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Renato "Buwitre" K. Hipolito is the Main Antagonist in Season 6-7 and was turned to Central Antagonist in Season 8 from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano in the series following the demise of Don Emilio, Tomas, and Joaquin Tuazon. He is the Cardo's Rival and The most wanted man in the Philippines. to be replacing Joaquin Tuazon.

He is cares about taking down Cardo. after He was the former Pulang Araw evil group member, the former director of National Defense, the former KamandagGroup with Homer and the former Senator and Secretary to Lucas Cabrera. He is also the Leader of the Mafia Forces, who is despite having a Rivalries with Drug Syndicates. And The Former Ally And Enemy Of Lily Ann Cortez


Renato is a cool guy to appoint for and his witty personality makes his formal attitude clean. Renato is not a type of person to rant psychotically, he just shouts at some point when he fails. His glasses and likes to wear it out while conversing in his witty personality or by getting aggressive.


Season 3[]

Renato wears his tuxedo formal attire working for a particular government.

Season 7[]

Renato changed his clothing to long-sleeved attires like sweaters. Sometimes he wears a shirt when in the mood. He also has his glasses saving out after how many encounters of any wars.


Renato Hipolito worked as a Director of the National Defense department leading all his terms and convoyed battalions on his back. He works with his murderous secretary Major General Manolo Catindig and elsewhere, Catindig's ally, Col. Ernesto Capili. Renato's responsibility at hand with his other secretary, Diana Olegario, an intelligence agent.

Due to the fact that Cardo went defeated along with the fight to the Pulang Araw rebellions, Renato keeps failing into Diana upon having his lackings to help backing up with Cardo's allies. Diana has to do something over it by letting Cardo show that he is not dead for sure.

Just when the crisis at Manila where Delfin was suspected as to get allies with Cardo being joining to the rebels, Catindig and Capili overjoyed their mission on taking down Diana's intel, on which Catindig to the members introduces their boss, and is Renato alone. Revealing Renato as their boss, he is responsible for tarnishing the name of Cardo's reputation and dignity as a SAF trooper.

Romulo revealed Renato is their ex-member of rebels on which he excuses for the group for an emergency at Manila as being promised he would come back for them. It took too long for the group and now they learned he was already escaping them as to pretend he was working for a government to capture the group. Renato's betrayal, in fact, he already contacted one of his allies on the rebel group; Alakdan, Gagamba, Ahas, and Tuko. Romulo's rebel group side is crucially not the ones orchestrating the criminality and the terror to the government but actually from Renato's remaining allies.

Season 4[]

He got his Alakdan and the group where Cardo and Romulos are started to get info with them. When Cardo's strike, Alakdan may use the power to Renato for some connections and arms to avenge their loss of syndication. Romulo was one of his targets and somewhat Capili and Catindig are sleeping in the process before indicating that Diana is getting on the hook that Renato liked all the time. Emilio has to have the input taking Cardo down but later on the Vendetta was formed. This is where the starting point where Renato starts to crawl over to the other politicians as well. Just as before the introduction of the Cabreras, Alakdan moved to Manila and hiding out one of the latter's secret den.

Vendetta moved to Manila for taking down Renato from tarnishing the name of the vigilante, as well as the saving matter to Cardo's family who is in danger now as being blamed they were allies involving rebellion. Romulo's being taken down by Renato from their encounter, he was in the hospital, the latter has to do with the plans to secure until he got a mysterious nurse, Andrea. The nurse was also the ally of the Vendetta and by saving Romulo to transfer to the group's hideout instead against the full security of Catindig's goons. The raid of the rest of Vendetta's members on the hospital where Romulo is being confined, it is where Catindig meets his last breath. Renato in his loss and started to get escaped from the government before Diana reached him.

Season 5[]

The introduction of the Cabreras and Hidalgos, the loss of Renato hoped another chance to meet other allies. When the Cabreraz turns out to be the antagonist, Renato swoops into Lucas and seeks help to catapult his term to Senator, but Renato wants to be the President just like Lucas had. Thereon, Alakdan got more powers to include their shares getting doubled, their money has to exchange for some expensive weapons. Renato, his task continues as he orders Alakdan and the group to perform any criminal works that a terrorists would do, obviously blamed Vendetta.

Season 6[]

Renato has just some allies added aside from the Cabreras, he has Lily Ann Cortez, who later revealed as the baglady of their administration. She was Renato's baglady before and it is where Lucas wants to withdraw powers of corruption from within.

As when Lucas administration starts to fall, the Vendetta's encounter with them, during Lucas' visit to his two sons at the grave along with his big officers. Lucas was defeated but Renato wounded as he escaped on the group. He was shot by the shoulder, he later was recovered by Lily on help.

Season 7[]

Renato survives after Lucas dies in the hands of Vendetta. He was saved and rescued by Lily soon after.

Renato, void of everything he has, and then he gradually suffers in escaping and hiding to one and other hidden places as he continues to rob, to kill and to rest. He almost dies in the loss of blood after getting shot by one of the polices.

The escaping continues as he met in the first place with Jacob, Migz, and Lance, who are the rich guys that were involved in a particular syndicate once again. He stole one of their cars as he rushed to three after learning about it. Now, Jacob cornered him, the loss Renato now got his good remains as Jacob recruited him.

Season 8[]

Soon, It is unknown after Angelito Valmoria lies and Betrays Buwitre and Serrano Jacob if He'll never meets Them No More!, He was been blamed by Him with Cardo. Renato's Problems will gets Too Much Worse like Serrano Jacob's, He has nothing to do until Ricardo Dalisay will passed away, will Dictator Renato Hipolito takes down Lito alongside with His Nephew, Serrano for resigning and quiting to Them without permissions, or will He be abused by Him if He ever steps of the Lines?.

Powers and Abilities[]

Peak Human Intelligence

Peak Human Condition

Peak Human Strength

Peak Human Mind

Peak Human Health

Peak Human Accuracy


  • Renato's name etymology might be referred from the late Filipino Chief Justice, Renato Corona. He was also involved in graft and corruption.
  • He might be the most powerful main villain of the overall series next to Emilio Syquia despite being the former overall antagonist.
  • He was portrayed by John Arcilla who is known as Hagorn from Encantadia.
  • He rivalry released as Mr. Philip Tang from the Mafia Forces.
  • In season 7, he is seen to be more active in gun fighting and combats than in previous seasons.

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