Ang Probinsyano Wikia

The riding in tandem are the Villainous groups from Ang Probinsyano who joins Tomas Tuazon, They're thinking about taking down Ricardo Dalisay after He goes wild Lorenz Gabriel the Leader of his Groups.

They are also the team of Mafia Forces and their Leader Mr. Philip Tang.

Full Name: The Riding In Tandem

Aliases: Gang Bikers

Origins: Ang Probinsyano

Leaders: Lorenz Gabriel+

Members: All of them+

Gender: Male

Goals: Takes down Cardo for going wild Their leader Lorenz (Fails)

Martial Fates: Killed in Action

Status: Dead+

Deaths Causes: Defeats by CIDG Officers

Debut: March Season 1 Book 1 2016

Role Ends: April Season 1 Book 1 2016

Crimes: Assaults and Batteries CIDG Boys

Animality Laugh


Attempts for murdering

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Evil

Types of Villains: Psychopathic Outcasts