Roy W. Carreon was NO LONGER one of the Ultimate Antagonist and Former Good Character from Probinsyano who lies Joaquin Tuazon, He cares about destroying Don Emilio that the Drug Syndicates tortures in any slights.

He is the longtime friend of Delfin Borja who helps Ricardo Dalisay, Avel Guzman, Francisco Rivera, Mark Vargas, Jerome Girona Jr. And Rigor Soriano to tortures Syndicates in any slights. He is portrayed by the Filipino voice actor, Arthur Acuna.

Synopsis Edit

Season 1

Roy is Delfin's Best Friend Forever before He currently jails Him, He gives Dominador B. De Leon advices Joaquin. He later released to meets Diego who is saves by Ador's shooter and cannot let Someone happens the truth.

Season 2

He is shot by Don Emilio.

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