020 N/A
Refusing to cooperate with her captors, Clarice begins to feel bad for herself as she suffers the consequences of her actions. Still sore after her husband criticized her outfit, Alyana starts giving Cardo the cold shoulder. At the presidential palace, Art concocts a wicked plan to boost Oscar's popularity.
1240 74 "Makabangga" November 5, 2020 N/A
Using the facade of Oscar, Mariano makes a false promise to have Ellen for himself. After collapsing on the floor, Delfin asks Maring, Patrick, and Dante to keep his worsening condition a secret from Cardo. Meanwhile, Turo makes his authority over the ranch known to Cardo and his friends.
1241 75 "Iskandalo" November 6, 2020 N/A
Lily discovers Mariano and Ellen's illicit affair. After parting ways with the fake Oscar, Ellen soon causes a scene inside the presidential palace. Back at the ranch, Cardo regrets letting his rage get the best of him after seeing Alyana in a revealing dress. Captivated by Alyana's beauty, Lito invites her to accompany him to a business trip.
1242 76 "Mahusay" November 9, 2020 2.6%[69]
Alyana braces herself to face the investors in a business meeting together with Lito. Back at the ranch, Cardo recounts to Macoy how he started serving as a police officer. Meanwhile, Renato tries to impress his business partner with his high-quality illegal drug.
1243 77 "Tingin" November 10, 2020 N/A
Despite successfully closing a lucrative deal, Alyana feels uncomfortable as the investors look at her with malice. Back at the presidential palace, Ellen and Mariano enter Oscar's room unannounced, much to Lily And Arturo's annoyance. Meanwhile, Renato decides to take a leap of faith after securing an exclusive partnership with a potential business partner.
1244 78 "Sikreto" November 11, 2020 N/A
After discovering the truth about Oscar's condition, Ellen feels disgusted with herself as she recalls an intimate moment she shared with Mariano. Planning to continue using Alyana to secure more deals with his investors, Lito showers her gifts and asks her to attend a meeting later that evening. Meanwhile, at the ranch, Turo's arrogance begins to get on Ramil's nerves.
1245 79 "Magtimpi" November 12, 2020 N/A
Focusing on her plans to become the president, Lily assures Art that she is letting Ellen off the hook. Edwin, meanwhile, plans to closely observe Oscar during the latter's meeting with a cabinet official. At the ranch, Cardo tries his best to rein in his anger amid Turo's boastful taunting.
1246 80 "Alaga" November 13, 2020 4.0%[70]
Cardo prepares something special to make it up to Alyana. On the other hand, a worried Maring struggles to contain her secret from Cardo. As the presidential palace braces itself for Mariano's yet another public appearance as Oscar, Ellen tries to persuade Arturo to let her stay around to support him in his future endeavors.
1247 81 "Hinanakit" November 16, 2020 4.6%[71]
While Cardo continues to wait for his wife to return home, Alyana dresses-up for her late-night meeting with Lito. Meanwhile, Arturo warns Ellen of what might happen to them if Lily finds out that he is planning to run for presidency. Missing her family, Clarice cries herself to sleep.
1248 82 "Pagkukulang" November 17, 2020 N/A
Despite Jacob thinking otherwise, Renato informs Lily of a potential investor for the expansion of their illegal drug business. Meanwhile, Mariano receives motivation from the First Lady to improve his impersonation of President Hidalgo. With their relationship on the rocks, Cardo vows to make up for his shortcomings as a husband to Alyana. Unbeknownst to the couple, Lito looks forward to exploiting his childhood friend's presence to bring more success to his business.
1249 83 "Ginalingan" November 18, 2020 3.8%[72]
Determined to impress Art and Lily, Mariano pulls off a convincing impersonation of the president during an important meeting. While discussing the dangers of a deadly virus spreading throughout the world, Mariano decides to hold a press conference to warn the public about it. Despite being held captive, Clarice continuously taunts Roxanne and Bubbles.
1250 84 "Alinlangan" November 19, 2020 4.2%[73]
Following Mariano's stellar performance, Lily airs to Art her concerns about Ellen. After admitting his mistakes, Cardo soon learns about Alyana's nearing two-day business trip with Lito. Unbeknownst to them, his wife is facing uncertainty as Lito's plans slowly come into fruition.
1251 85 "Tutol" November 20, 2020 3.7%[74]
Lily comes up with a strategy in order to use Ellen as one of her pawns. The first lady then takes advantage of the situation when she encounters Mariano making sexual advances to Arturo's wife as the impostor begins to feel confident about his important role inside the presidential palace. Meanwhile, Alyana recalls the night when Lito invited her to a dinner meeting following her successful business pitch.
1252 86 "Kwintas" November 23, 2020 4.2%[75]
Tension arises between Cardo and Alyana before she leaves for a business trip with Lito. Soon after, Cardo tries to convince Delfin to seek hospital care for his worsening condition. As Lily and Arturo prepare to meet with Renato, the presidential palace staff hatches a plan to see Oscar. Meanwhile, Lito braces himself for a potential partnership with Renato.
1253 87 "Naninibago" November 24, 2020 N/A
Grabbing the perfect opportunity, the presidential staff members begin executing their plan to get close to Oscar. Meanwhile, Lily meets with Renato to check his drug lab's capability to fund her election war chest. Lito gives Alyana special treatment as they prepare for their business trip.
1254 88 "Kinamusta" November 25, 2020 3.8%[76]
Emotions run high as Patrick finally gathers some courage to confront Clarice following her betrayal. Continuing to brush off his worsening condition, Delfin receives a call from Flora. Trying to set aside her misunderstanding with Cardo, Alyana begins to prepare for an important meeting with the investors alongside Lito and Bubbles. Meanwhile, Cardo and his allies spot Macoy getting bullied by their fellow workers.
1255 89 "Sumbong" November 26, 2020 4.6%[77]
Weighed down by his continuing disagreement with Alyana, Cardo finally loses his cool and clobbers one of Turo's underlings upon seeing how the latter treated Macoy. Flora, meanwhile, grows more concerned for Delfin. While checking one of his projects with Alyana, Lito lets a silver of his true colors leak as he faces an obstacle. Elsewhere, Lily wants to gain influential allies to secure the success of her drug empire.
1256 90 "Resbak" November 27, 2020 N/A
All hell breaks loose when Turo and his underlings launch a surprise attack on Cardo and his allies. Meanwhile, Alyana steps in for negotiation in hopes of fixing a conflict on Lito's ongoing project. Following their meeting with Lily and Arturo, Renato and Jacob engage in a discussion about the harsh realities of Philippine politics.
1257 91 "Tulong" November 30, 2020 N/A
Bent doing on Lito a huge favor, Alyana reaches a compromise with Mr. Gonzales in spite of the awkward tension between them. Back at the ranch, Cardo and his allies resolve to keep their guards up following brawl against Turo and his underlings. Unknown to them, Macoy takes advantage of their recent clash. Meanwhile, Elizabeth makes a startling discovery despite struggling to fulfill her mission.
1258 92 "Dalawa" December 1, 2020 4.2%[78]
Sobering up, Elizabeth immediately informs the presidential palace staff that she saw two Oscars. Now that her drug lab is in operation, Lily keeps her guard up as she works closely with Renato. Elsewhere, Teddy and Diana remain adamant in finding evidence that the president they saw on television is an impostor. Macoy, meanwhile, warns Cardo and his group that Turo will likely get back at them.
1259 93 "Palaisipan" December 2, 2020 4.7%[79]
Alyana and Lito hold a meeting with Mr. Tam in hopes of persuading him to proceed with the project. Jacob, on the other hand, expresses his doubts to Renato about their plan to build partnership with Lito. Meanwhile, James and Edwin personally inform Teddy and Diana of what Elizabeth discovered in the residential wing of the presidential palace. Back at the ranch, Macoy decides to spy on Turo and his underlings.
1260 94 "Umiwas" December 3, 2020 N/A
Following Macoy's warning Cardo and Task Force Agila decides to avoid trouble with Turo and his men by leaving work early. Meanwhile, Alyana and Lito impress Mr. Tam and his associates as they give him a tour of the project site. Back at the palace, Elizabeth and Ambo are put in a difficult spot when Augustus finds out that they gave the palace guards spoiled food. Unable to handle the stress because of their lives being put in danger, Virgie suffers a nervous breakdown.
1261 95 "Imposible" December 4, 2020 N/A
Ambo volunteers to check on Oscar instead of Elizabeth. Traumatized by the unfortunate events that she and her family has suffered from, Virgie opens up to Diana about her longstanding hatred for Cardo. Bearing Cardo in her mind, Alyana finds herself at a crossroads as Lito continues to reaffirm his position in her life. Delfin's health condition places Cardo and his allies in a tight situation.
1262 96 "Karamdaman" December 7, 2020 5.2%[80]
Cardo and his allies struggle to come up with a viable plan amid Delfin's worsening health condition. On the other hand, Lito soon discovers the brewing conflict between Cardo and Turo. While Alyana becomes apologetic about her husband, Lito resolves to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, Clarice tearfully begs Cardo to let her go when he personally delivers her food.
1263 97 "Payo" December 8, 2020 5.1%[81]
Alyana, Lito, and Bubbles celebrate their success by sharing an intimate dinner together. As the night continues to unfold, Lito express his sincere feelings for his childhood sweetheart. Worried about his marital conflict and Delfin’s condition, Cardo seeks Flora's guidance.
1264 98 "Katabi" December 9, 2020 3.9%[82]
Left with no other choice, Alyana brings the intoxicated Lito back to her room shortly after their intimate dinner together. Bent on making his childhood sweetheart fall in love with him again, Lito surprises Alyana with a special breakfast as soon as she wakes up. Meanwhile, Cardo continues to look after Delfin. Back at the presidential palace, Ambo tries his luck in finding Oscar's room.
1265 99 "Pagtatalo" December 10, 2020 5.4%[83]
Still donning a mask of benevolence, Lito hires a doctor for Delfin. At the palace, the presidential staff's search for the truth is compromised when Augustus catches Ambo just in time before the latter finds Oscar. Refusing to meet in the middle, Cardo and Alyana get into another argument as their differences grow more apparent.
1266 100 "Emergency" December 11, 2020 4.8%[84]
As soon as they return for work, Roxanne reminds her colleagues to keep their cool and avoid conflict with Turo and his underlings at all costs. After extending his helping hand to Cardo and Delfin, Lito continues to act on his ulterior motives in hopes of taking Alyana back to his life. James and Edwin inform Teddy and Diana about the latest encounter between Ambo and Augustus. Meanwhile, Arturo advises Lily to take advantage of the arising problem that can endanger their scheme.
1267 101 "Pakiusap" December 14, 2020 N/A
Cardo tries to make amends with Alyana before she leaves again to work with for Lito and Bubbles. Worried about Clarice's welfare, Maring soon asks Cardo to reconsider giving the young Padua some Freedom. Back at the presidential palace, Ambo and Elizabeth find themselves in a tight situation following his violent encounter with Augustus.
1268 102 "Pakawalan" December 15, 2020 N/A
Cardo gives Clarice another chance to prove himself worthy of his trust. Alyana and Lito welcome the investors once again to talk about the result of their negotiations. Back at the presidential palace, Lily and Arturo resolve to set their plans in motion by turning their enemies into their allies. Much to Virgie's dismay, Diana braces himself to launch an attack on Lily and Arturo.
1269 103 "Isa Lang" December 16, 2020 N/A
Despite Cardo behind his back, Macoy bears the brunt of his fellow ranch worker's rage. Soon after, Turo and his underlings' sudden visit takes Cardo's allies by surprise. Meanwhile, Diana and Teddy resolve to find dirt on Lily and Arturo in hopes of undermining their efforts to oust Oscar from the presidency.
1270 104 "Nahihibang" December 17, 2020 N/A
Falling madly in love with Ellen, Mariano enters the realm of irrationality and tries to end Oscar's life. While baring their plans against Lily, Teddy and Diana grow concerned when Virgie shows signs of erratic behavior. After learning about the stable master's real intentions, Macoy steals Turo's Gun.
1271 105 "Magsaya" December 18, 2020 N/A
Together with Bubbles and the other Valmoria industries staff, Alyana and Lito celebrate the success of their business deal. Worried about everyone's safety, Ramil begins to express his dissent over Cardo's recent decisions. Lily asks Renato for some updates about their ongoing drug cartel operations.
1272 106 "Pikon" December 21, 2020 N/A
Bent on getting back at Turo's underlings for making his life at the ranch a living hell, Macoy considers taking matters into his own hands. Tension flares up between Cardo and Ramil during a drinking session with their allies after a long day of hard work. As the night continues to unfold, Lito resolves to inch closer to Alyana to a point of no return.
1273 107 "Palabas" December 22, 2020 N/A
As soon as they return home to the presidential palace, Ellen impatiently asks Arturo about his plans to pursue the presidency. Cardo opens up to Delfin about his recent struggles concerning his misunderstanding with Alyana and Ramil. Meanwhile, James, Edwin and Elizabeth carry out a dangerous mission to finally confirm their suspicions about the president.
1274 108 "Kasalanan" December 23, 2020 N/A
Bearing intense guilt on her shoulders, Alyana returns home with a heavy heart after sharing a night with Lito. Following his tense encounter with Manager the other night, Cardo resolves to make it up to his wife by preparing breakfast before she returns. Meanwhile, Arturo and Ellen's marriage begins to fall apart when she expresses her discontent about his lack of focus on their ultimate goal.
1275 109 "Pagkakamali" December 24, 2020 N/A
Arriving home, Alyana gets eaten up with guilt as she tries to keep from Cardo the grave mistake she committed. Renato, meanwhile, makes preparations for Lily's visit to their drug laboratory. Elsewhere, Diana comes up with a way to ease Virgie's worries.
1276 110 "Pagmamahalan" December 25, 2020 4.9%[85]
Bent on sealing his business partnership with Renato, Lito agrees to meet up with him for them to get to know each other. After having a heartfelt conversation about their marriage, Alyana decides to make it up to Cardo. Back at the presidential palace, Mariano impresses Lily by seamlessly impersonating the president in front of the household staff. Meanwhile, Diana comes up with an idea to remind Virgie of the true spirit of Christmas.
1277 111 "Mapilit" December 28, 2020 N/A
Lito comes to visit Delfin with an underlying purpose. Wanting to clear the air between him and Alyana after sharing a night together, Lito asks his childhood sweetheart if he still has a chance. Posing as President Oscar, Mariano explains to the presidential household staff why he withdrew himself from everyone including his closest allies. However P/Cpt. Salonga remains wary about trusting the president.
1278 112 "Kutob" December 29, 2020 N/A
Macoy's unusual visit to the mansion arouses suspicion from Roxanne, Billy, and Rigor. With Alyana seemingly slipping through his fingers, jealousy begins to seep through Cardo's mind. Renato threatens a business partner in an attempt to unmask Lito's true intentions. Back at the presidential palace, Lily decides to reward Mariano's efforts to imitate the president.
1279 113 "Pagtataksil" December 30, 2020 N/A
As they prepare to leave for Batangas with Virgie to finally reunite with Cardo and Alyana, Teddy and Diana receive an urgent report from James and Edwin straight from the presidential palace. While Arturo and Lily discuss their plans, Ellen runs off to see Mariano, Renato and Jacob resolve to put their best foot forward ahead of their meeting with Lito.
1280 114 "Relasyon" December 31, 2020 N/A
Believe that the end justifies the means, Lily feels pity for Art as she uses Ellen to have better control over Mariano. Not wanting to lose his clients, Lito moves his meeting with Renato to an earlier day. Ramil, meanwhile, burns with rage as he remembers the night Cardo turned on him.
1281 115 "Konsensya" January 1, 2021 N/A
Lily and Arturo inspect the drug laboratory that Renato and Jacob established for their business. Meanwhile, Lito seethes with rage after noticing something amiss inside his bedroom. Cardo and Alyana take their time as they unload each other's emotional baggages.
1282 116 "Atraso" January 4, 2021 4.5%[86]
Refusing to sit around and do nothing, Ellen crafts a plan to gain power with the help of Mariano. Meanwhile, Renato offers his support for Lily's campaign for the presidency in exchange for a favor. Curious about Arturo's real motive, Lily soon asks her closest ally's plans in the long run.
1283 117 "Bumawi" January 5, 2021 5.2%[87]
Unaware of his wife's infidelity, Arturo notices something amiss about Ellen. Back at the presidential palace, Lily ponders on giving Oscar a higher dosage as the president continues to fight through the effects of the mind-altering drug. During a secret meeting with James and Edwin, Virgie fails to hold back her thoughts, placing Teddy and Diana in a tight spot. Meanwhile, Alyana makes it up to Cardo by preparing breakfast.
1284 118 "Magkaayos" January 6, 2021 N/A
As Ramil continues to avoid the police captain following their heated encounter, Cardo recalls how their friendship started when they first met in jail years ago. Back at the presidential palace, Arturo and Ellen have a slight misunderstanding ahead of their approaching wedding anniversary, unaware that Lily holds a vital piece of evidence that could destroy their marriage. Soon after, hard-hitting newspaper articles seemingly written about Arturo and Lily finds its way to the executive secretary's table.
1285 119 "Laglag" January 7, 2021 N/A
Learning about Teddy's connection with columnist Bong Barrera, Arturo finds a way to finally find Clarisse. Cardo, meanwhile, decides to make preparations for Christmas. After explaining why she decided to quit her job, Alyana asks Bubbles to keep her secret buried. Later, Macoy's accomplices betray him and turn him into a scapegoat.
1286 120 "Dekorasyon" January 8, 2021 6.2%[88]
Protecting his immaculate facade, Lito hides his rage and shows his benevolent side toward Macoy upon seeing members of Task Force Agila. Adamant in finding Clarice, Art immediately heads to where his goons took Bong Barrera. Cardo and Alyana, meanwhile, work hand in hand to decorate their place for Christmas.
1287 121 "Checkpoint" January 11, 2021 5.2%[89]
Affected by how several news articles mar her image, Lily vows to make her detractors pay. Successfully coercing Bong Barrera to reveal Teddy and Diana's possible whereabouts, Art orders his men to set up checkpoints along Metro Manila's major thoroughfares. Cardo, meanwhile, promises Alyana that he will retire and focus on their family once the dust settles.
1288 122 "Balakid" January 12, 2021 4.6%[90]
Despite Virgie's protest, Teddy and Diana decide to cancel their trip to visit Alyana upon spotting a suspicious border checkpoint. Failing yet again to capture his targets, Art sets his ego aside and lets Lily asks Renato for support. Wanting to become the country's first lady, Ellen convinces Mariano to plot against the people who are preventing them from reaching their ambitions.
1289 123 "Salubong" January 13, 2021 5.6%[90]
Art manages to bounce back from his failure to capture Teddy and Diana after getting hold a key that could bring him to their hideout. Before meeting with Lito to formalize their business deal, Renato and Jacob unknowingly cross paths with Cardo's associates. Elsewhere Turo makes Macoy's life a living hell upon learning of the stunt he pulled against their boss.
1290 124 "Shoot to Kill" January 14, 2021 5.0%[90]
Refusing to show a drop of mercy, Turo ends Macoy's life and brutally disposes of his body. After reaching a deal, Renato tells Lito about the only person who poses a threat to his plans. In his desire to rescue Clarice and salve his wounded ego, Art releases a shoot-to-kill order against Cardo and his allies.
1291 125 "Patibong" January 15, 2021 4.6%[90]
Learning that the government will deploy the Black Ops unit to face Task Force Agila, Lito sets a trap against Cardo and his allies. Meanwhile, Virgie sneaks away as she fails to carry the burden of not seeing Alyana. Adamant in becoming the country's first lady, Ellen uses Mariano to spy on Lily.
1292 126 "Delikado" January 18, 2021 4.6%[91]
After the release of the shoot-to-kill order against Task Force Agila, Cardo dices with death as he decides to follow Lito's order. Renato, meanwhile, bares to Jacob his plan to keep his transactions with Lito a secret from Lily. As the first lady and Art make preparations to entrap Teddy and Diana, Mariano and Ellen plot to get nearer to their objectives.
1293 127 "Boses" January 19, 2021 5.4%[92]
With Bong's phone in their possession, Lily and Art enact an ingenious plan in a bid to corner and capture Teddy and Diana. Aware of the dangers they are facing, Cardo and Task Force Agila take up arms as they unknowingly step on a trap. Alyana, meanwhile, heads to Lito's mansion to personally air her intention to quit her job.
1294 128 "Pwersahan" January 20, 2021 6.6%[93]
Armed with determination to rescue Clarice, Art concedes with Lily's and Renato's opinion on the team who will capture Teddy and Diana. As her efforts to dig up information about Renato turned to be futile, Ellen eventually learns his connection to Lily through Mariano. Elsewhere a hesitant Alyana heads off to meet with Lito who is prematurely savoring his victory against Cardo.
1295 129 "Black Ops" January 21, 2021 7.4%[94]
Securing the perimeter, the Black Ops unit prepares for engagement as Cardo and Task Force Agila head to the firing range. Finally seeing her childhood sweetheart's dark side, Alyana escapes Lito's clutches. Much to Art's disapproval, Eljin holds the reins in a bid to finally capture Teddy and Diana.
1296 130 "Crossfire" January 22, 2021 7.2%[95]
Alyana scrambles to save Cardo from Lito's twisted ploy. Unbeknownst to her, the Task Force Agila is already engaged in a life-and-death face-off with the Black Ops unit. Lito, meanwhile, races against time to take Alyana away from the clutches of danger.
1297 131 "Habang Buhay" January 25, 2021 8.4%[96]
As Task Force Agila and the Black Ops unit clash, Lito arrives to rescue Alyana. After their targets' speedy retreat, Albert plans to make their mission look like a success despite the high number of casualties on their side and their failure to retrieve Clarice. While battling for his own life, Cardo loses the other half of his heart.
1298 132 "Pighati" January 26, 2021 N/A
Following Alyana's passing, Lito vows to make Cardo's life a living hell. Task Force Agila, meanwhile, gets curious on how Alyana found out about the ambush at the firing range. Ignoring the red flags Lia raised regarding their mission, Albert remains adamant in rescuing Clarice as he recalls Art's promise to help him advance further within the police force.
1299 133 "Burol" January 27, 2021 N/A
Despite the rage lurking behind his kind facade, Lito holds a wake for Alyana at the Task Force Agila's place. Elsewhere, Albert vows not to let Cardo get in the way of his promotion. After learning that the Black Ops unit failed to rescue Clarice, Art explains to Lily why they need to have Teddy and Diana captured.
1300 134 "Panaghoy" January 28, 2021 N/A
Letting Eljin handle the entrapment operation, Art finally captures Diana and Teddy. Lito, meanwhile, discovers a crack in Task Force Agila's foundation upon learning that Ramil blames Cardo for Alyana's untimely passing. Later, Virgie's excitement turns into grief as she unexpectedly finds herself in front of her daughter's lifeless body.
1301 135 "Dakip" January 29, 2021 N/A
Still spying on the first lady, Ellen tries to find out more about Renato. Double-crossing Art, Lily agrees to let Renato do whatever it takes to finish off Cardo once they learn Task Force Agila's location. Expecting nothing but the worst, Diana and Teddy attempt to escape the warehouse.
1302 136 "Pagkawala" February 1, 2021 7.4%[97]
Everyone wishes fo Cardo to wake up already but they are also worried as tyo how he would take the news of Alyana's passinng. Meanwhile, Clarisse remembered the letter she found for Bubbles. Jerome and the group felt that there is a deeper message from this that needs to be addressed.
1303 137 "Paggising" February 2, 2021 7.0%[98]
Renato grows impatient and vows to regain his freedom by hook or by crook following his unexpected encounter with the police. As they keep mum on Clarisse's whereabouts, Diana and Teddy get a taste of Art's wrath. Cardo, meanwhile, recovers his consciousness amid Delfin's guilt for causing great misfortunes to him.
1304 138 "Paghihirap" February 3, 2021 6.8%[99]
Cardo wakes up and sees Alyana's remains for the first time since her passing. A very emotional Virgie cannot help but release her anger towards Cardo. Meanwhile, Renato asks his freedom from Lily which is impossible to grant at the moment.
1305 139 "Pagtanggi" February 4, 2021 7.6%[100]
After confirming his hunch, Edwin informs the presidential staff that Diana and Teddy have been captured. Adamant in becoming the first lady, Ellen digs more valuable information about a potential ally. Protecting her pristine image for the presidential election, Lily refuses to give Renato back his freedom.
1306 140 "Desisyon" February 5, 2021 8.2%[101]
Gathering enough information about Renato, Ellen plans a bold move in order to achieve her goal of dethroning Lily. Renato, on the other hand, finds the perfect time to play his trump card after Lily refused to give in to his demand. Meanwhile, worry besieges Virgie when Delfin learns about Teddy's and Diana's situation.
1307 141 "Kakampi" February 8, 2021 N/A
Concerned for the safety of his allies, Edwin continues to lurk within the warehouse where Teddy and Diana are being held captive. As part of her plan to take down Lily, Ellen finds a way to establish a connection with Renato. Seething with rage following Alyana's death, Lito strengthens his forces to make Cardo pay.
1308 142 "Banta" February 9, 2021 N/A
Wanting to get rid of all the threats that may affect his business venture with Renato, Lito forges an alliance with Lara's group. Teddy and Diana, meanwhile, see a glimmer of hope upon learning that Edwin is sneaking around the warehouse. In his desire to prove his mettle, Albert plans to launch another mission to save Clarice and neutralize Task Force Agila.
1309 143 "Kaharap" February 10, 2021 N/A
As her violent means to extract information from Teddy and Diana prove to be ineffective, Lily pulls a trick up her sleeve in a bid to finally break their silence. Much to Ramil's exasperation, the Task Force Agila follows Cardo's decision to stop working for Lito. Soon, Cardo learns about a bitter possibility between the businessman and Alyana.
1310 144 "Duda" February 11, 2021 N/A
Believing that Lily has corrupted Oscar, Teddy and Diana are left with no choice but to finally seek Task Force Agila's help. Art, meanwhile, makes a deal with the devil as he seeks Renato's help in finding a way to locate Clarice. With growing suspicion following the attack that claimed Alyana's life and Bubble's sudden departure, Cardo begins to doubt Lito's intentions.
1311 145 "Paalam, Alyana" February 12, 2021 N/A
Renato readily bites Ellen's enticing offer in a bid to get back at Art for failing to keep his end of the bargain. Meanwhile, intense sorrow fills Cardo's empty heart as he lays Alyana to rest. Unknown to the Task Force Agila leader, Lito is already dead set on wiping him out before his cunning ploy gets revealed.
1312 146 "Pagtatapat" February 15, 2021 N/A
Wanting to track down his arch nemesis and help Art find Clarice, Renato sends Eljin to torture Teddy. Dragged down by the Black Ops unit's failure, Albert harshly brushes off Lia's attempt to cheer him up during their anniversary. Taking advantage of the crack he found in Task Force Agila's foundation, Lito gives Ramil a tempting offer.
1313 147 "Nangungulila" February 16, 2021 N/A
Lost on where to begin following his wife's passing, Cardo treads the path of forgiveness as he recalls his last fight with Alyana. Having the same goal to topple down Lily, Renato and Ellen forge an alliance. At the warehouse, Teddy tries his level best to endure Eljin's torture.
1314 148 "Pag-asa" February 17, 2021 N/A
Ellen sees her dream slowly coming to reality following her alliance with Renato, completely oblivious to his underhanded plot. Soon, Renato sets his revenge against Lily in motion. As Teddy and Diana's lives hang in the balance, Task Force Agila begins its risky move to rescue them with James's help.
1315 149 "Pagsuko" February 18, 2021 N/A
Determined to reclaim the reins of power and exact revenge on Lily, Renato takes his plan in full swing. As they find ways to save Teddy and Diana from the First Lady's clutches, the members of Task Force Agila learn about the two's sufferings at the hands of their captors. Still grieving over Alyana's death, Lito recalls how he became rich and powerful to give the former a better life.
1316 150 "Tuso" February 19, 2021 N/A
Blindsided by Renato's underhanded ploy to regain his freedom, Lily seethes with anger upon realizing Mariano's betrayal. Soon after, the First Lady ignores Art's proposal and resolves to face the former Defense director head-on despite her growing doubts on her allies. Putting his trust in Cardo, Jerome convinces him to continue fighting as Diana struggles to keep Teddy from spilling the Task Force Agila's whereabouts.
1317 151 "Katapatan" February 22, 2021 8.2%[102]
With the plan to save Teddy and Diana from the hands of the enemies now all set, Ramil sways his comrades to break faith with Cardo and take Lito's side instead. The businessman, on the other hand, sets his sights on taking over Renato's place in the drug cartel by all means. Convinced that Ellen had a hand in Mariano and Renato's secret alliance, Lily prepares her ace against her.
1318 152 "Alaala" February 23, 2021 8.2%[103]
Teddy finds a new drive to keep Cardo's location a secret upon recalling his time together with his family in the calm before the storm. Still holding on to his false sense of accomplishment, Albert thinks of a way to earn Pres. Hidalgo's acknowledgment as he sets out a mission of tracking down the remains of the Task Force Agila leader. While Lily feels something amiss with James, Cardo's memory with Alyana comes flooding back.
1319 153 "Kalungkutan" February 24, 2021 8.6%[104]
Upon seeing Teddy and Diana's miserable condition at the hands of Eljin, Art dismisses all of Renato's underlings and orders his own men to keep a close watch on their captives. Albert's thirst for promotion backfires on him when his desperate move to gain Pres. Hidalgo's recognition reaches Lily. Meanwhile, Cardo vows to avenge Alyana as he continues to sink in sorrow.
1320 154 "Grupo" February 25, 2021 N/A
The members of Task Force Agila set out to save Diana and Teddy from Lily and Art's clutches. Joining Lito's forces as a bodyguard, Ramil gets a taste of his new boss' overwhelming generosity. Meanwhile, Flora grows worried when she fails to contact Cardo and Delfin.
1321 155 "Salakay" February 26, 2021 7.6%[105]
Paying heed to his friends’ advice, Cardo apologizes to Virgie for Alyana's death. With Ramil now completely wrapped around his finger, Lito refuses to lose another fight against the wanted cop and grows determined to rescue Teddy. The journalist, meanwhile, finds a window of opportunity to get back at Art while the Task Force Agila members make their way to save him and Diana.
1322 156 "Desperado" March 1, 2021 8.0%[106]
Overwhelmed by Art's men, the members of Task Force Agila decide to retreat and go back to their hideout. Learning about the attack, Lily orders Art to transfer Teddy and Diana to a safe house in San Marcelo. Lito, meanwhile, sends Ramil on a special mission.
1323 157 "Kasunduan" March 2, 2021 5.5%[107]
After transferring to San Marcelo, Art hires additional men to prevent Task Force Agila from rescuing Teddy and Diana. Lia, meanwhile, pours her heart out as she points out Albert's obsession with his promotion. Left with no choice, Cardo decides to cut a deal with the devil in a bid to save his allies.
1324 158 "Utakan" March 3, 2021 5.6%[108]
Art vows to make Cardo and the Task Force Agila pay for their misdeeds upon getting Lily's assurance that they can save Clarice. The first lady, on the other hand, secretly plans to take down the fugitive cop by all means as her greed for power knows no bounds. Realizing that his team is at a disadvantage, Cardo taps Roxanne while he resolves to face their enemies with underhanded tactic.
1325 159 "Paghahanda" March 4, 2021 N/A
Doubts begin to form in Jacob and Lito's minds upon learning each other's new course of action, thinking that these respective dealings pose threats to their interests. As Art prioritizes Clarice's safety over Task Force Agila's downfall, Lily sets her own plan in motion. Cardo, meanwhile, comes to a realization as Diana's and Teddy's lives remain hanging by a thread.
1326 160 "Determinado" March 5, 2021 5.0%[109]
Finding an ace against Task Force Agila to prove its leader's death, Lia and Andrea uncover Cardo's fateful past. The members of Task Force Agila, meanwhile, grow more determined in saving Teddy and Diana following their failed first attempt. Later, tension escalates anew between Cardo and Ramil as the latter brags about his new life and offers them Lito's help.
1327 161 "Lokasyon" March 8, 2021 7.9%[110]
After Cardo turned down his offer, Ramil puts in a good word for Lito with a livid Virgie. Mariano, meanwhile, tries to get on Ambo's good side to keep his and Ellen's secret under wraps. Notwithstanding the danger they are facing, Task Force Agila sets out anew to save Diana and Teddy from Art's men.
1328 162 "Rescue" March 9, 2021 9.2%[111]
In a bid to save Diana and Teddy from Art's clutches, the members of Task Force Agila clash with his men. Amid the skirmish, Lily makes a move to finally get rid of the bone in her throat. Soon, all hell breaks loose as Cardo and his team come face-to-face with danger.
1329 163 "Habulan" March 10, 2021 8.8%[112]
Cardo and the Task Force Agila run for their lives upon saving Diana and Teddy from Art's hands. Outnumbered by their foes, they soon begin to suffer the consequences of their perilous mission. Refusing to give up without a fight, Lily finds an opportunity to strike against her enemy.
1330 164 "Agaw Buhay" March 11, 2021 9.8%[113]
As Task Force Agila races against time to escape from danger, Clarice falls on the receiving end of Cardo and Lily's war. Art, meanwhile, seethes with rage after the First Lady's reckless move ruined his plans. While on the run, Cardo and his allies cross path with danger once again.
1331 165 "Hinagpis" March 12, 2021 9.6%[114]
Running out of resources, Cardo and the Task Force Agila make a sacrificial move to evade the Black Ops. As he reunites with his family, Teddy's heart sinks upon learning of Alyana's death. Unable to bear the pain, the grieving father lashes out at his son-in-law for failing to protect her daughter as he promised him.
1332 166 "Kapatawaran" March 15, 2021 8.9%[115]
As he mourns his daughter's death, Teddy reminisces Alyana's fateful life. Desperate to get his promotion, Albert uses Clarice's demise to his advantage. Bearing guilt in his heart, Cardo seeks forgiveness from his parents-in-law.
1333 167 "Ama" March 16, 2021 8.7%[116]
Teddy still struggles to find peace in Alyana's death. Meanwhile, Lily tries to mollify a furious Art by blaming Cardo for his failed attempt at rescuing Clarice. The executive secretary's heart soon fills with rage and sorrow upon seeing his lifeless daughter, vowing to make Cardo pay by all means.
1334 168 "Sikil" March 17, 2021 8.3%[117]
As Art grieves for Clarice, Lily hatches a new plot to take down Cardo and eliminate his allies in the Palace. Cardo gets hit with a strong urge to settle the score with those responsible for Alyana's death, contrary to the Task Force Agila's plan of lying low for the meantime. Soon, the infamous team comes face-to-face with Lito's acquaintances.
1335 169 "Yabang" March 18, 2021 TBD
Tension brews in the air as Cardo and the Task Force Agila cross paths with Lito's acquaintances and an overbearing Ramil. Hell-bent on eliminating her greatest adversary, Lily takes advantage of Art's woes.
1336 170 "Tutukan" March 19, 2021 9.1%[118]
Ramil's slurs toward Task Force Agila trigger a confrontation between Lito and Cardo, putting the latter on Virgie's bad side. This then drives the infamous cop to avenge Alyana by all means. Lily, meanwhile, tries to assert her rule over Mariano.
1337 171 "Maghihiganti" March 22, 2021 8.7%[119]
As Lito grows dead set on avenging Alyana's death, a livid Cardo goes on a quest to hunt Albert and Lia down. The Black Ops' leader, meanwhile, plots anew against the infamous cop. Regrets begin to fill Teddy's heart as he still mourns his loss.
1338 172 "Mapusok" March 23, 2021 TBD
Wanting to step out of Renato's shadows, Jacob tries to prove his worth to Lito. Albert and Andrea share an intimate moment, oblivious to a pair of eyes lurking. Task Force Agila, meanwhile, air concerns over Cardo's brewing desire for vengeance.
1339 173 "Manloloko" March 24, 2021 9.0%[120]
Witnessing her fiance's betrayal, Lia burns with rage as she confronts Albert. Closing the deal, Jacob informs Renato that Lito's allies will be a problem to their partnership. Ramil, meanwhile, sets his sights on becoming his boss' right-hand man.
1340 174 "Hakbang" March 25, 2021 9.4%[121]
Diana plans to come out of hiding in a bid to stop Lily's reign of terror. Mariano looks forward to becoming the president, unaware of Lily's next course of action. Lara grows worried over Lito's grudge against Cardo.
1341 175 "Target" March 26, 2021 9.2%[122]
In his desire to avenge Alyana's death, Cardo closes in on his target. Lia blames herself for Albert's betrayal, while the latter deems it best to end things with her.
1342 176 "Pakikipaglaban" March 29, 2021 9.2%[123]
Lia's heart sinks deeper when Albert formally ends their relationship. Cardo raises hell as he encounters the Black Ops and Lito's acquaintances in his quest for vengeance. Teddy, meanwhile, reaches a difficult decision.
1343 177 "Kwarto" March 30, 2021 10.5%[124]
While Albert gets a hard slap of reality, Lia keeps a close watch on Cardo in a bid to finally seize him. Task Force Agila blame Lito as their group seems to fall apart following Teddy's change of heart.
1344 178 "Galit" March 31, 2021 10.1%[125]
Cardo recalls Alyana's death and his allies' sacrifices as his desire for vengeance intensifies. Upon laying Clarice to rest, Art vows to make Cardo pay for his daughter's demise.
1345 179 "Cardo vs. Lia" April 5, 2021 9.3%[126]
Lito refuses to get back at Cardo just yet despite what he did to his associates. Finally getting the chance to face the wanted ex-cop again, Lia wastes no time in taking Cardo down.
1346 180 "Pahihirapan" April 6, 2021 9.8%[127]
Lily advises Arturo to take a breather abroad and let her deal with Cardo. After a violent shootout, Cardo takes the injured Lia with him. With the Black Ops, Albert decodes what transpired between Cardo and Lia.
1347 181 "Gagamitin" April 7, 2021 TBD
Failing to seize the infamous cop yet again, Albert seethes with rage upon learning that Cardo holds Lia captive. Lily finds a way to regain control over Mariano.
1348 182 "Pagkakilala" April 8, 2021 TBD
As Lito accuses Cardo of attacking his associates at the bar for no reason, Task Force Agila begin to see the businessman in a different light. The Black Ops leave no stone unturned to find Cardo and Lia.

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  1. ^ Teddy Arevalo used the nom de plume Jose Malaya in his exposés against Lily and her allies.
  2. ^ Juan used the alias Mark Quiambao when he tried to fish out information regarding Cardo and Task Force Agila at Camp Crame. During his stint living next to Task Force Agila, he posed as Lemuel Pineda.
  3. ^ iWantTFC shows two episodes first in advance before it broadcasts on TV.