Roxanne Opeña is the new addition to the Task Force Agila Policewomen replacing Police Major Alessandra Romero. It's also one of the Female protagonist since the top-rating Philippine's longest running drama of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

She is is portrayed by Filipino voice actress Shaina Magdayao who is also known as the Ang TV "2001", Hazel Gerochi-Fontanilla from Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin from 2005, Princess Mira from Juan dela Cruz from 2013, Rachel Mercado-Laxamana from Nathaniel from 2015, Camille Villalobos from The Better Half from 2017, Samantha "Sam" Gonzalez-Del Mundo-Guerrero / Katrina Ramirez from Asintado from 2018, Grace Andrada from Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit from 2019, Aileen Robles-Sebastian from The Haunted from 2019.

Enemies: Renato Hipolito

Jacob Serrano


Lily Ann Cortez

Arturo Padua

Meilin Yang+

Dante "Alyas Bungo" Madarang+

Chloe Delgado+

Personality Edit

She is seen to be strict and cunning. But has redeems a Villainy herself, to frees her deeds, She honors to attacks for Her justices.

Trivia Edit

  1. She is first to be a female anti hero in the series, which shows that she dosen’t show any morality or respect to Cardo. She then had a change of heart in showing respect and support to Cardo to get the freedom of Delfin.
  2. She is portrayed by Shaina Magdayao who became also a Co Star of Coco Martin in 2013 TV Series Juan Dela Cruz portraying Princess Mira.
  3. She is portrayed by Shaina Magdayao who became also a Co Star of Arron Villaflor in 2018 TV Series Asintado portraying Samantha "Sam" Gonzalez-Del Mundo-Guerrero / Katrina Ramirez.
  4. She has a culinary background.

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