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Police Chief Superintendent Jacob Rogelio serves as the Former Major Antagonist from Television Series of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who quits to Joaquin Tuazon. He is the Corruptive Policeman who cooperated the Tuazons for bested out Cardo Dalisay into Their traps and betrays Him to goes into Jail.


Cardo assaults Jacob and His men that they ever abducts Him, later the CIDG Boys joins the ruined party with Joaquin. All of them goes wild and battles Each others, Joaquin Tuazon shoots Francisco Rivera then Jacob shoots Avel Guzman, Jerome Girona Jr. shoots His own killer.

Joaquin later retreats but Jacob begs Him, He leaves Him alone for not abusing Cardo. He arrest Jacob for abducting Him, and hires Him in the Jail.

He later shoots and kills Himself by haves His mental illness.


He is portrayed by Rez Cortez.

He shares the same name with Serrano Jacob.

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