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The sixth season of Ang Probinsyano, a Philippine action drama television series on ABS-CBN, premiered on September 24, 2018 on the network's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel and concluded on April 5, 2019, with a total of 140 episodes. following the celebration of its third anniversary.[1] The series stars Coco Martin as SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay, together with an ensemble cast.

The sixth season of Ang Probinsyano follows Cardo and Vendetta's continued struggle against Lucas Cabrera, now President of the Philippines and Renato Hipolito. After rescuing the incumbent President Oscar Hidalgo from an assassination plot intended to supplant him as president, Vendetta must now find a way to restore Hidalgo back to the Presidency.

Elsewhere, Vendetta will also have to deal with Don Emilio Syquia who has reemerged from hiding. Now going by the name Señor Gustavo Torralba, his newfound criminal empire enjoys the protection of the Cabrera administration through the auspices of Hipolito.

As Vendetta makes its way back to Manila, their path will cross with the baglady of the Cabrera administration, Lily Ann Cortez (Lorna Tolentino). Lily plans on making the conflict between Vendetta and the Cabrera Administration more direct and emerge with the spoils from whoever it is left standing.


Vendetta finally obtains the trust of Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago) following another assassination attempt on his life, which was timely prevented by Cardo (Coco Martin) and Vendetta with Hidalgo witnessing everything that transpired. Now aware of the true colors of his supposed political allies, Hidalgo resolves to regain the presidency which Lucas Cabrera (Edu Manzano) unlawfully stole from him.

After the unlawful arrest of General Borja (Jaime Fàbregas) before interrogating him to find Vendetta's whereabouts, they had a party along with Lucas and Brandon Cabrera (Mark Anthony Fernandez) at the PNP Headquarters and one of Lucas' allies Albert Hernandez (Franco Laurel) was chosen by Lucas to become his Vice President as PNP Chief Alejandro Terante (Soliman Cruz) became angered due to Renato Hipolito's (John Arcilla) negative and sarcastic remarks.

Meanwhile, Lola Flora (Susan Roces) became more stressed since Konsehala Gina Magtanggol (Mitch Valdes) and her cohorts destroyed her eatery especially after hearing of what happened to her brother while being informed by Billy (John Medina).

With the Philippine Government became worsen due to its corruption created by Lucas and his administration, Cardo informs Oscar that they need to make their move. Therefore, Jerome quickly informs Cardo about what happened to his grandfather after being informed by Billy that General Borja was not detained at Camp Crame but in a military camp where he was pummeled and tortured by Terante and his group and they were concealing their corruptive acts by blaming Vendetta. Oscar knows that their actions were illegal. Worried of endangering his family, Cardo decided to rescue his grandfather at their hands and informs them that Terante knows the location where General Borja has been illegally detained.

Despite General Borja's torture and killing one of the missing reporters to threatening him to speak about Cardo's whereabouts from one of Terante's group, Terante and his convoy were cornered by Vendetta as Cardo manages to shoot Terante to the chest, seriously wounding him and killing all the policemen he used as escorts. Wanted to live at their hands, Terante shows to the vigilante group at the safehouse where General Borja was being held captive. As soon as Cardo successfully rescued his grandfather from his clutches, Terante himself took Wangbu (Jobert Austria) as a hostage knowing he was too weak and threatens both Alyana (Yassi Pressman) and Bubbles (Bianca Manalo) by gunpoint. Due to Wangbu's stupidity, he was shot by Terante to make his escape. After Cardo rescues his grandfather and seeing a seriously wounded Wangbu due to Terante's escape, General Borja recognizes Jerome (John Prats), Rigor (Marc Solis) and General Olegario (Angel Aquino) and also salutes Oscar, recognizing him as the President of the Philippines. During the time of General Borja's captivity before Cardo and his group rescued him at the safehouse, Billy along with Mark Vargas (Lester Llansang) and Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera (Michael Roy Jornales), had plans to rescue their superior but not knowing that their new CIDG Director General had already set a trap for them due to their loyalty towards General Borja.

They returned to the house, they treated Wangbu's wound and later, Delfin called his sister that he is safe. While Hipolito sarcastically remarked to Terante that he failed on his performance while recovering in the hospital, that results to near-brawl if not for Cabrera's intervention.

Aling Rosa (Mystica) tried to retrieve her children, but failed when Cardo intervened. Terante's men inside CIDG hatches a plan to frame Billy, Mark and Chikoy with a fake drug bust which they succeed in capturing them for interrogation about Vendetta's whereabouts. Aling Rosa then uncovered a list of Vendetta and their rewards, which she went to a police station with her boyfriend to raid the compound. Before raiding the compound, Aling Rosa tells Terante about the Vendetta's whereabouts which they currently lived at the compound. Terante did not believe her at first as many imposters were claiming that they saw Vendetta for the large reward, but she said President Hidalgo was also there made the General mobilize his men.

Meanwhile, Hipolito is going to meet the owner of the mines, Don Gustavo, which was revealed to be Don Emilio (Eddie Garcia) himself, having survived the clash between him and Vendetta in Baguio. He was saved by an elder and taught him mining and inherited the company. He was wounded and blinded on the battle.

The initial clash claimed the lives of Lolo Efren (Robert Arevalo), Lola Melba (Marissa Delgado), Marie and her parents during their breakfast meal, which forces Cardo and his group to open fire at them while trying to escape. As they were chased by policemen, Bubbles, Anton, Patrick and Diana were wounded. They commandeered the police mobile vehicles and went to a hospital to treat them. Terante and Brandon went there to kill all of them but were too late as Vendetta escaped from their clutches, making their mission a failure and all of the vanguard of policemen, 17 in all was killed. Terante was then berated by the Cabreras and Hipolito was going to cash in the proposal.

Meanwhile back at the compound, vengeance was served cold upon Rosa and her boyfriend when one of Patrick's friends killed both of them for reporting to the police and giving Vendetta's location away to them, avenging the deaths of Patrick's family.

While Cardo's comrades were being treated, one of the staff members successfully called and informed the police about Vendetta raiding the hospital, despite Ramil catching him off guard. When Cardo knew about this, he and his comrades escape the hospital before Terante and his men arrived. Cardo then commandeered a jeepney and took his comrades to Sto. Niño. Despite being in shock of what Vendetta went through, they took them under their wing. They enjoyed the sights and swam upon the river. They raised plants and animals to reduce the family's upkeep on them.

Meanwhile, Señor Gustavo, relocated to Sto. Niño because the black market wanted diamonds, which was absent upon the former site. He acquired Baldo's (Rommel Padilla) consent and help.

Hipolito, agreed upon the share of income if he could meet with Gustavo, courted Gascon Dela Vega (Ryan Eigenmann) relentlessly until Gustavo agreed at last. He went along with Homer's group. The two met on Gustavo's place and sealed the deal. The government will get 50% share and they will overlook the violations Gustavo's operations will cause. All the while, Homer recognizes Gustavo as Don Emilio, the one who mauled him for cornering him with the drug deal.

JP and Teddy continued their crusade against Cabrera, the latter went to meet up several policemen that hated Terante's rule, but unknown to them, a mole implanted by General Marquez tells his superior who 'Juan Verdad' is. JP meanwhile was hired by his former professor and he met up some students who are student activists. They organized rallies on Quezon Memorial Circle, the Palace and anywhere, Terante dispersing them every time. Teddy was threatened by an assassin from 'Juan Verdad's posts. And Cabrera's patience snapped when rallies were set up on the Palace gate, so he used force, by dispersing it without using police force, and abducting the ringleaders. One of them tried to escape, but was killed. The others fates were unknown. JP escapes the commotion and pleads to visit the youth group leader's wake, but was warned by his parents.

Brandon's power tripping continues after plasticizing with fallen policemen's families, he went to a bar, but he mauled a security guard that only intervened. The man reported the damage unto Mayor Adonis (Roderick Paulate) with Marge's (Carmi Martin) help. But Mayor Adonis was threatened by the Vice President and DILG secretary about overlooking Brandon's issue with Mang Kanor. The 2 policemen, who always frequented Konsehala Gina's karinderia, took Marge's bag. They reported it on the station, but the police does nothing. And the VP and DILG secretary threatened Adonis if he makes issues further. The mayor later retracts his accusations, and the 2 policemen took away Mang Kanor, for "investigation". Later, Adonis tried to plead with the Chief of Police, but the chief declined and laughed.

Lola Flora's quest for his brother's justice, went to overhear several victims about the lawyer's deliberate ignorance. She also talks about the case.

Tyson's men went to Baldo's group to check upon the progress of the bandit group's prep. Baldo took the services of another bandit leader, Gapon (Ariel Villasanta). Tyson and his men spotted Bubbles and the other women washing clothes. The group tried to rape her, when Jerome and Rigor went to the rescue, but mauled by Tyson's pack, but not until Aubrey warned Vendetta about what's happening. They rescued the women and drove the gang away. After the issue, they went to the Barangay Captain, which the village head agreed upon Vendetta helping the tanods on their patrol, although in a volunteer basis. Vendetta accepted the conditions.

Hipolito and Terante's feud over the former's operation of mines and Lucas Cabrera's approval went on the boiling point. Homer suggests dealing with the PNP Chief, while Terante plans to take out Hipolito once and for all. The shrewd secretary arranged a meetup with Terante, while each other thinking of getting rid of each other at all.

Tanggol, Baldo and Gapon's group went to Diego's camp. Señor Gustavo met up with his future enforcers. The night before, his lover Madonna acts like she was victimized by a guard who overheard her conversations, so the old man killed the guard. And warned anybody who looks at her with lasciviousness will get snuffed out.

Renato Hipolito (John Arcilla) and Alakdan (Jhong Hilario) and the Kamandag later killed PNP Chief Alejandro Terante after a short battle with him when Renato and his allies began to ambush Alejandro and the personal bodyguards in attempt to finish him and frames Vendetta for his murder. They later took out General Marquez after he suspected that Hipolito was involved in Terante's death, he also eliminated the loyal police officer to clean up his tracks. Cabrera's men abduct Virgie in retaliation and took her to a detention facility alongside others who were against Lucas' tyranny.

Meanwhile, distrust brews between Tanggol, Baldo, Gapon and Diego. While the siblings will abduct villagers for forced labor in the mines, they decided not to attack Sto. Niño, for there's too many soldiers on that town. They decided to attack San Clemente and other nearby towns, which they succeeded.

Mayor Adonis, strengthened by the belief that he done the right thing, called a press con and implicated the VP, who is also DILG secretary on threatening him. Brandon asked his father to fix this himself. Eventually, Lucas then ordered his men to kidnap Margie in retaliation.

Wally and Elmo overheard the reason why the two policemen, Gapuz and Pantig, were always at Konsehala Gina's eatery, is to extort money to her recently reopened gambling rings. They said it to Lola Flora, who told them to do it in a quiet way.

Meanwhile, romance blossomed on Bubbles and Jerome, while Romulo and Diana fell in love with each other, the latter later confessed to Vendetta about their feelings for each other and Romulo eventually serenaded Diana, with the help of Vendetta.

During an outreach program by Lucas and Brandon on the victims of Vendetta, the student rally group along with JP went there as well to rally, leading to JP's kidnapping by Lucas' men. They tried to extract info on both mother and son, but failed. Teddy went on to broadcast a threat to the President fearlessly. Eventually, he would receive a gun from his editor in chief, Jonathan, and he later attempted to assassinate Lucas during an outreach, but he hesitated before doing so. Despite that, one of the reporters caught him red handed holding the gun and alerted the policemen, but he successfully escaped from their clutches.

In Gustavo's mansion, Madonna began seducing Gascon slowly by telling him that Gustavo is just abusing him due to the mining operation being in a slow pace and she prefers Gascon over Gustavo, then she plans to have all of Gustavo's riches with Gascon. Eventually on one night, Gascon gave in to her seduction while Gustavo was asleep.

Homer and his group went to Sto. Niño to keep an eye of the mining site. And the mines officially started when the group took the 'miners' on the site. Distrust then built up between Kamandag and Tanggol's group after Homer killed the miners that were attempting to escape, slowing down the mining operation in the process. Homer and Tanggol eventually brawled against each other when Tanggol had enough of Homer's attitude with Homer winning.

Meanwhile in Manila, Teddy asked help from the policemen, who were not loyal to Lucas, to rescue Virgie, JP, and the other prisoners. They later followed Gapuz to the detention facility secretly, then informed Teddy about it. Teddy later sneaked past and shot one of the guards, who was about to shoot JP. JP then lead his father to where Virgie is being held and successfully freed her. The policemen then raided the facility and successfully freed the other prisoners, including Margie. Lucas, Brandon, and Hernandez then learned about the breakout. The policemen then took Teddy and his family to a hideout to take shelter, but were later ambushed by Lucas' men, killing the policemen who helped them but luckily, Teddy and his family successfully escaped from Lucas' men. He asked help from Jonathan to lend him a car. When they were about to return to their house, they found Brandon and his henchmen searching their house, and they immediately left before they were spotted by Brandon's henchmen.

While Madonna is in Manila, Gustavo sends Gascon to Manila to give P50M to Hipolito and to look after Madonna even if Snooki (Sarah Jane Abad) was with her. They later stayed in a hotel before returning to Gustavo, not knowing that Gustavo was already suspecting them both. However, before Gustavo handed Gascon the P50M for Hipolito, Gascon saw the other riches that Gustavo was keeping in his safe, consisting of gold, diamonds and jewels.

Meanwhile in Sto. Niño, Romulo planned to ask for Diana's hand in marriage and asked Vendetta for help. They borrowed a horse for Romulo to use to take Diana on a walk before eventually proposing to her. After they were finished wandering, Romulo eventually took Diana to a hill and successfully proposed to her. Eventually, Cardo had decided that the group bury their weapons for good to live a new and peaceful life in Sto. Niño. Romulo and Diana later got married at the hill where Romulo proposed to her.

Back in Manila, Teddy and his family took shelter in Lola Flora's house temporarily. Eventually, Lucas' men went to the house to observe and overheard Elmo and Wally that the Arevalo family is in the house. Lucas then ordered the policemen to go to Lola Flora's house to arrest Teddy for the attempted assassination. Lola Flora allowed the police to search their house while Teddy and his family hid. After the policemen left, the Arevalo family left as well because they're no longer safe as the policemen might come back for them. Margie then told Mayor Adonis to take the Arevalo family to his rest house to take shelter.

After many of the miners suddenly died in the mining site due to extreme exhaustion, Baldo and Tanggol eventually decided to go to Sto. Niño in order to abduct the men to become the replacement miners at the site. Their attack took the lives of Lolo Marsing, Lola Nita, the Barangay Captain and several others. After Vendetta heard the gunshots, they attempted to make their escape before Cardo decided to stay and fight back along with Romulo and the rest of the group while Alyana, Diana, Bubbles, Delfin, Aubrey, Oscar along with Ana (Rhed Bustamante) and Aye (Kenken Nuyad) made their run. Baldo and his group then went after them when they were finished abducting the men. While Cardo and his group were fighting Baldo and Tanggol's group, Butete, Bulate, Rigor, and Greco were wounded. As Alyana and the rest were running from Baldo and Tanggol's group, Delfin and Aye were wounded from the ensuing chaos. Aubrey was then fatally shot by Baldo, before his group eventually retreated. They went to a nearby village to seek help but failed when the people refused, until a family helped them find a health center. After their comrades were treated, Patrick saw Baldo and Tanggol's group approaching and alerted the others, leading them to evacuate the health center right away to avoid getting caught, taking Aubrey's corpse along the way.

Brandon ordered his men to follow Mayor Adonis in order to find the location of Teddy and his family. But Adonis, along with Margie, noticed that Brandon's men were following them and decided to turn around and not go to the rest house instead. Brandon then went to Adonis' house to confront him personally about Teddy. When Adonis refused to tell the whereabouts of Teddy, Brandon beat him up until Adonis fought back and shot Brandon using the gun that was given to him by one of his bodyguards. Meanwhile, Margie wanted to visit Adonis to bring him food and confess her feelings for him at the same time. When she arrived there, she saw Adonis before Brandon fatally shoots him. With his dying breath, Adonis then confessed to Margie that he loves her as well. She decided to tell the truth about Adonis' death at the hands of Brandon, covered up by the biased media. She firstly sent her sister and niece to Adonis' safe house, where Teddy and his family are, to keep them safe.

Cardo and his group then found a home that is three mountains away from Sto. Niño. They decided to stay there as they thought that it was abandoned, but eventually the owners of the house returned and caught them. At first, the owners didn't believe them until they saw Oscar, who told them that they were telling the truth. Then, they told everything that happened in Sto. Niño when Baldo and Tanggol's army invaded. Oscar then buried Aubrey, with the help from the group, and promised to give justice for his family & the other victims in Sto. Niño. He also promised to take back his position as president that was unlawfully taken from him by Lucas.

Homer, bored on the mines and wanted to observe Baldo and Tanggol's movements, went to the barrio. But distrust to each other were simmering on both sides, with Tanggol and Baldo against Homer, with Diego and Gapon too at each other's mercy. Homer eventually learned that Cardo and Vendetta was on the barrio, and decided to join forces with Tanggol, Baldo, Gapon, and Diego to take out Cardo and Vendetta.

Cardo eventually decided to return to Sto. Niño along with a few members from Vendetta, including Oscar, to dig up the weapons that they buried there and find where Baldo and Tanggol's men kept the others without getting caught, while the wounded stayed at the house to heal their wounds. The group went to the barrio stealthily, and eliminated the group who tried to rape Doray, as well as taking their weapons afterwards. They also eliminated Diego's group. Then the group went to the church, where the bandits held the villagers to work as miners, but the villagers suffered casualties until Vendetta finished the guards, but their cover was blown. The battle between Cardo against a battalion of bandits and thugs began. Diana and the rest eventually went along to follow the group as they got worried on the safety of Cardo's group.

Señor Gustavo was dismayed at Homer's disappearance at the mining site and the slaves tried to resist, which Tyson and his group then crushed. He called Hipolito, which is on his way to collect the bribe he demanded on the old treasure hunter. The two met, and the old man hesitated giving the demand. But before that, he gave a dangerous hint about Gascon and Madonna's plan.

Meanwhile, Margie bravely revealed to the media that she herself witnessed with her own to eyes Brandon kill Adonis. Brandon, upon seeing the matter, planned to take out Margie.

Diana's group continued to look for Cardo and the rest of Vendetta and killed some of Tanggol's men along the way. Unfortunately, Homer and his group spotted them and they went on to tail them. Diana's group eventually got cornered by Homer and Gapon's group respectively. Outnumbered, the group went in an opposite direction, inadvertently leaving Diana and Bubbles behind. The two women were consequently captured by Alakdan. The rest however, ambushed and finished off Gapon and Diego, killing them both. Cardo and his group, on the other hand, managed to take out the rest of Baldo and Tanggol's army. He then, along with Romulo, engaged Tanggol and Baldo in hand-to-hand combat respectively. Cardo defeated Tanggol, then gave Caloy and the victimized men a chance to exact revenge on the notorious bandit for his constant crimes in Sto. Niño. Romulo and Baldo ended up in a river as they fought. Baldo gained the upper hand after a few hits and slashes with a wood and a knife, bloodying Romulo. But the latter managed to still fight back. Baldo retrieved his gun and was ready kill Romulo. But Romulo immediately grabbed a bamboo staff with a pointed edge and threw it like a javelin to the bandit's chest, killing him and avenging Aubrey's death. Romulo later finished Baldo’s remaining men when they arrived and attempted to kill him for killing Baldo. Afterwards, Cardo and the villagers found the rest of Vendetta, who followed them, and learned that both Diana & Bubbles were captured by Homer. Romulo then rode a horse to go after Homer's group with Cardo, along with Vendetta and the villagers, following him. Romulo manages to shoot some of Homer's men, including Roldan (Ronwaldo Martin), who were holding Diana. Afterwards, Homer arrived and Romulo sacrifices himself to protect Diana and gets fatally shot. Diana then gets recaptured by Homer and his group & was taken to Hipolito's house, along with Bubbles. While they were mourning for Romulo's death, Cardo learned from Caloy (Joven Olvido) that Homer is still alive and was working with Tanggol, Baldo, Gapon, and Diego.

Fearing that the detained people might speak up against the administration, Lucas orders his son to execute all of the prisoners they captured in the detention facility, including Billy, Mark, and Chikoy. The three CIDG policemen then fought back by taking the guns from the guards before they were executed and saved the other prisoners and escaped the detention facility together using a van along with the others. The three then went to a house of an old friend of Mark to take shelter. They decided to meet up with Teddy, which was successful and Teddy got supplies and a weapon.

While the case of Margie against Brandon still in fiscal, the Cabreras wanted to destroy Margie's reputation, they went to file the counter-affidavit by themselves, despite anti-Cabrera rallies are outside. While Margie was pestered not only by the media, but with pro-Cabrera rallying outside Lola Flora's house, then decrying Cardo and Vendetta. Konsehala Gina used this issue to boost her profile, as she faced the media, which Margie confronted. Wally and Elmo did vengeance by destroying the wheels.

Caloy and his cousins volunteered to enter the mines where Gustavo are hiding their slaves to search for Bubbles and Diana, which the group agreed upon. While the others were put into another place to recuperate and prepare for the battle ahead. Caloy and others warned Vendetta about the mines, and they said that Diana and Bubbles is in Manila, which put the group in the dilemma of either saving the mine slaves, or saving Bubbles and Diana. Cardo chose the former and called on the people who they saved to prepare for the attack.

Hipolito has a plan, which involves Diana as bait to lure out Cardo and Vendetta. And he then tasked Homer to eliminate Margie without implicating Cabreras and make it look like an accident. The case she filed were approved to be filed in the court, despite Cabreras' pressuring the fiscal.

Señor Gustavo suspected that Madonna was having an affair with Gascon, so he went on like there's nothing to suspect. While having dinner, he secretly took a video of Madonna flirting with Gascon, thus proving his instincts right. Gascon, Madonna, and Snooki then proceeded to continue their plan after Gascon had a change of heart (as he didn't want to get involved before in Madonna's plans on betraying Gustavo). The 3 of them proceeded to take Gustavo's riches. When Madonna realized that they still needed to take more, she orders Snooki to go back to Gustavo's vault after the latter initially hesitated. Snooki was then caught by Gustavo red-handed stealing his riches and shoots her, despite her pleading. Gascon and Madonna then proceeded to make their escape from the mansion. Afterwards, Gustavo and his men followed them and he orders his men to kill Gascon and spare Madonna. He manages to shoot Gascon using a sniper rifle. He then took Madonna to her car and told her that she can have his riches she took from his vault as he still loved her. Madonna then told Gustavo that she never loved him in the first place. Brokenhearted, Gustavo then let her go on her car with the riches. Unbeknownst to Madonna, Gustavo placed a bomb in the car, and he then detonated it using his phone, killing Madonna in the process. Then he prepares for his inevitable rematch with Cardo and Vendetta, sporting a more brutal and heartless attitude, as he kills some tired and famished slaves.

Margie then went to her lawyer. There, Homer did the order Cabrera gave to them. He hired a fall guy to drunkenly drive a truck then ram the jeepney where Margie was riding. There are casualties and killed and wounded on the 'accident' in which Margie was one of the casualties. When Lola Flora and Margie's relatives charged on the jail where the fall guy was incarcerated, not believing the alibi, Pantig and Gapuz confronts them, and mocked them.

Vendetta crawls on the mine and silently took out some guards. After Gustavo kills some whiny slaves, another organized a breakout, which Gustavo and his men killed, Cardo was spotted by sentries, which a gunfight started. Akihiro was killed by the slaves, Bruno was killed by Rigor, Tyson was killed by Jerome when he tried to pick up his pistol, Vendetta fighting Gustavo's men and Cardo mortally wounds Gustavo in a duel. He was taken to the helicopter and tried to escape, which Cardo shot down, finally ending Gustavo's life once and for all and avenging his father's death. The slaves were then saved by Vendetta and Sto. Niño's remnants. Cardo declined the offers of the survivors to assist them, as some of them lost everything and Cardo was their last hope. Cardo then told them they have a chance to rebuild their lives and all of them agreed. Then, they all prepared to go to Manila to rescue Bubbles and Diana, and topple Cabrera once and for all, via another villager's vehicle. They went on to Cardo's old friend Orlando Reyes (Hyubs Azarcon) to hide out.

Meanwhile in Manila, after the problem with Margie was done, Lucas decided to move against Vendetta, calling a General to bring a battalion of soldiers and his own men to where Vendetta is, and commanded to secure the village, expose the casualties and blame Vendetta on the carnage caused by Gustavo and Baldo's group.

At Hipolito's house, Diana and Bubbles decided to play along the group's tune to avoid putting their lives in danger. Eventually, Renato realized that Diana was lying when he heard of the "massacre" of Vendetta in Sto. Niño in the news.

The corrupt cops planned to assassinate Lola Flora and Margie's relatives but unknown to them, the 3 CIDG policemen planned to protect their comrade's family from harm. Rallies were organized in support of Margie outside the wake, so openly killing Lola Flora is out of the question. The duo then snuck in to Lola Flora's house and attempted to kill her along with the others, when Billy, Chikoy, and Mark incapacitate them & then taking them away to Teddy's old hideout. They put a spy cam to record what the duo are arguing. Gapuz and Pantig were blaming each other for the fiasco, unknowingly they were being watched. Teddy and CIDG boys then used the recordings to spread it to the public and online. They then took Gapuz and Pantig to Camp Crame to be detained. To overwrite the Gapuz and Pantig's capture and confession, they rely on their biased media to report the 'massacre' in Sto. Niño, causing divided opinion on people. And as the two prepare to be transferred, Brandon's men attacked the convoy and Brandon gave the two another chance to do their job.

Due to the loss of the mines, Hipolito suggested to Cabrera that he will double the collection for protecting drug lords, and other illegal activities they still have. Then Renato called Lily Ann Cortez (Lorna Tolentino) to speed up the money, then go to the Palace to remit it to Cabrera. Lily, seemingly allied with the Cabreras, dismayed upon Cabreras, and she wants to ditch the group when she heard of the failures of the administration. Lucas actually overheard it, then he explained how they manage things. But Lily never budged, saying that she's frank. She withdrew all her money in her account and prepared to leave, and Lucas just made sure that Lily knows her place. But documents about her lie-cheat-steal issues arose during the Secretary's research. Lucas sent Brandon to tail her, and if possible, eliminate her. Lily went first to a church to pray, then went to her family's grave. Unknowingly, Pantig and Gapuz was on her trail.

Vendetta went to Rolando’s house. Rolando, a former Cardo's junior in the police force, hesitatingly welcomed them. He also acquired a jeep, which the driver was once a criminal's henchman that Cardo busted during his time as a police officer. He agreed to take Vendetta on a scouting mission, to rescue Diana and Bubbles from Homer and Renato's grasp. First, they went to where Ricky Boy, their slain son, was buried along with Cardo's twin brother, Ador. Meanwhile, Lola Flora decides to send Margie's relatives on the province.

Lily was going somewhere when Gapuz's group ambushed Lily, killing the driver. As when Lily was about to be executed by Pantig, Vendetta arrives, and caused a shootout, and Cardo kills both Pantig and Gapuz and saved Lily. When heard the news, Lucas was furious about Brandon's latest fiasco. The son explained, which the father snapped and smacked his own son. They returned to Lando's house. Lily was shocked when she saw Oscar among Vendetta.

Vendetta smelled something fishy about Lily's identity, which the woman denied. Meanwhile, in Hipolito's hideout, Bubbles mysteriously puked, and suspected that she may be pregnant. Hipolito, still adamant of using the 2 women as bait, constantly bickers with Homer on Bubble's fate. Homer then bought a pregnancy test for Bubbles and found out that she's pregnant with his child.

Lily planned to make Vendetta and Cabrera to clash, so that she return to her ways. She excused herself then went to a store to call Hipolito that Vendetta was on her position, in exchange of Lucas forgiving her. Lucas sent Renato, Brandon, some of their men and policemen to eliminate Vendetta once and for all. But with help of Lando, and despite Lily protesting, they successfully evaded the police via a dump truck. They hid on Lily's house, unknowingly and ironically that Lily was the reason of the raid. They went on to Lily's hideout and went on resting. Lily called Hipolito to complain that she's almost killed, and promised a deal with him. She then gave Vendetta weapons and supplies for their mission.

Brandon, frustrated with the countless failures, went on with his men, this time towards Lola Flora's family. He abducted the kids that Cardo cared for. Brandon thought that if the elders never talk, maybe the kids will tell him where Cardo is. Unknowingly, Billy was tipped by the men inside CIDG about the incident, and tailed the vans. Brandon called Lola Flora to inform her that he has the kids, and threatens them that he will execute one kid every 15 minutes if they won't reveal where Vendetta is. But Billy and the others' covers were blown and a clash ensues. The trio rescued the kids, and the police arrive on the scene, but Brandon managed to escape. Lucas wanted to cover up this failure of his son once again.

Lily, earning the trust of Vendetta, went on as giving them clothes, her collection of luxury vehicles, then going with them for her contacts with weapons. She told Vendetta that Brandon was frequenting a bar and attained VIP status there, and sets them there. Hipolito is now using Lily to ensure Cabrera's downfall. As Vendetta arrives on the bar, Lily gives the group a VIP treatment, and left the group to wait for Brandon. Just the nick of time, Brandon arrived at the bar, frustrated. Cardo disguised himself as a waiter and initially throws a glass of whiskey to him, which shocked Brandon, and got his hands up in time. Cardo then asked Brandon where Diana and Bubbles were being held, to which Brandon said that the two are in Hipolito's hideout. But when they arrive on the car, he resisted and tried to escape. A clash then ensued between Vendetta and Brandon's men, but eventually he got cornered by Vendetta and was killed before he could fight back, therefore avenging Adonis' and Margie’s death. When Lucas knew of this, he ordered his private army to massacre the De Leon Family, as reprisal for his son's death. The group then went to Lola Flora's house, but Billy and the others secure their escape, but Wally got wounded and Makmak sacrificed himself to protect Lola Flora from being shot. Cardo then contacted Lola Flora using Lily's phone upon hearing the news of what happened, and told them to meet up at Lily's ancestral home, along with the Arevalo family. The De Leon and Arevalo families reunited.

Lucas decided to bait Vendetta with Diana and Bubbles, despite Homer trying to save the latter due to her pregnancy. He secured Makmak's corpse, while preparing for his son's funeral. But Cardo used himself as diversion, letting Alyana, Jerome and Rigor in. But the men Cabrera put there chased him and a gunfight starts. The rest of Vendetta then came and finished them and left the scene, taking Makmak's casket to the house.

Renato then contacted Lily, to meet up with them, but Lily wanted to double-cross the former, while Renato has no use for Lily. Lily then showed Vendetta where Renato's hideout is. A firefight then ensues between Vendetta and Kamandag. Bubbles was rescued by Jerome while Diana was rescued by Rigor, and Cardo serves vengeance for Diana's son, Bernardo, Romulo and Ricky Boy by shooting Homer's knees and his head, respectively. Then after that, they plan to disrupt Brandon's funeral, and finish Lucas once and for all. Lily called Renato that Vendetta will attack on Brandon's funeral. Lucas and all his Cabinets were on the funeral, but the people shouted justice more on Makmak's death than Brandon's. Lily was absent on the cemetery, playing safe from both sides. As Lucas and his convoy leaves, Vendetta intercepts them. A firefight then ensues. Some members of Vendetta got wounded, Anton saved Diana from being shot by Renato and was shot down instead, but Lucas was killed by Cardo and Renato was wounded, despite countless men arrived and ambushed the group and assist Lucas and Renato, Vendetta retreated afterwards. The news about Lucas' death was received with overjoy, with rallies supporting Vendetta was organized.

As they mourn Anton's (Mark Lapid) death, Oscar suggested that they surrender, but others rebuffed his offer. So Oscar was forced to betray them. A battalion of policemen arrived to arrest them. There, they learn that Oscar betrayed them although they understand that he will do anything to release them especially Cardo after he saved him from Lucas's action. Lola Flora pleaded to Cardo to surrender. Vendetta obeyed the grandmother. They were led to the cell to take post-arrest procedures. As Oscar returns to his rightful seat, he ponders and regrets that Lucas besmirched the President's title for his own selfish desires. Then, he was sworn once again. Afterwards, he told the media of everything what had happened to him when Lucas ordered his assassination and that Vendetta are not criminals as they had saved him from Lucas' men. Meanwhile, another storm is brewing. Renato, survived the fight, helped by Lily on his recuperation. He desires to exude chaos once again. But Lily has other plans, as she used Vendetta to ensure Lucas' fall, she will use him on her personal use.

Vendetta was put into court to read their punishment regarding rebellion cases the government filed against them, which they plead guilty. Purges and arrests against Cabrera's allies begins after Oscar assumes the Presidency, starting from VP Hernandez and the Executive Secretary Damien. They confesses everybody who was aligned with Lucas Cabrera on the interrogation, arresting those named 'Midnight Cabinets', Cabinet members who were aligned with Lucas and were accused of corruption. Makmak was cremated, and they return to their home, damaged by the incident.

Lily made her move, this time talking to both Cardo and Oscar. Then Oscar visits the cell to tell Vendetta that he filed pardon resolutions on them. Then, news about Vendetta's pardon were met with overzealous celebrations. Oscar also planned a party for Vendetta on the Palace, and Hipolito overheard it. He sarcastically congratulated Lily for doing a good job of fooling both Hidalgo and Vendetta. Lily demanded payment on her behalf, which Renato explained that he will pay later.

Meanwhile, a task force was created to pursue other members of Lucas Cabrera's remnant circle. His police chief recommended Major Basco (Raymart Santiago) to lead the op. As Lola Flora and Vendetta leaves, they met Konsehala Gina and others, and the latter sarcastically remarked, which Lola Flora wished them well and leave alongside others. Back at the house, they plan to further spread malicious remarks against both Lola Flora and Vendetta and destroy their reputation, so that Oscar will acknowledge her, hoping she could use the association to attain higher office.

Cast and characters[edit][]

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  • Coco Martin[2] as SPO2 Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay[a]


  • Edu Manzano[3] as President Lucas Cabrera
  • Jaime Fabregas[2] as PDir. Delfin S. Borja[a]
  • Angel Aquino[4] as BGen. Diana T. Olegario-Dumaguit
  • John Arcilla[4] as Director Renato "Buwitre" Hipolito
  • Rowell Santiago[3] as President Oscar Hidalgo
  • Jhong Hilario[4] as Homer "Alakdan" Adlawan
  • John Prats[5] as SPO3 Jerome Girona, Jr.[a]
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez[6] as Brandon Cabrera
  • Mitch Valdes[4] as Konsehala Gina Magtanggol
  • Yassi Pressman[7] as Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay
  • Ryza Cenon[8] as Aubrey Hidalgo
  • Lorna Tolentino[9] as Lily Ann Cortez
Very Special Roles
  • Susan Roces[2] as Flora "Lola Kap" S. Borja-de Leon
  • Eddie Garcia[10] as Don Emilio Syquia/Señor Gustavo Torralba[b]
Very Special Participation
  • Lito Lapid[4] as Romulo "Leon" Dumaguit


  • Malou Crisologo[2] as Yolanda "Yolly" Capuyao-Santos
  • Marvin Yap[2] as Elmo Santos
  • John Medina[2] as PS/Insp. Avel "Billy" M. Guzman[a]
  • Lester Llansang[2] as PS/Insp. Mark Vargas[a]
  • Michael Roy Jornales[2] as PS/Insp. Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera[a]
  • Marc Solis[11] as SPO1 Rigor Soriano[a]
  • PJ Endrinal[4] as Wally Nieves
  • Pedro “Zaito” Canon, Jr.[12] as Nick
  • Roy "Shernan" Gaite[13] as Gido
Child Stars
  • McNeal "Awra" Briguela[14] as Macario "Makmak" Samonte, Jr.
  • James "Paquito" Sagarino[15] as Paquito Alvarado
  • Rhian "Dang" Ramos[15] as Amanda “Dang” Ignacio
  • Shantel Crislyn Layh "Ligaya" Ngujo[15] as Ligaya Dungalo
  • Joel Torre[7] as Teodoro "Teddy" Arevalo/Juan Verdad[c]
  • Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino[7] as Virginia "Virgie" R. Arevalo
  • McCoy de Leon[16] as Juan Pablo "JP" R. Arevalo


Main article: List of Ang Probinsyano guest stars

  • Michael de Mesa[17] as Ramil "Manager" Taduran
  • Mark Lapid[18] as Anton "Tigre" del Mundo
  • Ronwaldo Martin[18] as Roldan/Gagamba
  • Brian "Smugglaz" Lao[19] as Marsial "Butete" Matero
  • Lordivino "Bassilyo" Ignacio[19] as Dante "Bulate" Villafuerte
  • Sancho delas Alas[20] as Gregorio "Greco" Cortez
  • Bianca Manalo[21] as Lourdes "Bubbles" Torres
  • Jobert "Kuya Jobert" Austria[22] as George "Wangbu" Espinosa
  • David Minemoto as David
  • Viveika Ravanes[23] as Kapitana Dindi
  • Carlo Mendoza[24] as Tutoy Mendoza
  • Joven Olvido[24] as Carlo “Caloy” Mendoza
  • Nonong Ballinan[24] as Ambo
  • Ghersie Fantastico[24] as Itong
  • Ces Aldaba as Marsing
  • Eva Vibar[25] as Nita
  • Lala Vinzon[24] as Lorie
  • Whitney Tyson[24] as Elizabeth
  • Mel Feliciano[24] as Mario
  • Joross Gamboa[24] as Tanggol
  • Donna Cariaga[24] as Doray Mendoza
  • Jess Evardone as Primo
  • Juan Miguel Severo[26] as Fredo
  • Mhot[27] as Simon
  • Prinsipe Makata as Mot
  • Roderick Paulate[28] as Mayor Adonis Dimaguiba
  • Carmi Martin[28] as Margarita "Margie" Corona
  • Alora Sasam[28] as Charlene Corona
  • Amy Nobleza[29] as Denise
  • Juliana Parizcova Segovia[30] as Francisco/Francine
  • Rommel Padilla[31] as Baldo
  • Agnes Pabalan[32] as Beth Espinosa
  • Ced Torrecarion[33] as Nico Espinosa
  • Robert Arevalo[34] as Efren Espinosa
  • Marissa Delgado[35] as Melba Espinosa
  • CJ Ramos[36] as Patrick Espinosa
  • Sue Ramirez[37] as Marie Espinosa
  • Marlo Mortel[37] as Noel Marasigan
  • Nikko Natividad[38] as Bong
  • Soliman Cruz[39] as P/DGen. (Chief PNP) Alejandro Terante[a]
  • Mystica[40] as Rosa
  • Rhed Bustamante[40] as Ana
  • Kenken Nuyad[40] as Aye
  • Kid Lopez[41] as Adonis
  • Pocholo Barretto[42] as PC/MSgt. Demetrio Pantig[d]
  • Franco Laurel[43] as Vice President Albert Hernandez
  • Gian Magdangal[44] as Executive Secretary Damien Ocampo
  • Ryan Eigenmann[44] as Daniel Gascon H. Dela Vega
  • Raph Fernandez[45] as PE/MSgt. Juanito Gapuz[d]
  • Sarah Jane Abad[46] as Snooki
  • Mark "Big Mac" Andaya as[47] Bruno
  • Darwin "Hap Rice" Tolentino[47] as Tyson
  • Gio Marcelo[47] as Akiro
  • Ivana Alawi[48] as Madonna Amor
  • Alex Diaz[49] as Jordan de Jesus
  • Ariel Villasanta[50] as Gapon
  • Levi Ignacio[50] as Diego
  • Junjun Quintana as PS/Insp. Bueno[a]
  • Lance Serrano as PS/Insp. Cruz[a]
  • Daria Ramirez[51] as Auring
  • Arlene Muhlach[51] as Loring
  • Ella Cruz[51] as Lisa
  • Lorenzo Mara as Ruben
  • Roger Calvin[52] as Domeng
  • Hyubs Azarcon[53] as Rolando "Lando" Reyes
  • Nico Antonio[53] as Jacinto "Entoy" Santos
  • Micah Muñoz as Mr. Valdez
  • Rey Malonzo[54] as P/MGen. Manuel G. Dela Cruz[d]
  • Eric Perez as Judge Rogelio Salvacion
  • Raymart Santiago[55] as P/Maj. Victor A. Basco[d]


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No. in


Title Original air date Kantar media rating


774 1 "Dulog" September 24, 2018 44.8%[56]
Oscar Hidalgo turns to the members of Vendetta for help in delivering Aubrey from the claws of danger.
775 2 "Pananaw" September 25, 2018 43.6%[57]
Vendetta gives Oscar an eye-opener on the true state of the country.
776 3 "Kaisa" September 26, 2018 42.9%[58]
Together with Vendetta, Oscar lays out his plans to make President Cabrera pay for his atrocities.
777 4 "Hantungan" September 27, 2018 43.5%[58]
The remains of the Hidalgo family are laid in their final resting place.
778 5 "Huling Yakap" September 28, 2018 42.8%[58]
Oscar embraces his family for the very last time.
779 6 "Maingat" October 1, 2018 43.6%[59]
The members of Vendetta carefully map out their plan to help Oscar in protecting Aubrey from looming danger.
780 7 "Tiyempo" October 2, 2018 43.5%[59]
Oscar and Vendetta are on their way to save Aubrey from the claws of danger.
781 8 "Ospital" October 3, 2018 43.5%[60]
President Cabrera puts his evil plan in motion upon learning the truth on Aubrey’s health condition.
782 9 "Set Up" October 4, 2018 47.2%[60]
Vendetta gets caught in the crossfire during President Cabrera’s wicked attempt to assassinate Aubrey
783 10 "Kapiling" October 5, 2018 43.4%[61]
Oscar is beyond thankful after reuniting with Aubrey
784 11 "Kakampi" October 8, 2018 44.6%[62]
Newly inducted PNP chief Alejandro Terante issues a stern warning against Vendetta's remaining allies from within his ranks.
785 12 "Abuso" October 9, 2018 44.8%[63]
Flora worries about Delfin’s unlawful imprisonment at the hands of the Cabrera administration.
786 13 "Corrupt" October 10, 2018 42.5%[64]
President Cabrera introduces his bet for the vice presidency to his allies.
787 14 "Panganib" October 11, 2018 42.5%[64]
The Cabreras resolve to control the mainstream media following another exposé benefiting the vigilantes.
788 15 "Pahirap" October 12, 2018 43.6%[65]
Vendetta is alarmed by Delfin’s unlawful detention courtesy of the Cabrera administration.
789 16 "Kontrol" October 15, 2018 45.7%[66]
Despite the odds, Flora puts her heart into helping Delfin attain justice.
790 17 "Target" October 16, 2018 43.9%[67]
Flora (Susan Roces) fears for her family after filing a criminal case against Gen. Terante over Delfin’s unlawful arrest.
791 18 "Namataan" October 17, 2018 43.0%[67]
The members of Vendetta finally spot Gen. Terante
792 19 "Dakip" October 18, 2018 45.0%[67]
The vital key to finding Delfin’s whereabouts falls into the hands of Vendetta.
793 20 "Lusob" October 19, 2018 45.9%[68]
Vendetta comes in full force to save Delfin.
794 21 "Kanlungan" October 22, 2018 44.8%[69]
Delfin finds a new home in Vendetta.
795 22 "Pagtatakpan" October 23, 2018 43.7%[69]
Flora grows upset over the death of the official tasked to handle her case against the Cabrera administration. However, her anguish soon turns to joy as she receives an unexpected call.
796 23 "Bistado" October 24, 2018 43.0%[70]
The Cabrera administration covers up Vendetta’s successful rescue of Delfin to the entire nation.
797 24 "Pangamba" October 25, 2018 43.4%[70]
A looming danger awaits Delfin’s trusted allies in the CIDG.
798 25 "Frame Up" October 26, 2018 42.1%[71]
The CIDG Boys fall into the Cabrera administration’s evil trap.
799 26 "Suplong" October 29, 2018 42.1%[71]
The members of Vendetta grow worried over the news of the arrest of Delfin's remaining allies in the CIDG.
800 27 "Pinagkanulo" October 30, 2018 41.1%[71]
Rosa reveals Vendetta's whereabouts to the authorities.
801 28 "Sugod" October 31, 2018 39.8%[72]
The authorities set out to finish off Vendetta.
802 29 "Araw ng Pagtugis" November 1, 2018 38.9%[72]
The authorities' relentless pursuit of Vendetta results to a bloodshed.
803 30 "Emergency" November 2, 2018 41.6%[72]
Vendetta locks down a hospital to tend to their wounded comrades.
804 31 "Hostage" November 5, 2018 41.8%[73]
Gen. Terante stops at nothing to capture Vendetta.
805 32 "Tip" November 6, 2018 43.4%[73]
Gen. Terante receives a tip about Vendetta's whereabouts.
806 33 "Imbestiga" November 7, 2018 42.4%[74]
Vendetta heads to Sto. Niño in hopes of finding a safe haven. Meanwhile, a familiar face resurfaces under a new guise.
807 34 "Pagbabalik" November 8, 2018 43.5%[74]
Marsing and his family welcome Vendetta wholeheartedly into their home.
808 35 "Liblib" November 9, 2018 41.8%[75]
While Gen. Terante continues to hunt down Vendetta, the vigilante group starts anew in the town of Sto. Niño.
809 36 "Hayag" November 12, 2018 39.6%[76]
Teddy is determined to reveal to the public the truth about Vendetta.
810 37 "Pinagbuklod" November 13, 2018 40.8%[76]
President Cabrera has an ace up his sleeves against Vendetta.
811 38 "Balita" November 14, 2018 38.0%[77]
Gustavo, along with his allies, prepares to move his mining operations in Santo Niño.
812 39 "Dasal" November 15, 2018 39.8%[77]
Flora meets some of the victims of the Cabrera regime.
813 40 "Paghaharap" November 16, 2018 37.6%[78]
Sec. Hipolito and Gustavo come face to face with each other.
814 41 "Pwersa" November 19, 2018 40.1%[79]
Bubbles, Aubrey, Doray, and Elizabeth find themselves in danger.
815 42 "Saklolo" November 20, 2018 42.8%[79]
Vendetta races against time to save its allies from Tyson and his minions.
816 43 "Kontra" November 21, 2018 41.7%[80]
Three merciless and notorious bandit groups in Sto. Niño forge a deadly alliance.
817 44 "Kalaban" November 22, 2018 40.6%[80]
Marsing makes an appeal to the barangay captain of Santo Niño to look for the group whom Vendetta had a nasty encounter.
818 45 "Paninindigan" November 23, 2018 39.7%[81]
Concerned citizens continue to express their sentiments against the Cabrera administration.
819 46 "Pananakot" November 26, 2018 40.4%[82]
Mayor Adonis Dimaguiba receives a threat for helping Kanor against Brandon Cabrera.
820 47 "Pagbawi" November 27, 2018 41.0%[82]
Mayor Dimaguiba retracts his statement regarding Kanor's allegation against Brandon.
821 48 "Sinisigaw" November 28, 2018 39.8%[82]
JP’s group is put in harm’s way while organizing rally against the Cabrera administration.
822 49 "Agresibo" November 29, 2018 38.2%[83]
President Cabrera is determined to exterminate the Arevalos.
823 50 "Darating" November 30, 2018 34.7%[83]
The Vendetta members start their new job as barangay pollice officers in Santo Niño, while Gustavo faces Baldo’s allies.
824 51 "Bantay" December 3, 2018 35.3%[84]
Mayor Adonis apologizes to Flora for withholding the truth.
825 52 "Tuso" December 4, 2018 40.3%[84]
Sec. Hipolito and Gen. Terante's meeting turns into a bloodbath.
826 53 "Dulog" December 5, 2018 37.2%[85]
Tension brews between Diego's and Tanggol's groups as they carry out Gustavo's orders.
827 54 "Peligro" December 6, 2018 38.7%[85]
Sec. Hipolito puts all the blame for Gen. Terante's death on the members of Vendetta.
828 55 "Bihag" December 7, 2018 36.5%[86]
Teddy’s fears materialize as he suffers the grave consequence of his fight against the Cabrera administration.
829 56 "Huli" December 10, 2018 39.4%[87]
The men of Vendetta finally catch the thieves causing trouble in Sto. Niño.
830 57 "Dawit" December 11, 2018 39.6%[87]
Mayor Dimaguiba prepares a press conference to retract his previous statements.
831 58 "Damdamin" December 12, 2018 36.3%[87]
Baldo and Tanggol violently gather men from the neighboring towns of Sto. Niño
832 59 "Seguridad" December 13, 2018 37.8%[87]
In order to make up for his previous blunder, Brandon pledges to do everything in his power to prevent the public from finding out his and father's anomalies.
833 60 "Katarungan" December 14, 2018 37.2%[88]
Teddy is hell-bent on fighting the barbaric Cabrera administration for his family’s sake.
834 61 "Harana" December 17, 2018 39.5%[89]
With the help of Cardo (Coco Martin) and the members of Vendetta, Romulo musters the courage to seranade Diana.
835 62 "Nawawala" December 18, 2018 38.0%[89]
Charlene and Denise receive horrifying news about Margie
836 63 "Sorpresa" December 19, 2018 35.4%[89]
Alyana and the other members of Vendetta prepare a surprise for Cardo and the barangay officers of Sto. Niño.
837 64 "Dusa" December 20, 2018 35.3%[90]
Two of Cardo's loved ones get a taste of President Cabrera's wrath.
838 65 "Minahan" December 21, 2018 36.7%[90]
Señor Gustavo’s mining operation finally commences.
839 66 "Misa" December 24, 2018 26.9%[90]
JP and his fellow activists barge in on an outreach program prepared by President Cabrera for the alleged victims of Vendetta.
840 67 "Magkasama" December 25, 2018 29.6%[90]
JP struggles to outrun the President's men, while the members of Vendetta and the people of Sto. Niño gather at the town's chapel for Simbang Gabi.
841 68 "Naaalala" December 26, 2018 33.7%[90]
Homer and his men prepare the weapons they will be using while they monitor the mining site.
842 69 "Pagtitimpi" December 27, 2018 35.7%[90]
Tension arises between Gustavo's and Sec. Hipolito's forces as they face off for the very first time, while Teddy fearlessly delivers a message to President Cabrera.
843 70 "Pagaalala" December 28, 2018 36.1%[90]
The Cabrera administration squeezes JP and Virgie into revealing Teddy's and Vendetta's whereabouts.
844 71 "Regalo" December 31, 2018 25.6%[90]
Exciting news from the mining pit momentarily halts the endless altercation between Gustavo's forces and the members of Kamandag.
845 72 "Kalinga" January 1, 2019 35.2%[90]
After learning about the death of another activist, Denise and Charlene once again fear for Margie's safety. To prevent the young ladies from worrying, Flora tries to divert their attention by inviting them to join her and Mayor Dimaguiba in delivering gifts for the children in the orphanage. Meanwhile, the members of Vendetta and the people of Sto. Niño excitedly prepare for their Christmas Eve dinner. Gustavo, on the other hand, receives thrilling news from the mining site. Amidst his celebrations, he remains oblivious of the traitors lurking around him.
846 73 "Sapul" January 2, 2019 36.0%[90]
Determined to put an end to President Cabrera's atrocities, Teddy begins to execute his plans against the corrupt politician. Armed with a gun and a fake press ID, he discreetly heads to an outreach program the president is scheduled to attend. However, when the perfect opportunity arises, he falters. Meanwhile, JP becomes horrified as Virgie's condition continues to worsen. Unaware of all the commotion in Manila, the members of Vendetta and people of Sto. Niño gather at the chapel for Misa de Gallo.
847 74 "Salo Salo" January 3, 2019 37.6%[91]
Despite missing some of their loved ones, Flora and her family still manage to greet Christmas with smiles on their faces. Likewise, the people that tore them apart are also enjoying the successes of their vile schemes. The Cabrera regime look forward to another prosperous year for their businesses. Gustavo, on the other hand, shares a feast with his underlings. However, Amor continues to plot her betrayal against the old man and seduces his most trusted subordinate behind his back.
848 75 "Parusa" January 4, 2019 37.5%[91]
President Cabrera boils with rage after almost getting assassinated by Teddy. As such, the incumbent president carries out a ruthless revenge plan involving the journalist’s family. Teddy, on the other hand, acquires massive information regarding Virgie and JP. Determined to save them before it is too late, Teddy decides to take the law into his own hands. Meanwhile, Homer sends a daunting message to the paramilitary group leaders in the ongoing mining operation.
849 76 "Hangad" January 7, 2019 37.6%[92]
The members of Vendetta and the people of Sto. Niño wake up to a peaceful morning after their fun-filled New Year celebration. Meanwhile, police officers Bueno and Cruz help Teddy and his family go into hiding. President Cabrera, on the other hand, expresses his frustration over the police discovering his detention center. Sec. Hipolito then helps him plan their next course of action. Elsewhere, Tanggol and Baldo discuss where they will get more men for Homer's mining operation.
850 77 "Salamat" January 8, 2019 38.6%[92]
Despite the New Year holiday, Cardo (Coco Martin) starts his usual rounds with Vendetta in Santo Niño. Romulo surprises his comrades with his new plans regarding his romantic relationship with Diana. Meanwhile, President Cabrera starts to get suspicious of Gustavo after the latter failed to give him his share from their mining operation. He also gives his New Year message to the people, blaming Vendetta for the country's downfall. Elsewhere, a tragedy strikes at the safe house where Teddy and his family are hiding in.
851 78 "Magkaisa" January 9, 2019 37.8%[93]
After discussing his plan of proposing to Diana, Romulo sets his plan into motion. The members of Vendetta help him out and keep it a secret from Diana. Meanwhile, President Cabrera lashes out upon learning about the protests led by his former captives at the detention center. He instructs Brandon to find Teddy and his family as soon as possible. Elsewhere, Gina continues to express her support for the President despite the numerous protests against him.
852 79 "Proposal" January 10, 2019 40.1%[93]
After a laborer dug up something precious in Gustavo's mine, Homer and Tanggol bring their mutual distrust out in the open. The two eventually beat each other up, much to the dismay of Tanggol's brother, Baldo. Meanwhile, Teddy drives away from his home after seeing Brandon and his men raiding it. In Santo Niño, the members of Vendetta express their appreciation to Cardo for bringing them there. Later on, Romulo pops the question to Diana after taking her to the most beautiful place in that seemingly sleepy town.
853 80 "Kalagayan" January 11, 2019 36.8%[94]
Vendetta celebrates the engagement of Romulo and Diana. Soon after, Cardo and the rest of the former vigilante group talk about settling for a peaceful life in Sto. Niño. Hoping to turn over a new leaf, the Vendetta members make a life-changing decision. On the run against the corrupt Cabreras, the Arevalos seek shelter in Flora's home. Meanwhile, a disruptive force threatens to disturb the peace in Sto. Niño.
854 81 "Hinaharap" January 14, 2019 36.7%[95]
After burying their weapons, the members of Vendetta begin their preparations for Romulo and Diana's wedding. Meanwhile, Tanggol and Baldo take on another mission to find more workers for Gustavo's mine. Heavily armed, the brothers head to Santo Niño. Unaware of the impending danger that is about to come their way, the residents of Santo Niño gather to celebrate Romulo and Diana's union. Elsewhere, reports regarding Vendetta's whereabouts reaches the President.
855 82 "Sumpaan" January 15, 2019 37.5%[95]
While Romulo and Diana exchange wedding vows, Tanggol, Baldo, and their men head to Santo Niño fully armed to get more laborers for Gustavo's mine. Diego and Gapon consider switching their allegiance to Homer. Meanwhile, Presider Cabrera and his colleagues suspect that Teddy and his family are hiding at Lola Flora's house. They immediately send cops to confirm their suspicions. Lola Flora, on the other hand, insists that Teddy and his family stay and hide at her home despite their fugitive statuses.
856 83 "Pangako" January 16, 2019 38.1%[96]
Romulo and Diana's happy wedding at Santo Niño comes to a close. The two get teased by the members of Vendetta before they spend their first romantic night as a married couple. Meanwhile, Gustavo gets an update on the diamonds found at his mine. He later reminds Gascon about what he can do to people who betray him. Elsewhere, Mayor Dimaguiba helps Teddy and his family hide from the police officials sent by Brandon.
857 84 "Pwersahan" January 17, 2019 39.5%[96]
Brandon gets frustrated over the incompetence of his men in locating Teddy and his family. The President and his cabinet start to suspect that Margie and Mayor Dimaguoba have a hand in helping Teddy and his family hide. Meanwhile, Gina continues to spread rumors against Flora at the City Hall. Elsewhere, Baldo, Tanggol, and their men finally arrive in Santo Niño to force more men to work in Gustavo's mine. The innocent civilians tremble at the sight of the mountain rebels wreaking havoc on their sleepy town.
858 85 "Kaguluhan" January 18, 2019 41.1%[97]
Following Romulo and Diana's wedding, Vendetta hope to settle for a peaceful life. The group's pledge of nonviolence, however, leaves the people of Sto. Niño defenseless and ripe for Tanggol's taking. Upon witnessing countless innocent civilians fall, Cardo and the rest of Vendetta take up arms. However, Tanggol's army proves too much for the former vigilante group. Meanwhile, Mayor Dimaguiba tries to inspire people to stand up to the Cabreras.
859 86 "Kasawian" January 21, 2019 41.8%[98]
Along the outskirts of Barangay Santo Niño, Cardo and Vendetta continue to run from Baldo, Tanggol, and their men. Despite Vendetta's effort to protect everyone, someone dear to them succumbs to death during the shootout. Meanwhile, the President gets an update on Gustavo's mining operation from Sec. Hipolito. He also reveals why he wants to kill off the Arevalos. Elsewhere, Mayor Dimaguiba and Margie are being tailed by Brandon's men as they make their way to Teddy.
860 87 "Dalamhati" January 22, 2019 41.4%[99]
Cardo and the members of Vendetta run to the nearest town to seek help for their injured comrades. Meanwhile, Margie continuously tries to confess her feelings to Mayor Dimaguiba. Brandon makes his way to the Mayor's home to force the latter to give him information on the whereabouts of Teddy and his family. Elsewhere, Tanggol and his men await for the retaliation of Cardo's group. Later on, Margie decides to make her way to Mayor Dimaguiba's home, unaware of the danger up ahead.
861 88 "Dagok" January 23, 2019 40.6%[99]
Margie witnesses a horrible tragedy at the Mayor's house. She later informs Flora about the events that transpired, which causes the latter to immediately warn Teddy and his family. Meanwhile at the outskirts of Santo Niño, Cardo and Vendetta seek shelter at a health center to treat their wounded members. Baldo orders his men to bury the bodies of the people they killed at Santo Niño. He and Tanggol force Elizabeth and Doray to serve them as they wait for the retaliation of Vendetta.
862 89 "Warning" January 24, 2019 41.6%[99]
Before the arrival of Baldo and Tanggol's men, Vendetta rush to leave the health center they occupied. Meanwhile, the President insists on keeping a close watch on the investigation of Mayor Dimaguiba's death. Sec. Ocampo, however, expresses his doubts over covering up the said incident. Elsewhere, Doray and Elizabeth try to escape the clutches of Tanggol and his men. While Gustavo is occupied at the mining site, Gascon enters Gustavo's vault to kick off his plan of stealing the latter's riches.
863 90 "Hantungan" January 25, 2019 39.8%[100]
At the mining site, Gustavo commends Homer for being strict with the miners. After witnessing Gustavo shoot a man in cold blood, Snooki tries to convince Madonna to back out from her plans with Gascon. Meanwhile, Cardo and the rest of Vendetta decide to occupy a vacant house to be able to rest and treat their wounded members. Elsewhere, Tanggol tortures a man from Santo Niño in the hopes of learning Cardo's possible whereabouts. Later on, the family who owns the vacant house that Vendetta occupied arrives to confront them for trespassing.
864 91 "Karamay" January 28, 2019 41.6%[101]
With the help of Vendetta, Oscar buries the corpse of his daughter, Aubrey. Meanwhile, Homer travels to Santo Niño with his men. He eventually learns about the group who tried to defend Santo Niño from Tanggol and Baldo. Elsewhere, Margie reveals why she refuses to testify as a witness on the Mayor's murder. During a presidential awarding ceremony, President Cabrera gets bombarded by questions regarding his family's involvement in Mayor Dimaguiba's death.
865 92 "Nagluluksa" January 29, 2019 41.7%[101]
866 93 "Desidido" January 30, 2019 40.6%[101]
Madonna confronts Gascon for not pushing through with their plans. At Mayor Dimaguiba's funeral, Margie reveals to Flora why she is hesitating to testify as a witness to the mayor’s death. Sec. Hipolito Renato, on the other hand, expresses concern that the media will uncover the President’s link to Mayor Dimaguiba's death. Later on, Gina decides not to show up at the Mayor's funeral after seeing the number of reporters stationed outside. Elsewhere, Cardo and some of the members of Vendetta bid farewell to their wounded comrades before making their way back to Santo Niño.
867 94 "Magmatyag" January 31, 2019 41.8%[102]
Margie urges Charlene and Denise to pack up and go into hiding before she testifies as a witness to Mayor Dimaguiba's death. Despite expressing her fear and anxiety over her decision, Margie is commended by Flora for her bravery. Meanwhile, Sec. Hipolito starts to calculate Vendetta's next move. President Cabrera, on the other hand, orders Brandon to abduct someone from Flora's family in the hopes of learning Cardo’s whereabouts. Elsewhere, Cardo and some of the members of Vendetta plan their course of action before entering Santo Niño.
868 95 "Awa" February 1, 2019 41.0%[103]
Before her plan of testifying as a witness to Mayor Dimaguiba's death, Margie calls Virgie to check up on Charlene and Denise. She also starts to worry about the safety of Flora and her family. Meanwhile at Santo Niño, Cardo and some of the members of Vendetta plan their next move after seeing the number of armed men stationed in the vicinity. Romulo prays for guidance before his group engage on their next mission. Elsewhere, Teddy considers making a major decision that may keep his family safe from the President and his men.
869 96 "Tapang" February 4, 2019 43.4%[104]
Homer vows to take all of the shares from Gustavo's mining operation for himself. To accomplish this, Homer needs to get rid of Tanggol and Baldo. However, Homer is also aware that his nemesis, Cardo, will be coming to save the hostages. The Kamandag leader then comes up with an idea on how to remove those thorns in his side. Meanwhile, Vendetta accepts the sacrifice they have to make to save the residents of Santo Niño.
870 97 "Tagapagligtas" February 5, 2019 45.1%[104]
After successfully saving Elizabeth and Doray, Cardo and his group put their lives in further danger to rescue the rest of the hostages from Tanggol and his army. Tanggol, on the other hand, uses the opportunity to seize their enemies as soon as he learned that they have infiltrated Santo Niño. Unknown to Tanggol, the rest of Vendetta set out to help their allies. Meanwhile, Madonna becomes uneasy upon sensing that Gustavo may be aware of her dark secret. Sec. Renato demands that Gustavo follow their agreement.
871 98 "Bakbakan" February 6, 2019 43.3%[105]
Together with the townspeople of Santo Niño, Cardo and his group find themselves in a bloody encounter as they try to escape from Tanggol and his army. Unknown to them, their allies have already arrived in Santo Niño to rescue them. However, during the clash, Homer becomes delighted to find out that luck is on his side. Meanwhile, Mayor Dimaguiba's loved ones receive a piece of distressing news regarding his murder. Because of this, Margie steps in to defend the late mayor from the accusations against him.
872 99 "Kawalan" February 7, 2019 44.3%[105]
The town of Santo Niño is thrown into chaos as Tanggol (Joross Gamboa) and his army go to brutal lengths to stop the Vendetta members from escaping. Despite being outnumbered, Cardo and his group spare no effort to overpower their enemies. Unknown to Cardo, Diana and Bubbles find themselves at the mercy of Homer. Meanwhile, Margie makes a shocking revelation regarding the Mayor's murder. Dismayed by the turn of events, Brandon resolves to get rid of Margie.
873 100 "Tunggalian" February 8, 2019 42.2%[106]
Romulo miraculously survives his bloody encounter against Baldo and his minions. The rest of Vendetta go to extreme measures to eradicate their enemies once and for all. However, Romulo becomes devastated as soon as he learned that Homer captured Diana and Bubbles. He then races against time to save the two from the clutches of death. Meanwhile, Brandon remains adamant to eliminate the sole witness to his heinous crime.
874 101 "Pinuno" February 11, 2019 44.4%[107]
Romulo goes to dangerous lengths just to save Diana from Homer. After charging through the horde of armed men, the Vendetta leader manages to reach her. Homer, however, cuts their reunion short. Caught in the crossfire, Romulo makes the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved. Later on, Diana comes face-to-face with a spiteful enemy.
875 102 "Hinagpis" February 12, 2019 41.8%[107]
The Vendetta members find themselves in great despair following Romulo's death. Because of this, Cardo’s determination to get even with their enemies intensifies. Worried about their wounded allies, Delfin and Oscar urge Cardo to carefully plan their next move against their hostile foes. Meanwhile, Margie seeks legal means to make Brandon pay for murdering Mayor Dimaguiba. Brandon, on the other hand, tries to find a way to clear his name.
876 103 "Bugso" February 13, 2019 42.6%[108]
Desperate to keep his atrocities from being exposed, President Cabrera enacts his plan to eliminate his captives. This, however, does not sit well with Sec. Ocampo, who believes that it will only cause further trouble. He then tries to warn the president about the repercussions of his ruthless move. Billy, Chikoy, and Mark attempt to save themselves and the other captives from the clutches of death. The Vendetta members resolve to reinstate their forces before rescuing Diana and Bubbles from their enemies.
877 104 "Paghahanda" February 14, 2019 41.3%[108]
Moved by compassion, Domeng and his family let the Vendetta members stay at his family's home. Oscar becomes more determined to regain his power after coming to a realization. Unknown to the president, Homer begins to reinforce his army through the help of Sec. Hipolito. Meanwhile, Gustavo receives news about Tanggol's and Baldo's deaths. Perturbed, Gustavo sets out to check on his mining operation.
878 105 "Nagaalala" February 15, 2019 39.1%[109]
Diana realizes that Bubbles will continue to suffer in Homer's hands. Despite her injuries, Diana attempts to escape with Bubbles. The Sto. Niño residents vow to help Cardo and Vendetta save the two women from their captors. Meanwhile, Gustavo discovers that a mortal enemy is responsible for the disruption of his mining operation. Elsewhere, Margie continues to seek justice against Brandon for the murder of Mayor Dimaguiba
879 106 "Pasakit" February 18, 2019 41.0%[110]
Vendetta tries to come up with a plan to save Diana and Bubbles. Grateful to the vigilante group for saving their lives, the residents of Sto. Niño vow to put their lives on the line to help Vendetta in their mission. Homer, on the other hand, foils Diana and Bubbles' attempt to escape. Meanwhile, Gustavo is determined to finish off Cardo and Vendetta once and for all. Unknown to Gustavo, Gascon is conspiring against him with Madonna.
880 107 "Alanganin" February 19, 2019 40.0%[111]
The residents of Sto. Niño set out to fulfill their mission to help Vendetta save Diana and Bubbles. Their bravery, in turn, draws admiration from the vigilante group. Meanwhile, Homer finds a way to coerce Bubbles into following his orders. President Cabrera goes out of his way to prevent the impending danger to Brandon’s freedom. Gustavo discovers Gascon and Madonna’s dark secret.
881 108 "Bagong Pinuno" February 20, 2019 42.3%[112]
Margie becomes more determined to give justice to Mayor Dimaguiba's demise after learning about the fiscal’s decision regarding her case against Brandon. The news, in turn, dismays the President, who vows not to let his son end up in prison. Meanwhile, Gascon and Madonna enact their plan against Gustavo. Unknown to the two, Gustavo is already aware of their dark secret. The Vendetta members install Cardo as their new leader.
882 109 "Traydor" February 21, 2019 39.5%[112]
Gascon and Madonna try to escape from Gustavo and his minions. However, Gustavo manages to corner them. With a heavy heart, the corrupt businessman goes to brutal lengths to eliminate the traitors in his fold. Meanwhile, the residents of Santo Niño rush back to Vendetta’s hideout after discovering where Homer brought Diana and Bubbles. Much to Brandon’s dismay, President Cabrera entrusts Sec. Hipito with a special task.
883 110 "Manman" February 22, 2019 40.6%[113]
Together with the residents of Sto. Niño, the members of Vendetta head to Gustavo’s mining site to carry out their mission. Gustavo, on the other hand, comes to an important realization after ending Madonna’s life. Soon, Cardo and his allies arrive at their destination to rescue Gustavo’s captives. Meanwhile, Homer comes up with a plan on how to eliminate Margie. Wanting to get even with Sec. Hipolito, Diana resolves to play along with his game.
884 111 "Sadya" February 25, 2019 40.8%[113]
Brandon starts to notice that hiz father is losing confidence in him. In hopes of proving his father wrong, Brandon plans to go after Cardo. Meanwhile, Sec. Hipolito finds out that Diana is ready to give up on Vendetta. Elsewhere, Cardo and Vendetta are all set to save the miners from Gustavo. What they do not know is that Gustavo is preparing for another showdown with his archrival.
885 112 "Aksidente" February 26, 2019 43.4%[114]
Homer (Jhong Hilario) enacts his ruthless plan against Margie. Soon, a tragic accident seals Margie's fate. Devastated by the turn of events, Flora is certain that the Cabreras are behind Margie’s misfortune. At Sto. Nino, chaos erupts at Gustavo’s mining site as his captives try to escape. Unknown to the businessman, his enemies have already infiltrated his lair.
886 113 "Cardo vs. Don Emilio" February 27, 2019 44.6%[114]
The members of Vendetta find themselves in grave danger after infiltrating Gustavo’s mining site. Despite their lack of knowledge of the whole terrain, the vigilantes manage to rescue their enemies’ captives. However, during the bloody encounter, Cardo gets the shock of his life upon coming face-to-face with the former Don Emilio. Cardo then wastes no time to get rid of his old nemesis once and for all. Meanwhile, Flora resolves to continue Margie’s fight against the Cabreras.
887 114 "Hustisya" February 28, 2019 43.3%[114]
Margie’s loved ones become more determined to give justice to her death.
888 115 "Lalaban" March 1, 2019 40.7%[115]
Teddy continues his crusade against the Cabreras by writing an article that would persuade the people to join him in his fight. This, however, does not threaten President Cabrera, who has an ace up his sleeve against Vendetta. After learning about this, Brandon tries to force Sec. Ocampo into revealing the president’s plan against their enemies. Meanwhile, the vigilantes arrive at an important decision to save their allies. P/CMSgt. Pantig and P/EMSgt. Gapuz resolve to eliminate the thorns in their side as soon as possible.
889 116 "Hukay" March 4, 2019 41.5%[115]
Taking advantage of the tragedy in Santo Niño, the President decides to set his plan in motion. Unknown to him, Vendetta is preparing to set off to Manila. Meanwhile, Sec. Hipolito and Homer come up with a plan to lure Vendetta into their trap. Their captives, however, plot to counter their evil scheme. Elsewhere, the de Leons send Margie to her final resting place.
890 117 "Takot" March 5, 2019 40.9%[116]
Cardo (Coco Martin) bids farewell to Domeng's family and to his friends from Sto. Niño before leaving for Manila with Vendetta. While the vigilantes gear up for their next journey, Diana (Angel Aquino) comes up with her own way to help them. Elsewhere, Billy (John Medina), Chikoy (Michael Roy Jornales), and Mark (Lester Llansang) continue to keep a close watch on Flora (Susan Roces) and her family. Unknown to them, P/EMSgt. Gapuz and P/CMSgt. Pantig are just lying in wait to enact their evil plan against the de Leons.
891 118 "Paglisan" March 6, 2019 41.4%[116]
Cardo and Vendetta make their way to Manila to rescue Bubbles and Diana from Kamandag. Meanwhile, Lucas informs his cohorts about what happened to Gustavo's mining site. Because of this, Sec. Hipolito learns of Diana's deceit. Hoping to rectify the damage caused by the mining fiasco, Hipolito seeks help from a new ally. Elsewhere, Teddy, Billy, Mark, and Chikoy hold P/EMSgt. Gapuz and P/CMSgt. Pantig captive.
892 119 "Balik Maynila" March 7, 2019 41.5%[116]
Teddy, Billy, Mark, and Chikoy hand P/EMSgt. Gapuz and P/CMSgt. Pantig over to the police. Later, Flora (Susan Roces) and her family head to Camp Crame to file an administrative case against the two officers. After finding out about Gapuz and Pantig's scandalous arrest, the President worries about the repercussions it will cause him. Meanwhile, Diana and Bubbles are relieved to know that Vendetta is safe. Elsewhere, Cardo and Vendetta return to Manila.
893 120 "Silong" March 8, 2019 39.8%[117]
Upon returning to Manila, Cardo brings the Vendetta to his former colleague, Lando, to seek refuge. Unbeknownst to them, the government is once again pointing a finger at them, this time as culprits behind the massacre in Sto. Niño. As this news reach Cardo's and Alyana's families, they cannot help but worry about their loved ones. The Cabrera administration, on the other hand, rejoices as the accusations against the Vendetta divert the public’s attention away from their controversy. Later, a mysterious woman is on her way to meet with the President.
894 121 "Lily" March 11, 2019 40.4%[118]
Cardo and Alyana find themselves longing for their family. Meanwhile, an ambush takes place while Gapuz and Pantig are being transferred to another detention center. Fearing for their lives, the detained police officers try to escape. Upon learning of the attack, Cardo's friends cannot help but worry over the de Leons' safety. Elsewhere, Lily finally arrives at the Palace.
895 122 "Tiwala" March 12, 2019 40.8%[118]
President Cabrera finds out that Lily and the syndicates under their protection are starting to lose trust in him. Because of this, he orders Sec. Ocampo to reaffirm Lily's loyalty. To rectify the situation, Lily tries to appease the president. Meanwhile, Vendetta is having a hard time trusting Intoy, a serial killer's former employee. Elsewhere, Flora worries about Charlene and Denise's safety.
896 123 "Dalaw" March 13, 2019 41.5%[119]
While on their way to Homer’s hideout, Alyana suggests that she and Cardo visit the cemetery. Together with Vendetta, they offer flowers to Ador’s and Ricky Boy’s graves. Meanwhile, Diana tries to convince Renato to testify against Lucas. Later, Bubbles overhears Homer telling Renato to kill Diana. Elsewhere, Gapuz and Pantig follow Lily to the church and the cemetery.
897 124 "Ambush" March 14, 2019 43.3%[119]
Gapuz and Pantig carry out their mission to get rid of Lily. However, Cardo and Vendetta intervene after seeing Lily being held at gunpoint. This leads to a shootout between Vendetta and the President’s henchmen. Later, the President lashes out at Brandon after learning about the failed mission. Elsewhere, Makmak shares with Yolly his worries about Flora's safety.
898 125 "Pagtatago" March 15, 2019 40.3%[119]
President Cabrera resolves to make good use of Diana to capture Vendetta. Sec. Hipolito, likewise, advises Homer to get rid of Bubbles before she could do any harm to their mission. However, the Kamandag leader feels some hesitation after receiving life-changing news from the woman in question. Meanwhile, Lily plans to use her knowledge about Vendetta to her advantage. The members of the vigilante group, on the other hand, discuss among themselves whether they could trust Lily or not.
899 126 "Lihim" March 18, 2019 42.4%[120]
After learning of Vendetta's whereabouts, Sec. Hipolito immediately relays the information to President. He then orders to have the vigilante group arrested. Meanwhile, the Vendetta members get the shock of their lives with the sudden arrival of the authorities. Without wasting any time, the vigilantes make their escape. Elsewhere, Diana discovers Bubbles' current dilemma.
900 127 "Sinungaling" March 19, 2019 42.5%[120]
After escaping from the police, Lily takes Vendetta to her lavish mansion. Cardo then warns his companions to keep their guards up. Meanwhile, President Cabrera blames Brandon for their failed attempt to capture Vendetta. Because of this, Brandon resolves to take matters into his own hands. Elsewhere, Homer plans to confirm if he is the real father of Bubbles' child.
901 128 "Pagkuha" March 20, 2019 41.1%[121]
Brandon resolves to do whatever it takes to prove to his father that he is not a failure. His plan, however, comes at the expense of Flora's foster children. After learning about this, the CIDG Boys take immediate action to save the children. The President, meanwhile, worries about what his son is up to. Elsewhere, Lily offers to help Cardo and Vendetta with everything they need. But beneath all of this, Lily is starting to fish for information about their future plans.
902 129 "Kaligtasan" March 21, 2019 42.6%[121]
After getting ahold of Flora's foster children, Brandon sets his eyes on using them to obtain information on Vendetta's whereabouts. Unknown to him, Billy, Mark, and Chikoy are on the move to thwart his plan. Back in the Palace, the President is restless after learning of what his son did. Meanwhile, Lily asks help from Mr. Valdez to provide Vendetta some new weapons for their mission. Later, she brings the group to the bar that Brandon frequently visits.
903 130 "Ganti" March 22, 2019 43.5%[122]
Cardo and Vendetta drive Brandon into a corner and press him to reveal Diana and Bubbles' whereabouts. However, a bloody shootout occurs when the president’s son refuses to cooperate. Later on, the President receives some tragic news, urging him to waste no time and exact revenge on Cardo's loved ones. Flora and her family, on the other hand, escape for their dear lives after learning about the unfortunate incident. Elsewhere, Sec. Hipolito stands firm on his plan to eliminate Diana and Bubbles.
904 131 "Lugmok" March 25, 2019 43.4%[123]
One life is sacrificed while the de Leons try to escape from the President's private army. This unfortunate news soon reaches Cardo and Vendetta. Later, the tragic incident paves the way for Cardo and Alyana to reunite with their families. Meanwhile, President Cabrera mourns the death of his son. The grieving father then vows to stop at nothing until he gets even with the people responsible for Brandon's death.
905 132 "Pighati" March 26, 2019 44.5%[124]
Cardo and Vendetta plan to retrieve Makmak's body from the morgue. Conflict arises as they realize that the building is heavily guarded by Lucas' henchmen. Back in the safe house, Delfin and Oscar assure Flora that her grandson will return safely. Meanwhile, Sec. Hipolito is starting to doubt Homer's loyalty. Elsewhere, President Cabrera's supporters visit Brandon's wake to offer their condolences to the president.
906 133 "Cardo vs. Homer" March 27, 2019 44.8%[124]
A rift between Sec. Hipolito and Homer emerges as the latter disagrees with the former's plan. Moreover, Hipolito resolves not to trust Lily after sensing that she is the one helping Vendetta. Meanwhile, Lily brings Vendetta to Kamandag's lair. Wasting no time, Cardo leads Vendetta in infiltrating Kamandag's hideout. Later, Cardo and Homer face off in a death match.
907 134 "Pagtutuos" March 28, 2019 46.8%[124]
Vice President Hernandez and Sec. Ocampo update the President about the nationwide protest on Makmak's death. They also begin to notice the inevitability of Cabrera's downfall. In order to appease Hipolito, Lily informs him about Vendetta's plan to attack during Brandon's burial. After learning about this, the President resolves to finish Cardo and Vendetta once and for all. Meanwhile, JP opens up to Teddy and Virgie about his plan to join Vendetta.
908 135 "Damayan" March 29, 2019 44.6%[125]
Vendetta finally takes down President Lucas Cabrera but mourns for their fallen brother, Anton. Conflict then arises among the members of Vendetta after Oscar proposed an idea. Because of this, Flora and Alyana urge Cardo to make a decision for the well-being of their group. Unknown to them, someone resolves to take matters into his own hands, even if it may end up betraying Vendetta. Elsewhere, Lily plans to use Renato Hipolito for her devious plan.
909 136 "Harapan" April 1, 2019 43.7%[126]
After listening to Oscar and Flora's advice, Cardo and the Vendetta surrender to the police. News about their capture and their involvement in Lucas Cabrera's death spread all over the country. Oscar eventually returns to the Palace and retakes the oath as President. Meanwhile, JP and Virgie express their worry over Alyana's involvement in the Vendetta’s crimes. Elsewhere, Hipolito wakes up in Lily's care.
910 137 "Hatol" April 2, 2019 41.9%[126]
As soon as he is reinstated as President, Oscar Hudalgo reveals to the people the abuses of the Cabrera regime and the heroism of the rebel group Vendetta. He then instructs the police to capture the members of Cabrera's 'midnight cabinet.’ Meanwhile, Flora, Virgie, and their families finally return to their respective homes. They also lay Makmak to rest. Later on, Cardo and the Vendetta stand trial for their crimes.
911 138 "Pagasa" April 3, 2019 40.1%[127]
The Vendetta's trial becomes the talk of the town. Gina and her colleagues bet on the outcome, while Flora and her family pray for the rebel group's release. Meanwhile, Lily visits Cardo and the Vendetta in jail and learns who was behind their capture. Elsewhere, Virgie expresses her disdain over Alyana's involvement with the Vendetta. Later, President Hidalgo surprises Cardo and the Vendetta with good news.
912 139 "Malaya" April 4, 2019 42.0%[127]
People paint the letter "V" all over the country to celebrate the Vendetta's release. Cardo, Alyana, and Delfin finally return to Flora's house with the other members of Vendetta. President Hidalgo later visits them to inform them about his new project. Meanwhile, Lily boasts to Hipolito about her close relationship with the President and the Vendetta. She then reminds the fugitive ex-politician about the debt he owes her.
913 140 "Panimula" April 5, 2019 38.8%[128]
Fresh out of jail, the members of Vendetta set their sights on starting a new life. Left without a family and a shelter to live in, the former fugitives find themselves worrying about their lives. Noticing his friends’ unfortunate state, Cardo asks Flora to welcome them with open arms. Meanwhile, President Hidalgo invites Lily to a party for Vendetta. Later, the reinstated president meets the police official who will spearhead the operation against Hipolito.
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  1. ^ Jump up to:a b c d e f g h i j The character's rank is based on §28, R.A. No. 6975 (Department of the Interior and Local Government Act of 1990), the law governing police ranks at the time the character appeared on and/or exited from the show. In the case of the members of Vendetta, they are still classified under R.A. No. 6975 because they went AWOL during the effectivity of the said law.
  2. ^ Emilio Syquia began using the alias Gustavo Torralba after surviving his near fatal encounter with Vendetta. Under this guise, Torralba presents himself as a Colombian businessman; moreover he has shifted his business interest to illegal mining.
  3. ^ Teddy Arevalo used the nom de plume Juan Verdad in his exposés against Lucas Cabrera's administration.
  4. ^ Jump up to:a b c d The character's rank is based on R.A. No. 11200, the current law prescribing police ranks in the Philippines.