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Ang Probinsyano
Season 5
Starring Coco Martin
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 135
Original network ABS-CBN
Original release March 15 –

September 21, 2018

Season chronology
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List of Ang Probinsyano episodes

The fifth season of Ang Probinsyano, a Philippine action drama television series, premiered on March 15, 2018 on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel and concluded on September 21, 2018, with a total of 135 episodes. The series stars Coco Martin as SPO2 Ricardo Dalisay, together with an ensemble cast.

The fifth season of Ang Probinsyano chronicles Cardo and Vendetta's struggle against corruption in the larger Philippine political arena. Vendetta not only has to fight the Renato Hipolito-backed terrorist group Kamandag, they are also up against a gun-running ring operated by the Vice President of the Philippines, Lucas Cabrera.

Hipolito and Cabrera, beyond being from the same political party, have joined forces to combat Vendetta and to secure for Hipolito the top spot in the midterm senatorial elections. Hipolito intends to use the top senatorial spot to catapult him to the presidency in the next presidential elections. Cabrera, on the other hand, wants the Senate to be dominated by his partymates, with Hipolito leading the charge as Senate President, in order to ensure that Cabrera will win the presidency in the next national elections unaware of Hipolito's intent to double-cross him to secure the presidency for himself.


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Marco (J. C. Santos) formally introduces Alyana (Yassi Pressman) to the rest of the Cabrera Family. Marco's half-brother, Congressman Brandon Cabrera (Mark Anthony Fernandez) is supportive of the pair's relationship. On the other hand, the Vice President of the Philippines, Lucas Cabrera (Edu Manzano), is concerned about how his son's relationship with Alyana will adversely affect his bid for the Presidency in the next election. His spouse, Second Lady Catherine Cabrera (Alice Dixson), feigns acceptance of Alyana, if only to stop Marco from throwing a fit. Cardo (Coco Martin) continues to woo Alyana, but is finally rebuked when Alyana returns her wedding ring to Cardo.

General Olegario (Angel Aquino) sought the help of General Borja (Jaime Fàbregas), despite the objections of Romulo (Lito Lapid), Ramil (Michael de Mesa) and Cardo. Unbeknownst to General Olegario, her secretary, James (Jay Gonzaga), was tailed by Major Catindig (Sid Lucero). Catindig then informs Director Hipolito (John Arcilla), who in turn, orders Alakdan (Jhong Hilario) to perform a hit on Vendetta. Vendetta survived the attack on their hideout but at the cost of both Kalabaw (transl. Carabao) (Rey Solo) and Jimboy (Jayson Gainza) who sacrificed themselves to make their escape. During the attack, Director Hipolito arrived to personally take down Romulo, seeing an opportunity to raise his profile again. However, Romulo survives his wounds and is immediately brought by the CIDG in a hospital where he laid in critical condition. However, Hipolito manages to wrest control of the supervision of Romulo from CIDG and Vendetta must race against time in order to extract Romulo from the clutches of Director Hipolito. Meanwhile, when Alyana decided to visit Lola Flora and her family, Marco is against her decisions thinking she was going to Cardo's family causing the two to have an argument which resulted Alyana to leave but is unaware of Marco's violent behavior.

When Cardo poses as a doctor to rescue Romulo at the hospital due to being guarded by Hipolito's security, he meets Andrea "Andy" B. Collins (Jessy Mendiola) a nurse who also working at the hospital. Failing to rescue Romulo at their first rescue attempt, Andy's brother Stephen "Peng" Balaraw (Nicco Manalo) finally informs her about what happened to their mother much to her horrible shock. Vendetta successfully rescued Andy's mother Rebecca "Becky" Balaraw (Minnie Aguilar) and other hostesses being involved in human trafficking headed by Mr. Gibson (Andy Lunz) at their yacht as Blossom (Katya Santos) one of the hostesses was raped by one of the foreigners for their enjoyment. In the meantime, Marco forces Alyana to marry him against her will despite his father and his older brother's disapprovement and threatens her he will commit suicide while showing his violent behavior towards her and leave. Since Alyana didn't answer all of Marco's calls, his car accidentally crashed on the truck, nearly killing him. After rescuing Becky and the other hostesses named Blossom, Marigold (Jaycee Parker), Hasmin (Gwen Garci), Rose (Maui Taylor) and Dalia (Zara Lopez), Andy decides to join Vendetta to rescue Romulo at the hospital once again followed by her brother Peng, her mother Becky and the hostesses. At the hospital, Romulo was visited by the president of the Philippines, Oscar Hidalgo (Rowell Santiago) who wants to know some answers about Hipolito's corruption which Romulo tells him everything it happened and he begins to fed up his government rule much to his surprise. When the doctors informs Lucas, Brandon and Catherine that Marco is fine after the car accident as they argue because of Marco wanted to have a wedding with Alyana despite she was not annulled. Lucas and Brandon wanted to stop Marco's wedding as Lucas finds another way to stop this madness by making a file from the director of internal relations to put his wife enter the convention.

Andy and the others successfully informs Cardo and the others in how to rescue Romulo due to being heavily guarded by the security including the authorities as they make a strategy. However Alakdan informs Hipolito about Catindig's personal mission to take down Romulo including Vendetta as he calls Alakdan and his group are mere troublemakers.

As Alyana visits Marco at the hospital, he was happy and more focus to be with her. However, he angrily throws a fit when his doctor informed him that his therapy is over as Alyana witnesses his violent behavior.

When they are about to take their strategy to rescue Romulo, it was disrupted by Catindig and his men attacking every innocent lives including the authorities at the hospital to kill Romulo. Knowing that Andy is in danger, Vendetta is forced to attack Catindig's group to rescue them. Vendetta takes down most of Catindig's men as Cardo infiltrates to rescue Romulo and Andy from Catindig and his men who makes a total wipe out inside the hospital. They succeeded in their mission & killed Catindig but the PNP tried to catch Cardo & his friends as well, but to no avail, since they escaped. Hipolito tries to call Catindig, not knowing that he died.

While Marco is recovering at the hospital, Alyana received the annulment papers sent by him as he called her in a happy manner. Her mother was happy about Marco being with her daughter but Alyana is unsure to sign the annulment papers after knowing of his violent behavior. Therefore, his half-brother Brandon became involved in weapons smuggling in which he had found out that Alakdan remains in contact with Hipolito while he got paid for the smuggled firearms.

Hipolito is forced to use Alakdan and his group since his right-hand man Catindig and his group were killed by Cardo and his vigilante group as Alakdan's group serve as his back-up.

When General Borja sent two of Cardo's former comrades to search about Vendetta's hideout, the neighbors became suspicious to their appearance only to warn Becky about their real presence as policemen. She tells Cardo that she and the others will deal with them. After succeeding in distracting the two disguised policemen, Vendetta manages to take Andy to the hospital safety.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Brandon are secretly planning to take down Hipolito after exposing he was responsible for letting Catindig and his men makes a total wipe out at the hospital before being killed by Cardo and his vigilante group. After the battle between the two political campaigns of both Oscar and Lucas, he and Brandon personally meets Hipolito knowing he is one of Lucas' party members in his campaign. Despite his plan to expose Hipolito's corruption during their personal meeting, Hipolito finally explains his reasons why he became the member of Pulang Araw in his youth along with his rival Romulo whom he helps him in his severely wounded state. He was later sent in Manila to study politics while Romulo became the leader of Pulang Araw and this is how he was in the present where he brings down the rebel group successfully as a Defense Secretary until he resigns to run for senator while continuing his plans to bring down his rival Romulo, who is now leading the vigilante group Vendetta.

After hearing of Hipolito's story, Lucas decided to support Hipolito's ambition to become a senator since he and Brandon are responsible for selling smuggled weapons to them.

At some point, Alyana compares between both Cardo and Marco when they started their relationship to her. Later on, she was in charge on taking care of Marco by Catherine while she was away in New York despite being hesitant to do it along with Menchu.

By the time Andy works at the hospital and to get home safely, General Borja secretly follows her as he discovers Vendetta's hideout knowing that Andy was trying to assist the vigilante group as Andy also warns Cardo about his granduncle.

Lucas, Brandon, and Hipolito begin their reign of ascension by threatening most of Oscar's party members including other innocent people by using their lies and Alakdan's group to pose as from Oscar's campaign to make death threats to vote Hipolito as senator. Their plans are later found by one of the members of Vendetta as Cardo vows to expose their corruption after rescuing several teachers from some members of Brandon's group. Meanwhile, Oscar watches the video about the teachers being rescued by Vendetta and to his surprise that the vigilante group is actually the ones who rescue countless people instead of causing more casualties.

Vendetta succeeds for the second time in rescuing all of the people including Wally (PJ Endrinal) posing as call center agents from Brandon's group and was watched by most people including the President. During their victory celebration, Cardo misses his family and was given some wise advice by Ramil. Then, Becky invited the group to meet Brother Lorenzo Alano (Rey "PJ" Abellana), the senior pastor of Liwanag ng Banal, an evangelical church that Andy and her family worship at. Brother Lorenzo, however, is Lucas, Brandon and Hipolito's next target.

By the time Vendetta rescue many people pose as call center agents and kill the headmaster, who also abduct some teachers who will be observers, seen in the news, Marco became extremely jealous. He lashes out at Alyana, thinking that she still loves Cardo; his violent behavior is caught by her parents. Alyana's father Teddy angrily scolds Marco for badly mistreating Alyana and he angrily threatens him that even if he is his daughter's boyfriend or his daughter's upcoming fiancé, he will never let him owned his daughter. This threat causes Marco to formally apologize to Alyana who is now horrified and afraid from his violent behavior.

Brother Lorenzo is then encountered by Alakdan's group as Alakdan forces him and his church to vote for both Lucas and Hipolito and threatens to kill him and his family. When Lorenzo finally announces to everyone from the church not to vote for both Lucas and Hipolito, he was later ambushed and kidnapped by Alakdan's group at the parking lot without Hipolito's knowledge as other members of his church organization (excluding Peng) are killed in a rain of bullets. Lorenzo was being held captive at Brandon's house where Brandon physically roughs him up because of his announcement and was kept inside so that his father Lucas will cover up their misdeeds. Their success was short lived however during the campaign party prepared by Lucas at the bar, Brandon takes Andy to his home while in a drunken state after meeting her in the party. Seeing Brandon's true nature like his half-brother Marco, he attempts to rape Andy prompting Vendetta to infiltrate his home while dispersing most of his men. Andy manages to knock Brandon out as she escapes and also encounters Lorenzo in the other room where he was being held captive who recognizes her as her nickname "Andeng". Andy frees Lorenzo and both continued to escape until Brandon angrily confronts them. Without warning, Cardo shoots Brandon before he could kill both Andy and Lorenzo and they regroup. Andy explains to Lorenzo that Cardo's group are a good people and they finally escaped but their conversations are overheard by Brandon after being shot by Cardo.

After rescuing Lorenzo and he told the media about the truth behind his kidnapping, Lucas immediately arrives at Brandon's house to see Brandon who is now on a stretcher, unconscious while being taken inside the ambulance. Lucas made a press conference, claiming that Vendetta was responsible from attempting to kill Brandon and he made a bounty of 5 million pesos on the vigilante group's heads. Therefore, his wife Catherine returns to the Philippines after visiting the convention and was bombarded by questions from the various media about both her husband and her step-son's involvement in the kidnapping as she angrily confronted Lucas stating that they caused to ruin their family reputation in a scandal and he became reluctant towards his wife to fix their problems.

When General Borja and two others from the CIDG visit Lorenzo at his office as he told them the whole truth of his kidnapping and informing them that Lucas' words during the press conference are full of lies as he decided with his lawyer to file a case of kidnapping and frustrated murder against Brandon, leading to Brandon's imprisonment.

Despite Menchu's warning about Marco's violent behavior, Catherine wants to bring Alyana back as she visits on her home to apologize for her son's actions and claiming that the news are all lies. However, when Marco visits at Alyana's house to fix his relationship to Alyana, it was blocked away by her father Teddy who informs him to leave. Teddy easily noticed about both Marco's father and his half-brother's involvement in the kidnapping of Brother Lorenzo as Marco became very defensive towards his family claiming that the news about both his father and his half-brother's involvement of Lorenzo's kidnapping was a lie and the reason why he was prevented from gaining entry to her house. Teddy tells him that there's nothing wrong in Alyana's decision and his family's involvement in the kidnapping and don't try to dictate his daughter's decisions as his obsessive actions also caused his daughter to be pushed away in a distance.

As the elections are getting near, Vendetta became ready and prepared to expose all of Brandon, Lucas and Hipolito's corruption within their political campaign. To their discovery, the special assistant to the President William Celerio (Bobby Andrews) is secretly working with Lucas and Hipolito as their motive is to make Hipolito win in the elections by cheating.

Lucas and Hipolito has a meeting with William and informing them that it will be their chance to make Hipolito win the elections.

Later, William successfully steals Oscar's USB within the safe box undetected from Oscar and his other cabinets after deciphering Oscar's pass code from the safe box by observing him. He later calls his personal hacker to do his job. William led the ambush and murder of the election officers and soldiers then takes the trucks carrying the voting machines to a secret warehouse to tamper the voting machines and afterwards, he killed his personal hacker to prevent any evidence that will point to him. Vendetta then successfully blocked the trucks along with Celerio's men and caused a shootout before the tampered voting machines can be delivered to the precincts, killing all of them and some policemen. Oscar then knew of the incident and postponed the election to investigate the tampered voting machines, not knowing that William stole his USB containing the pass code. When the elections came, which became peaceful and marking the success of Vendetta's mission, Hipolito became angered for losing in the elections when he was in the last place, as well as Lucas' political group. Lucas wanted to wipe out Vendetta for interfering in their plans. Hipolito angrily calls Alakdan to get rid of Vendetta which he evilly agreed, unaware that Alakdan and his group would be paid from Lucas instead of him. Meanwhile, Oscar discovers the massacres during the elections after General Borja sent it to him. Realizing that it was William who massacred these people.

During the victory celebration, Romulo allows Cardo to fix his family relationship including Alyana as Ramil gives him an advice to fight his love for her. Cardo later reunites with his grandmother Lola Flora inside the church and informs him about Alyana's relationship with Marco and showing the annulment papers to him. Cardo refuses to sign the annulment papers and he continued to keep an eye on Alyana from afar when Marco gives her a bouquet of flowers. After Marco successfully proposed to Alyana, Cardo then kidnaps her while she was in the comfort room unbeknownst to Marco, and takes her into his former buddy in SAF in the North, Caloy Mendoza (Joven Olvido). When Marco heard of this, he, with his yandere instincts, hunts both Cardo and Alyana with his personal guard.

Meanwhile, Vendetta was in hot water again, this time for killing William Celerio while they were investigating him. And Lucas used this opportunity to get closer to Oscar and plans to get rid of him. While CIDG investigates further, the team was spying upon Andy and her mother. Konsehala Gina was successful in defaming Lola Flora with her karinderya and used her power to not only evict them on the house, but instill fear of Vendetta attacks upon gullible villagers, all while still retaining their illegal operations with her henchmen (Zaito and Shernan). Lola Flora then moves to a house owned by Kapitana Dindi, Gina's successor. They started their karinderya anew.

In the North, Cardo tries to woo Alyana into remarrying him again. At first, Alyana was very hesitant due to his previous shortcomings to her but eventually opens her heart for him once again and then severs her ties with Marco by throwing his engagement ring into the river. Cardo then serenades her with the help from his friends, and successfully proposes to her again afterwards. The next day, they were married once again.

After their remarriage, Cardo was personally confronted by Tanggol (Joross Gamboa) the leader of the bandits after he took him down during the festival where he aggressively wants to dance with Alyana. He successfully beats Cardo into a pulp knowing he's not fighting back and as part of his revenge for taking him down. After Cardo recovers from his injuries, he decided to take Alyana back to Manila only to be observed by another group of bandits led by Tanggol's older brother Baldo (Rommel Padilla), who wanted to know about Cardo and what province he had come from and informs Tanggol and his group about his observations.

Back in Manila, Cardo and Alyana went to their families to say their goodbyes as they have decided to stay in the province of Sto. Niño for the rest of their lives. While at Alyana's house, Teddy and Virgie disagreed at first at their decision but eventually accepted. After saying goodbye to Alyana's family, they were unexpectedly seen by Marco, who starts chasing them, but they successfully escaped from his clutches. Marco then went to Alyana's house again, accusing both Teddy and JP for hiding Alyana from him, and when they tried to escape from him, Marco shoots at them, to the surprise of some customers in a karinderya, but they successfully evaded him which eventually led to Marco's investigation by the police.

Both Cardo and Alyana finally get through to the Vendetta hideout in Legarda to see his comrades and to meet his wife as well as she meets Andy for the first time. Unbeknownst to them, an asset was sent by the PNP to the hideout to investigate and confirm if they were there. After the asset confirmed that it was Vendetta's hideout, Oscar then sent both the PNP and CIDG there to wipe Vendetta out. At the same time, Hipolito then orders Alakdan to go to the hideout as well, after Terante ratted the operation. Marco, on the other hand, also planned to go there, against his parent's orders, to kill Cardo and reclaim Alyana after his mother told him where Cardo was.

As Cardo wanted to say goodbye to his comrades, the PNP and CIDG arrive as well as Alakdan's group on both sides to infiltrate their hideout. However, Alakdan's girlfriend, Bubbles (Bianca Manalo) immediately escaped from his clutches to meet up with Becky and the others on the Vendetta hideout as she warns them about Alakdan and his group causing Andy to warn Cardo and the others about their presence including the authorities. During the infiltration, Both Cardo and Romulo's group made their separate sides to kill most of Alakdan's group (excluding the authorities). As soon as they escape from Alakdan and his other hitmen, Cardo urges his wife Alyana to go with Becky and the others to escape while he and the others return to help Romulo. During the gunfight, Happy (Anghel Marcial) is critically shot multiple times by Alakdan, but one of his men was killed too. Cardo allows Wangbu (Jobert Austria) to escape along with his wounded comrade. Cardo then ambushes Alakdan long enough to cause them into a dangerous brawl. Alakdan overpowers Cardo in a brawl and attempts to kill him by stabbing him with a knife but Cardo blocks him and finally stabs him in a stomach with a broken bottle, putting him unconscious. Cardo slowly walks away, finally avenged the deaths of the innocent victims including his son, Ricky Boy, from the explosions caused by Alakdan and his group as he encounters both Jerome and Rigor who were injured in the gun fight and took them as they flee. By the time Vendetta escaped from their hideout from the authorities, Alakdan survives his wounds sustained from the broken bottle stabbed by Cardo and was calling for help. During the escape from the authorities, Marco and his private army suddenly arrived, causing a shootout once again. Greco (Sancho delas Alas) and Butete (Smugglaz) were wounded, Happy dies from blood loss due to his multiple gunshot wounds and Barakuda (Benzon Dalina) is killed by Marco and his grenade launcher taken from him. Cardo and his group avenged their deaths by killing some of Marco's remaining men as Ramil and the others get to their vehicles to make their escape. During the car chase, Marco and his group shoots Cardo and his group but was avoided. Cardo finally had enough of Marco's murderous behavior for attacking them, he and his group stop their car as they dropped off to shoot their cars and successfully killed Marco and his group in a rain of bullets before Anton shoots both of their cars in explosion, avenging Barakuda's death.

At the hospital, the female doctor informed both Lucas and Catherine that Marco was declared dead on arrival due to blood loss sustained from his multiple gunshot wounds and Catherine couldn't accept that her son was dead as Lucas hugged his wife, mourning over his son's death, her mind broken.

After taking down Marco and his group, Cardo and his group are now taking refuge on Wangbu's house where they meet Wangbu's family as Lolo Efren (Robert Arevalo) allows them to stay. At the time of Marco's wake, Lucas swore revenge against Vendetta for murdering his son and he secretly orders Alakdan's men to massacre both of Cardo and Alyana's family while Brandon was willing to escape in prison to take revenge on Marco's death. Despite Catherine's mourning over her son's loss and not listening to General Borja's word, she was still unaware of her son's investigation of the authorities when he almost shot both Teddy and JP before being killed by Cardo and his group during the car chase.

After Marco finally laid to rest, Lucas' direct order is on-going as planned and Alakdan's group were tasked by Hipolito to capture Alyana's mother Virgie (Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino) to find information on Vendetta's whereabouts which they succeed in capturing her but their plans were discovered by both Teddy and JP. As the group failed to interrogate Virgie to find Vendetta's whereabouts, they were scolded by Hipolito while Alakdan decides to go with his group as they were ordered to attack Cardo's family next. Therefore, at Wangbu's house, Jerome and Rigor are confronted by Ramil after he was contacted by General Borja about their whereabouts but also had their commotion during their dinner night with Wangbu's family. Bubbles finally tells Jerome, Rigor and Alyana about Alakdan's involvement with both Lucas and Hipolito as well as informing Cardo about their alliance.

Meanwhile, Alakdan's group attempted to threaten Lola Flora and the others when they enter their house, but was backfired due to one of the police officers interrupts one of their men who acts as lookout, causing an intense gunfight until the arrival of General Borja and the others to open fire on Alakdan and his group, who quickly escaped. He successfully rescued his older sister and the others. After Jerome informs General Borja about Cardo's plan, Cardo was angered because he thought that Jerome and Rigor are going to betray them, until he changes his mind after being convinced by him. Cardo then sets out a plan to kidnap Oscar.

As Lucas allows Catherine to return to United States to subside her grief over Marco's death and Oscar refuses to give Brandon a pardon after he was guilty for his crimes during the court trial, he plans to kill Oscar to become the president of the Philippines by using General Alejandro Terante's (Soliman Cruz) private army to assassinate him in exchange of protecting Terante's illegal activities, but Hipolito didn't like his plan and has a hidden agenda against him.

Their assassination plot are soon found by Oscar's bodyguard, Harold Casilag (Jolo Revilla) after Oscar's presidential speech at a homecoming at Camilo de Santiago University, where they graduated, knowing it was a threat, he took Oscar and his family to safety as the sniper shoots the innocent civilians creating a commotion.

Casilag tells them to stay safe until Lucas informs them to leave the area and to blame Vendetta for causing the chaos. But Oscar was still unaware that Lucas was behind for assassinating him. Meanwhile, Casilag confronts the sniper and after a brief fight, he successfully shoots the sniper. As Oscar and his family escaped, they were cornered by several gunmen but they were killed by Casilag who arrived in time to protect Oscar and his family. Unfortunately, Casilag was gunned down and killed by the gunman posed as a civilian when he protects Oscar from getting shot before he kills it. He allows Oscar and his family to escape before dying until Lucas arrives the scene. As Terante's first plan had backfired, Terante informs Lucas about the second plan which is to ambush Oscar and his family during the escape as Vendetta follows their route and they came in time to stop Terante's second plan when they are about to ambush Oscar and his family. During the gunfight between Vendetta and Terante's men, Oscar's car were initially thrown by a smoke grenade, forcing Oscar and his family to move to the other car in order to escape from being smoked and to avoid suffocation. However, Oscar's children Yohan (Francis Magundayao) was gunned down by one of Terante's gunmen while Mary Grace (Nayomi "Heart" Ramos) was also shot from a stray bullet causing Marissa and Aubrey (Ryza Cenon) to be devastated and to Oscar's horror. While being on pursuit, Cardo follows to rescue them by riding a motocycle and to take down Terante's remaining men. At the third phase of Terante's plan, they succeeded in shooting Oscar, Aubrey, Marissa and their driver before Cardo kills them out. He then discovers Oscar was still breathing as he took him away in a bloody state to regroup with Vendetta leaving his family behind who finally taken to the ambulance to the nearby hospital for treatment but both Yohan and Mary Grace are declared dead on arrival while both Marissa and Aubrey are in critical state.

After Lucas scolds Terante for his failures and not following on his deal, Terante kills one of his cohorts by burning him alive inside the drum and using his burned corpse to pose as Oscar's corpse to make Lucas become the acting president of the Philippines as Hipolito begins to oppose Lucas after he had thought about more of his plans to kill Oscar's remaining family.

Back at Wangbu's house, Cardo and his group returned and takes the injured Oscar inside their home to be treated by Niko (Ced Torrecarion) despite that he's not a doctor or a surgeon but as a veterinarian and was assisted by Olegario to help him remove the bullet in Oscar's right chest as Cardo and his group observe them. After removing Oscar's bullet and his fever, Niko informs Cardo and his group about the good news on Oscar's recovery. At the hospital, Oscar's wife Marissa finally succumbs to her wounds after a number of flashbacks happened to her and the aftermath of the ambush while Aubrey was in a comatose state until her right hand was moving indicating her survival of the ambush. Lucas now the acting president of the Philippines promotes Terante as the PNP Chief with the rank of four-star general to make direct orders to stop Vendetta as Hipolito dislikes his plan after both are staring each other at Yohan and Mary Grace's funeral. Oscar finally awakens after recovering from his injuries and meets Cardo and the group and he recognizes Olegario. Olegario informs them that his family were killed causing him to be devastated and blames them for their deaths even if it kills him until Lucas made an announcement about Marissa's death and his daughter Aubrey who was in comatose, making him more devastated. Cardo and Jerome restrain an enraged Oscar while blaming them for their deaths not knowing that Lucas was behind the ambush for killing his family. After calming Oscar for the incident, Cardo realized during their discussion that Lucas convinced most people around Metro Manila including Oscar that their group were the ones behind the ambush as Lucas was really the one behind it, not them. As Lucas takes the oath as the President of the Philippines, he appoints Hipolito as DENR secretary while Terante as the PNP chief. Despite the betrayal made by Lucas for replacing him as Philippine President, Oscar still didn't believe that Vendetta is not an enemy and wants to escape from them even he rudely tells Alyana about Cardo and his group being criminals in the state.

Prior to Lucas' oath taking, it was revealed that Wangbu's cousin Patrick (CJ Ramos) is a drug pusher who sells sachets of shabu to his neighboring friends for money and the reason why his sister Marie (Sue Ramirez) dresses up like a rich woman until the authorities caught them. Patrick shoots the police dead using Wangbu's gun, that he took while Wangbu was asleep, before he and the others fled after one of his friends was shot in the leg and he felt guilty after shooting the police. However, Rosa (Mystica), who is the drug supplier who distributes shabu like Patrick and frequently abuse her children due to her greed for money, angrily refused to gain entry at her home after Patrick reveals to her that he had killed the police while they were after by them.

At the Malacanang, Lucas informs Terante and Hipolito to deal against Vendetta as well as both Oscar and Aubrey as he considered her being dead despite her current condition. As soon as Oscar wants to escape from Vendetta by convincing both Jerome and Rigor, they refuse and it was revealed that Oscar is unable to listen to the vigilante group's explanations about the whole truth while he was targeted by Lucas in his recent administration after he made an ambush to kill him and his family. But after Jerome and Rigor inform General Borja about Oscar, he flees the scene and both immediately informs Cardo about his escape causing him and his group to chase him until they cornered him through the river. After the chase, they manage to take Oscar back to Wangbu's house and he angrily calls them as the enemy of the state for killing innocent people but Cardo angrily berates him that they kill people involve in corruption which prompts Romulo to let his men guard him and they realize that stop him from escaping was risky. Despite to guard Oscar, he manages to disarm Wangbu before he could bound him by the ropes and takes him as his hostage by gunpointing them with his handgun which provokes Cardo for his enraged actions to escape from them. Despite the commotion between them, Cardo allows Oscar to escape much to everyone's disappointment. Cardo's reasons to allow Oscar to escape is to let him know who his real enemy is and also prays for his safety as Alyana calmly tells him to rescue him knowing he was in danger which he agreed.

As General Borja keeps his position but is under Terante's command, he was ridiculed by Oscar's supporters due to his relation to Cardo and his vigilante group especially his older sister Lola Flora after both Yolly and Wally were nearly attacked by townspeople due to manipulation. As Oscar arrived at the church where the remains of his wife Marissa and his two children Yohan and Mary Grace are kept during the wake, he sneaks through the back of the church as he saw their caskets. Therefore, he accidentally discovers that Lucas directly orders Terante to kill him during their discussion with Hipolito after he mentions him along with Vendetta. Oscar now learns that it was really Lucas who killed his family in the ambush and not Vendetta, and he cannot forgive him for killing his family. As Oscar leaves, Lucas immediately followed suit as both saw each other eye to eye as he escaped causing him to order Terante and his men to kill him. Oscar was chased by several policemen knowing he was in danger and he now thinks who side he was on until he was rescued by Cardo and his group while they wipe out Terante's men and all policemen in a rain of bullets before leaving the premises, while Cardo picks Hidalgo like a cat. Oscar finally apologizes to Cardo for doubting them as enemies and for his rash behavior which Cardo gladly accepts and reassures him that he was alive.

Meanwhile, Lola Flora confronted the townspeople who forced to evict them on their home and it was revealed that it was Konsehala Gina who was behind the manipulations of the townspeople because of her relationship to Cardo and Vendetta and also responsible for previously evicting them. She soon called Teddy about their current situation that they moved several blocks away on Borja's own unused house.

Failing to kill Oscar, Lucas became disappointed to Terante's failures as Terante had an intense argument with Hipolito. He directly orders Terante to kill Oscar followed by Cardo and his group. After Vendetta rescued Aubrey from their ambush plot and being reunited with her father, Lucas angrily scolds Terante for his second failure. Terante now became the PNP chief after being promoted by Lucas during the inauguration as he vows to take down Vendetta. After his promotion, He also put a bounty on both Jerome and Rigor due to both being take part in Cardo's group as well as arresting General Borja for having an alignment to his grandson Cardo, leading to his interrogation of the Vendetta's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Gina and her cohorts manage to destroy Lola Flora's eatery due to her alignment with Cardo and Vendetta and Lola Flora became stressful for what they have done. At Wangbu's house, Cardo and Oscar decided to clean up the corruption within the Philippine Government.

Cast and characters[]

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  • Coco Martin[1] as SPO2 Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay


  • Edu Manzano[2] as President Lucas Cabrera
  • Jaime Fábregas[1] as P/Dir. Delfin S. Borja
  • Angel Aquino[3] as BGen. Diana T. Olegario
  • John Arcilla[3] as Director Renato "Buwitre" Hipolito
  • Rowell Santiago[2] as Oscar Hidalgo
  • Jolo Revilla[4] as PSG Commander Harold Casilag
  • Jhong Hilario[3] as Homer "Alakdan" Adlawan
  • John Prats[5] as SPO3 Jerome Girona, Jr.
  • Sid Lucero[3] as Maj. Manolo "Nolo" Cantindig
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez[6] as Congressman Brandon Cabrera
  • Bobby Andrews[7] as Special Assistant to the President William Celerio
  • Mitch Valdes[3] as Konsehala Gina Magtanggol
  • Yassi Pressman[8] as Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay
  • J. C. Santos[9][1] as Marco Cabrera
  • Ryza Cenon[10] as Aubrey Hidalgo
  • Francis Magundayao[10] as Yohan Hidalgo
  • Dawn Zulueta[2] as First Lady Marissa Hidalgo[a]
  • Alice Dixson[2] as Second Lady Catherine Cabrera[b]
Very Special Roles
  • Susan Roces[1] as Flora "Lola Kap" S. Borja-de Leon
  • Eddie Garcia[11] as Don Emilio Syquia
Very Special Participation
  • Lito Lapid[3] as Romulo "Leon" Dumaguit


  • Malou Crisologo[1] as Yolanda "Yolly" Capuyao-Santos
  • Marvin Yap[1] as Elmo Santos
  • Long Mejia[3] as Francisco "Paco" Alvarado
  • John Medina[1] as PS/Insp. Avel "Billy" M. Guzman
  • Lester Llansang[1] as PS/Insp. Mark Vargas
  • Michael Roy Jornales[1] as PS/Insp. Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera
  • Marc Solis[12] as SPO1 Rigor Soriano
  • Benj Manalo[3] as Felipe "Pinggoy" Tanyag, Jr.
  • PJ Endrinal[3] as Wally Nieves
  • Pedro “Zaito” Canon, Jr.[13] as Nick
  • Roy "Shernan" Gaite[14] as Gido
  • Jay Gonzaga[14] as James Cordero
  • Arlene Tolibas[15] as Marikit Flores
Child Stars
  • McNeal "Awra" Briguela[16] as Macario "Makmak" Samonte, Jr.
  • James "Paquito" Sagarino[17] as Paquito Alvarado
  • Rhian "Dang" Ramos[17] as Amanda “Dang” Ignacio
  • Shantel Crislyn Layh "Ligaya" Ngujo[17] as Ligaya Dungalo
  • Enzo Pelojero[17] as Dexter Flores
  • Nayomi “Heart” Ramos[10] as Mary Grace Hidalgo
  • Joel Torre[8] as Teodoro "Teddy" Arevalo
  • Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino[8] as Virginia "Virgie" R. Arevalo
  • McCoy de Leon[18] as Juan Pablo "JP" R. Arevalo


Main article: List of Ang Probinsyano guest stars

  • Michael de Mesa[19] as Ramil "Manager" Taduran
  • Mark Lapid[20] as Anton "Tigre" del Mundo
  • Ronwaldo Martin[20] as Roldan/Gagamba
  • Gene Padilla[14] as Pilo/Tuko
  • Jayson Gainza[19] as Jimboy Escaño
  • Brian "Smugglaz" Lao[21] as Marsial "Butete" Matero
  • Lordivino "Bassilyo" Ignacio[21] as Dante "Bulate" Villafuerte
  • Sancho delas Alas[22] as Gregorio "Greco" Cortez
  • Rey Solo as Kalabaw
  • Benzon Dalina[23] as Barakuda
  • David Minemoto as David
  • Bianca Manalo[24] as Lourdes "Bubbles" Torres
  • Anghel Marcial[23] as Happy
  • Matet de Leon[25] as Menchu Versoza
  • Jobert "Kuya Jobert" Austria[26] as George "Wangbu" Espinosa
  • Mara Alberto[26] as Halina
  • Minnie Aguilar[27] as Rebecca "Becky" Balaraw
  • Nicco Manalo as Stephen "Peng" Balaraw
  • Jessy Mendiola[28] Andrea "Andi" B. Collins, RN/ Violet
  • MC Muah[29] as Lala
  • Gwen Garci[30] as Hasmin Garcia
  • Jaycee Parker[30] as Marigold Parker
  • Zara Lopez[30] as Dalia Lopez
  • Maui Taylor[30] as Rose Taylor
  • Katya Santos[30] as Blossom Santos
  • Andy Kunz[31] as Mr. Gibson
  • Viveika Ravanes[32] as Kapitana Dindi
  • Arnold Cortez[33] as Mayor Rolando Magpantag
  • Ali Khatibi[34] as Joaquin Campos
  • Rey "PJ" Abellana[35] as Brother Lorenzo Alano
  • Mayen Estanero as Teacher Cecil
  • Arvic Tan as Xavier
  • Carlo Mendoza[36] as Tutoy Mendoza
  • Joven Olvido[36] as Carlo “Caloy” Mendoza
  • Nonong Ballinan[36] as Ambo
  • Ghersie Fantastico[36] as Itong
  • Ces Aldaba as Marsing
  • Eva Vivar[37] as Nita
  • Lala Vinzon[36] as Lorie
  • Whitney Tyson[36] as Elizabeth
  • Mel Feliciano[36] as Mario
  • Joross Gamboa[36] as Tanggol
  • Donna Cariaga[36] as Doray Mendoza
  • Al Vaughn Chier Tuliao[37] as Ricardo "Ricky Boy" A. Dalisay, Jr.
  • Jess Evardone as Primo
  • Juan Miguel Severo[38] as Fredo
  • Mhot[39] as Simon
  • Prinsipe Makata as Mot
  • Roderick Paulate[40] as Mayor Adonis Dimaguiba
  • Carmi Martin[40] as Margarita "Margie" Corona
  • Alora Sasam[40] as Charlene Corona
  • Amy Nobleza[41] as Denise
  • Juliana Parizcova Segovia[42] as Francisco/Francine
  • Rommel Padilla[43] as Baldo
  • Alvin Fortuna[44] as PC/Supt. Perez
  • Agnes Pabalan[45] as Beth Espinosa
  • Ced Torrecarion[46] as Nico Espinosa
  • Robert Arevalo[47] as Efren Espinosa
  • Marissa Delgado[48] as Melba Espinosa
  • CJ Ramos[49] as Patrick Espinosa
  • Sue Ramirez[50] as Marie Espinosa
  • Marlo Mortel[50] as Noel Marasigan
  • Nikko Natividad[51] as Bong
  • Soliman Cruz[52] as P/DGen. (Chief PNP) Alejandro Terante
  • Mystica[53] as Rosa
  • Rhed Bustamante[53] as Ana
  • Kenken Nuyad[53] as Aye
  • Kid Lopez[54] as Adonis


See also: List of Ang Probinsyano episodes



No. in


Title Original air date Kantar media rating


639 1 "Pamilya Cabrera" March 15, 2018 39.6%[55]
Alyana finally meets Marco's family.
640 2 "Hinusgahan" March 16, 2018 38.9%[56]
Alyana's dinner with the Vice President's family does not end well, getting judged for being married to Cardo. Later, Cardo begs for Alyana's forgiveness.
641 3 "Crossfire" March 19, 2018 41.8%[57]
Members of the Vendetta find themselves in grave danger.
642 4 "Hininga" March 20, 2018 40.9%[57]
One of the Vendetta members hovers between life and death.
643 5 "Authority" March 21, 2018 43.5%[58]
Renato ensures that he has the authority over Romulo.
644 6 "Paunahan" March 22, 2018 42.1%[59]
A piece of news overjoys the members of Vendetta.
645 7 "Pamilya Hidalgo" March 23, 2018 39.7%[60]
Alyana meets the country’s President.
646 8 "Kalkulado" March 26, 2018 41.0%[61]
The members of Vendetta start planning their mission to save Romulo.
647 9 "Bantay Salakay" March 27, 2018 42.0%[61]
Renato assures that no one can take Romulo from his grasps.
648 10 "Ideya" March 28, 2018 40.6%[62]
Cardo finds a way to infiltrate the hospital where Romulo is detained.
649 11 "Pwersahan" April 2, 2018 40.8%[63]
Cardo executes his plan to save Romulo.
650 12 "Gwardyado" April 3, 2018 41.3%[64]
Cardo puts his plans in motion despite the strict monitoring of the authorities to Romulo.
651 13 "Makalusot" April 4, 2018 39.1%[64]
Andi helps Cardo escape from an impending danger.
652 14 "Armas" April 5, 2018 39.9%[65]
Kamandag gathers its forces to hunt down Vendetta.
653 15 "Solusyon" April 6, 2018 38.0%[65]
Cardo and his comrades plan on how to rescue Romulo, while Alyana and Marco start to have problems in their relationship.
654 16 "Pinaplano" April 9, 2018 40.9%[65]
The Flower Power Girls carries out its plan against Vendetta.
655 17 "Medalya" April 10, 2018 40.2%[66]
Alyana reunites with Cardo's family for a very important occasion.
656 18 "Yate" April 11, 2018 41.5%[66]
Unbeknownst to them, the lives of Becky and the Flower Power Girls would be placed in danger.
657 19 "Dagat" April 12, 2018 41.8%[66]
The members of Vendetta cross the ocean in order to rescue Becky and her Flower Power Girls.
658 20 "Tahanan" April 13, 2018 40.3%[67]
Marco’s anger toward Alyana puts his life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Becky and the Power Flower Girls express their gratitude towards Vendetta for saving their lives.
659 21 "Patawad" April 16, 2018 37.1%[68]
A threat forces Alyana to make a tough decision. Elsewehere, Andi and Cardo gets to know each other better.
660 22 "Harang" April 17, 2018 40.3%[69]
The police, Vendetta and Kamandag are on full alert for Romulo's imminent hospital transfer. Later, Kamandag strikes and attempts to kill Romulo during the transfer.
661 23 "Dismayado" April 18, 2018 42.6%[69]
Homer and his group disappoint, yet again. Renato’s hopes of finally getting rid of Romulo.
662 24 "Paguusap" April 19, 2018 42.1%[70]
President Hidalgo comes face-to-face with Romulo.
663 25 "Naguunahan" April 20, 2018 41.6%[70]
Vendetta race against their enemies to rescue Romulo.
664 26 "Sumalakay" April 23, 2018 43.0%[71]
Cardo tries to save Romulo from Maj. Catindig’s ex-military group.
665 27 "Pinaghihinalaan" April 24, 2018 42.2%[71]
Delfin and his deputies become suspicious of Andi.
666 28 "Pinagtatakpan" April 25, 2018 42.8%[72]
Becky and her Flower Power Girls exhaust all means to protect Vendetta from surveilling authorities.
667 29 "Nasorpresa" April 26, 2018 42.0%[72]
The unexpected arrival of a family member catches the Hidalgos by surprise.
668 30 "Hatid Sundo" April 27, 2018 39.2%[73]
Vice President Lucas Cabrera further strengthens his political ties with Renato Hipolito amidst the controversies that surround the latter. Meanwhile, Cardo takes it upon himself to ferry Andi to and from her and work to ensure her safety.
669 31 "Salisihan" April 30, 2018 41.2%[74]
Renato finds a new ally. Meanwhile, Kamandag starts coercing local officials into supporting Renato to improve his lagging standing in the Senate race.
670 32 "Dayaan" May 1, 2018 41.2%[74]
Vendetta tries to stop Renato’s plans to rig the elections.
671 33 "Suhol" May 2, 2018 42.5%[75]
Vice President Cabrera and Congressman Brandon Cabrera go to great lengths in helping Renato win the election.
672 34 "Fake News" May 3, 2018 40.9%[75]
Wally finds himself in trouble because of his new job.
673 35 "Sirain" May 4, 2018 39.4%[76]
Vice President Cabrera tries to convince Bro. Lorenzo Alano to endorse Renato in the upcoming elections.
674 36 "Trolls" May 7, 2018 41.0%[77]
Vendetta carries out its mission to destroy the troll farm supporting Renato's candidacy.
675 37 "Dahas" May 8, 2018 40.3%[77]
The jockeying of political candidates for the support of Bro. Lorenzo continues.
676 38 "Takutin" May 9, 2018 39.6%[78]
An unwelcome guest pays Bro. Lorenzo a visit.
677 39 "Kilalanin" May 10, 2018 39.7%[79]
Bro. Lorenzo faces a tough decision.
678 40 "Anunsyo" May 11, 2018 41.4%[80]
Bro. Lorenzo puts his life at risk during his announcement.
679 41 "Depensa" May 14, 2018 37.4%[81]
The Vice President stops at nothing to carry out his plans, while Vendetta looks for a way to rescue Bro. Lorenzo.
680 42 "Susundan" May 15, 2018 40.8%[82]
Cardo and Vendetta tail Vice President Cabrera in hopes of saving Bro. Lorenzo.
681 43 "Magmatyag" May 16, 2018 40.2%[82]
Cardo and his allies prepare to infiltrate Congressman Cabrera's birthday party.
682 44 "Regalo" May 17, 2018 41.8%[83]
The Flower Power Girls set out on a dangerous mission to help Vendetta.
683 45 "Sumaklolo" May 18, 2018 39.9%[83]
Vendetta storms in Congressman Cabrera's hideout to rescue Bro. Lorenzo.
684 46 "Paratangan" May 21, 2018 40.3%[84]
The Cabreras face a huge controversy as Bro. Lorenzo reveals who is responsible for his abduction.
685 47 "Kabangga" May 22, 2018 41.3%[84]
Vendetta refuses to back down against its most powerful foe to date: Vice President Cabrera.
686 48 "Tinututukan" May 23, 2018 39.5%[85]
Bro. Lorenzo clears Vendetta's reputation.
687 49 "Source Code" May 24, 2018 42.4%[85]
The Vice President surrenders his son to the authorities before the elections begin.
688 50 "Warrant" May 25, 2018 39.6%[86]
Congressman Cabrera is finally arrested.
689 51 "Counting Machine" May 28, 2018 40.9%[87]
Vendetta takes on a mission to ensure that the automated counting machines will not be used for election fraud.
690 52 "Manipula" May 29, 2018 42.5%[87]
The Special Assistant to the President, William Celerio, sets into motion his plan to manipulate the election results in the favor of the Vice President's party.
691 53 "Sabotahe" May 30, 2018 42.0%[88]
Vendetta foils the attempt to manipulate the election results.
692 54 "Bantay Boto" May 31, 2018 42.5%[88]
Vice President Cabrera releases a statement to address the crisis his family and political party are currently facing.
693 55 "Eleksyon" June 1, 2018 39.4%[89]
Vendetta keeps their eyes open as the elections get underway.
694 56 "Tagumpay" June 4, 2018 42.4%[90]
Vendetta is pleased with the results of the elections.
695 57 "Pagtitiwala" June 5, 2018 43.0%[90]
Vice President Cabrera tries to get on President Hidalgo's good side, hoping that his efforts would help his son Brandon.
696 58 "Liham" June 6, 2018 41.3%[91]
A letter concerning Cardo reaches the de Leons.
697 59 "Nababahala" June 7, 2018 40.5%[91]
President Hidalgo is unnerved by the PNP’s latest discovery regarding the attempted tampering of the automated counting machines.
698 60 "Summons" June 8, 2018 42.8%[92]
Cardo receives the summons for his and Alyana’s annulment.
699 61 "Magkikita" June 11, 2018 44.0%[93]
Alyana accepts Marco's marriage proposal.
700 62 "Magkasama" June 12, 2018 42.1%[93]
Alyana’s loved ones are worried after learning about her disappearance.
701 63 "Liblib" June 13, 2018 44.4%[94]
Homer’s group causes disturbance at the oathtaking of the newly elected senators. Elsewhere, Cardo and Alyana arrives at the sleepy town of Sto. Niño.
702 64 "Threat" June 14, 2018 42.8%[95]
Marco is determined to find Alyana.
703 65 "Tinakasan" June 15, 2018 41.4%[95]
Alyana runs away from Cardo.
704 66 "Huli Ka" June 18, 2018 43.1%[96]
Cardo stops Alyana from escaping.
705 67 "Nagdaramdam" June 19, 2018 42.9%[96]
Marco remains distressed while Alyana is still nowhere to be found.
706 68 "Babantayan" June 20, 2018 41.8%[96]
Homer’s group delivers another threat.
707 69 "Delikado" June 21, 2018 43.3%[96]
Caloy’s family tries to help Cardo reconcile with Alyana.
708 70 "Iniiwasan" June 22, 2018 42.5%[97]
Cardo comes face-to-face with a notorious person in Sto. Niño, while new evidence links Vendetta to the chaos that transpired during the oath-taking at the palace.
709 71 "Pinagtulungan" June 25, 2018 45.0%[98]
Alyana tries to escape from Cardo again.
710 72 "Tatakutin" June 26, 2018 43.7%[99]
Vice President Cabrera and Renato cook up another vile plan.
711 73 "Memories" June 27, 2018 44.6%[99]
Cardo and Alyana reminisce about their past.
712 74 "Namimiss" June 28, 2018 43.9%[99]
Vice President Cabrera prepares a cunning plan, while Cardo and Alyana help with the preparations for Sto. Niño's fiesta.
713 75 "Sulyap" June 29, 2018 40.2%[100]
The Vice President successfully carries out his vile plan.
714 76 "Kiss Be With You" July 2, 2018 39.2%[101]
Cardo tries his best to win back Alyana.
715 77 "Balagtasan" July 3, 2018 42.9%[101]
Cardo’s (Coco Martin) family move to their new home, while Vice President Cabrera and Renato concocts a new plan against their enemies.
716 78 "Sayaw" July 4, 2018 45.3%[102]
Cardo gets into a fight because of Alyana.
717 79 "Tanong" July 5, 2018 44.4%[103]
Cardo begs Alyana to mend their broken relationship.
718 80 "Pakiramdam" July 6, 2018 42.5%[104]
Convinced that Alyana is with Cardo, Marco resolves to kill his rival.
719 81 "Malaya Ka Na" July 9, 2018 43.7%[105]
Despite the pain, Cardo decides to let go of Alyana.
720 82 "Kung Wala Ka" July 10, 2018 44.9%[105]
After waking up from her strange and horrible dream, Alyana goes out of her way to find Cardo.
721 83 "Balikan" July 11, 2018 44.8%[106]
Cardo and Alyana are back in each other’s arms, while Kamandag carries out its vicious mission.
722 84 "Babawi" July 12, 2018 46.2%[106]
Vendetta gets caught in Kamandag’s nefarious designs against William.
723 85 "Pasyal" July 13, 2018 43.1%[107]
Cardo and Alyana try to rekindle their romance.
724 86 "Mabuo" July 16, 2018 41.2%[108]
The Vice President finds a way to turn the President's opinion against Vendetta.
725 87 "Tinuldukan" July 17, 2018 44.4%[109]
Alyana makes a bold decision to set herself free.
726 88 "Makilala" July 18, 2018 43.1%[109]
Delfin’s subordinates keeps Andi under close surveillance.
727 89 "Marry Me Again" July 19, 2018 42.2%[109]
Cardo takes a big step to profess his undying love for Alyana.
728 90 "Pagbigyang Muli" July 20, 2018 42.1%[110]
Cardo and Alyana give their love another chance.
729 91 "Just Married Again" July 23, 2018 40.8%[111]
The President declares war against Vendetta, while Cardo and Alyana celebrate their second marriage.
730 92 "Maligaya" July 24, 2018 43.2%[112]
Vice President Cabrera asks a favor from President Hidalgo, while Cardo and Alyana share an intimate night after their wedding.
731 93 "Higanti" July 25, 2018 43.5%[112]
Tanggol exacts revenge on Cardo.
732 94 "Bistado" July 26, 2018 42.1%[112]
Vice President Cabrera and Renato hatches a scheme to get Brandon out of jail.
733 95 "Nakabangga" July 27, 2018 38.3%[113]
A new threat awaits Cardo.
734 96 "Tensyon" July 30, 2018 42.4%[114]
Tension rises between Flora and Gina, while Marco carries out his plan to regain Alyana.
735 97 "Nahuli" July 31, 2018 41.7%[115]
Marco becomes enraged over what he witnessed.
736 98 "Silakbo" August 1, 2018 40.5%[116]
The special task force led by Gen. Perez acquires new information about Vendetta’s alleged hideout.
737 99 "Magkakasama" August 2, 2018 42.7%[116]
While Vendetta rejoices over Cardo’s return, the authorities start a police operation against the vigilantes.
738 100 "Gipitan" August 3, 2018 41.3%[117]
A twofold danger inches closer on Vendetta.
739 101 "Napapaligiran" August 6, 2018 43.9%[118]
The members of Vendetta find themselves surrounded.
740 102 "Bala sa Bala" August 7, 2018 46.1%[119]
Homer hunts for his most prized prey, Cardo.
741 103 "Mano Mano" August 8, 2018 43.2%[120]
Cardo and Homer go mano a mano.
742 104 "Tagpo" August 9, 2018 46.3%[120]
Cardo tries to save his former comrades amid the shootout between the authorities, Vendetta, and Kamandag.
743 105 "Mapanganib" August 10, 2018 44.1%[121]
Vendetta loses some of its members during an intense battle against Marco and his private army.
744 106 "Nakatakas" August 13, 2018 44.5%[122]
Marco and his goons stop at nothing to exterminate Vendetta.
745 107 "Galit" August 14, 2018 45.2%[123]
The Cabreras vow to make Cardo pay for Marco's death.
746 108 "Maghihiganti" August 15, 2018 42.5%[123]
The Cabreras are determined to avenge Marco’s death.
747 109 "Peligroso" August 16, 2018 40.9%[123]
Renato gives Homer his next target.
748 110 "Bumisita" August 17, 2018 40.7%[124]
Delfin bombards Vice President Cabrera with questions regarding Marco’s involvement in the attack against Vendetta.
749 111 "Damay" August 20, 2018 40.8%[125]
Homer and his minions commence their plan against Alyana's family.
750 112 "Pipigain" August 21, 2018 40.0%[125]
Tension rises between Vendetta and their unwelcome visitors, Jerome and Rigor.
751 113 "Taliwas" August 22, 2018 40.0%[126]
Vendetta receives a shocking revelation from Bubbles.
752 114 "Konektado" August 23, 2018 39.5%[126]
Cardo and Vendetta fear that President Hidalgo might be in cahoots with Homer, Renato, and Vice President Cabrera.
753 115 "Takot" August 24, 2018 39.5%[127]
Terror strikes Flora and her family when Kamandag breaks into their home.
754 116 "Lakas ng Loob" August 27, 2018 39.9%[127]
Cardo whips up a bold move against President Hidalgo.
755 117 "Palitan" August 28, 2018 41.0%[128]
Aubrey Hidalgo and the PSG Commander, Harold Casilag start to get suspicious of the Vice President.
756 118 "Guilty" August 29, 2018 39.1%[129]
The court prmulgates its verdict on Brandon’s case.
757 119 "Deadline" August 30, 2018 37.7%[130]
Vice President Cabrera initiates his plan to take down President Hidalgo.
758 120 "Full Alert" August 31, 2018 38.7%[130]
The PNP is on full alert following President Hidalgo’s one-week ultimatum to arrest Vendetta.
759 121 "Galugad" September 3, 2018 42.9%[131]
Vice President Cabrera finalizes his evil plans against President Hidalgo and the first family.
760 122 "Seguridad" September 4, 2018 42.3%[131]
The President surprises his family by taking them to a place close to their hearts.
761 123 "Kasado" September 5, 2018 42.5%[132]
The Vice President is set to carry out his assassination plot on the President.
762 124 "Alerto" September 6, 2018 43.2%[132]
The alumni homecoming event at the President’s alma mater turns into chaos.
763 125 "Trap" September 7, 2018 45.5%[133]
The First Family finds themselves trapped in a life-threatening situation, while one of President Hidalgo's most trusted allies sacrifices his life for the president.
764 126 "Corner" September 10, 2018 46.1%[134]
Cardo and Vendetta try to rescue the first family from the Vice Presidens's minions.
765 127 "Krisis" September 11, 2018 44.6%[134]
The entire nation learns of Vendetta’s presence during the assassination attempt on the first family.
766 128 "Kritikal" September 12, 2018 45.0%[134]
The entire first family is in critical condition.
767 129 "Malubha" September 13, 2018 44.6%[135]
Vendetta scrambles to save President Hidalgo’s life.
768 130 "Pagmulat" September 14, 2018 41.8%[135]
President Hidalgo finally regains consciousness.
769 131 "Kontrolado" September 17, 2018 39.3%[136]
A devastating news about President Hidalgo shocks the whole nation.
770 132 "Panunumpa" September 18, 2018 42.4%[137]
Lucas Cabrera is sworn in as the President of the Republic.
771 133 "Diskumpyado" September 19, 2018 41.6%[138]
Oscar Hidalgo goes to desperate lengths just to escape from Vendetta.
772 134 "Pinagluluksa" September 20, 2018 42.5%[139]
Oscar grieves at the sight of his family’s remains.
773 135 "Ililigtas" September 21, 2018 44.3%[140]
Vendetta tries to save Oscar from grave danger.
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  1. ^ Marissa Hidalgo was written off the show as the First Lady of the Philippines, hence she is credited as such
  2. ^ Catherine Cabrera left the show before Lucas Cabrera's ascencion to the Presidency, thus she is still billed as the second lady because the title was never explicitly used by the character on the show.