Ricardo Borja Dalisay or birth name as Ricardo "Cardo" B. De Leon simply known as Cardo Dalisay, is the Main Tuitulary Protagonist from the series of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is a twin brother of former living, Dominador "Ador" de Leon, the son of the late Pablo de Leon, the grandson to Delfin Borja and Flora de Leon, the husband of Alyana Arevalo, a father to Ricky Boy and an andoptive father to Letlet. His mother is still unknown until now and it is yet to reveal in the meantime. He is the current husband to Alyana Arevalo. He was the former team leader of the CIDG at Camp Crame, a former SAF trooper and was the Officer-in-charge of PACTF.

He is also portrayed by the Filipino voice actor, Coco Martin who is also known as Alexander "Xander" Sebastiano del Tierro and Javier Sebastiano del Tierro is the drama series Minsan Lang Kita Libigin that was released in 2011, Daniel Guidotti is the drama series Walang Hanggan that was released in 2012 and Juan Dela Cruz from his hit drama series Juan Dela Cruz that was released in 2013.


Species: Human

Inspiration: Juan Dela Cruz

Skin Color: Tan

Marital Fates: Police

Friends: Glenda "Glen" Corpuz

Paco Alvardo✝️

Rigor Soriano

Jerome Girona Jr.

Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera✝️

Avel "Billy" Guzman

Mark Vargas

Roxanne Opeña

Delfin Borja

Diana Olegario

Oscar Hidalgo

Manuel dela Cruz

Victor Basco

Amir Marquez

Dominador B. De Leon✝️

Enemies: Joaquin Tuazon✝️

Don Emilo Syquia/Gustavo Torralba✝️

Tomas Tuazon✝️

Lorenz Gabriel

Diego Sahagun✝️

Mr. Philip Tang✝️

Hector Mercurio

Don Romano✝️

Lucas Cabrera✝️

Brandon Cabrera✝️

Renato Hipolito

Homer "Alakdan" Adlawan✝️

Alejandro Terante✝️

Jacob Serrano

Gina Magtanggol (Jailed)

Bartolome Bulaan✝️


Lily Ann Cortez

Meilin Yang✝️

Dante S. Madarang✝️

Lazaro Enriquez

Jimbo Padua

Arturo Padua

Quotes: HAYOP KA, Adlawan

Alignment Chart: Neutral Good

Type of Hero: Rural Cop, The Hero,

Special Force, Vigilante

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Cardo is tan with a Colorless hair, has his own team's custom uniform. He gets a blue jacket as his outfit and wears a SAF trooper uniform.


Cardo is more Shy than toughts, He was Freedom to do His journeys. He hasn't done wrong who tells his Twin brother Ador, who He murders David Madarang.

He is also seen Bloodthirsty and Miaguided in some occasions. After kidnapping his grand uncle Delfin and grounds himself from work he turned out completely unhappy, devastated, and lost his coolness and patience which would also make him go to the point that he have the guts to talk back offensively like to Gen. Dela Cruz and President Oscar Hidalgo been currently manipulated by Lily


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Full Synopsis Edit

Season 1

Cardo in the meeting at the setup of his Twin brother, Ador de leon who later, Joaquin Tuazon shot Him and saves Diego Sahagun to retreats. to gambits His twin, He needs to fakes Himself to meets Carmen De Guzman and Junior De Leon.

Later He meets Glen Corpuz and Onyok about Ador's birthday, but released as a major betrayal through His races. Cardo successfully betrays Carmen and Junior who He'll never meets Him no more! He ends up his injuries.

Carmen goes wild Diego sahagun who He shoots Ador, and Cardo his injuries. as Cardo never forgives Glen for making Him gets mad at Ador, He deeds to hits Benny Dimaapi for His major betrayals.

Later Cardo assaults and shoots Leonardo Demetrio, The leader of the Drug syndicate and the Rivalry, Mr. Philip Tang shows up as the leader of the Mafia Forces.

Carmen was abducted during her son, Junior's field trip by Madame Olga who associates Mr. Tang. The CIDG Boys helps The girls from The drug syndicates, Joaquin shoots Olga and The mysterious (Paloma) Dalisay saves Carmen, but was encountered by Philip during the helps of the Girls. Carmen gets mad Herself for not saving Cardo, and the other girls thanks because of Him.

Later Mr tang and his Deeds hires and sends Jego Sahagun to takes down Cardo, CIDG Boys, Joaquin and His father, Tomas Tuazon. He battles Him that there is no way His deeds will stay away if He never takes down Everyone that they gets in His ways. Suddenly CIDG Boys barges and assaults the Mafia Forces that they stay away from their Deeds. Cardo assaults Diego after being attempted impaled by Tomas, He is shot by Joaquin. Cardo assaults Philip is He is thinking about taking down Him, He later shoots and kills Him in the deaths of the Mafia Forces.

Cardo meets Trina Alonso as His missions, He doesn't want here to understands affects. Like in a Car before Madame Olga passed away by Joaquin, He speaks with Michael V Alonso the Widowed father of Her. Released that Michael V kills His own lover by Accidents, Cardo assaults Him if He ever shoots Her.

Cardo witness the Kidnappers was Ivan Gomez that He affiliates Tomas to gets more moneys. Junior gets abducted by Him, Carmen worries about Her son. She returns Cardo to not attacks, Joaquin spanks Her because of Him. Cardo shot the Old man who joins Dr. Gomez. Glen manages to saves the Children, but She was attempts abducts by Him. Ricardo assaults and physically kills Ivan if He ever abducts Her, He saves Glen for being kidnaps.

Season 2

His best friend, Onyok's families was revealed about His mother, Rowena and His younger sister Gigi. But His abusive father, Marcelo cares about His deeds. He doesn't care about His own son, Rowena can't let that happens to Her son. Tomas was later killed by Cardo who avenged Carmen, Don Emilo was abducted that Cardo shoots Joaquin.

Season 3

The only rivalry of Cardo dalisay, was Renato Hipolito the Leader of the Mafia forces who hates Drugs Syndicates.

Season 4

Romulo redeems a villains to forgives Cardo and became the Vendetta. They shoots Mateo de Silva and His deeds for drugging Everyone.

Season 5

Lucas Cabrera released to be the Father of Brandon Cabrera and Marco Cabrera, and the lover of Catherine Cabrera. Alyana successfully lies Cardo who she'll never meets No more!!! He retreats the Policemen attempts for abducting Him, Diana Olegario tells Ricardo the truth about Renato Hipolito.

Season 6

However, Lily Ann Cortez joins Renato Hipolito to sees Lucas Cabrera, Damian and Albert Hernandez. Homer Adlawan losts his Egos and stays dead by Cardo, The vendetta shoots Lucas and Renato. but Anton dies and Renato survives, They quits faster by Oscars deeds

Season 7

After Cardo's promotional, Dante S. Madarang appears because of His twin brother's death by Ador De Leon before He was shot by Joaquin. Renato hipolito has been seen by Lily.

Cardo and His friends reunites Vendetta to tortures Lemuel in any slights. Juan loses to kills Him for abusing Mr. Miller x Jamil in any slights. Cardo and His colleagues are ready to destroys Lily Ann Cortez and Arturo Padua in any slights. This March 2020 Book 4 Season 7, will Cardo tortures Lily x Arturo in any slights?.

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