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Ramil D. Taduran or simply known as Manager is the minor protagonist in supporting antagonist in Season 2 from Ang Probinsyano. He is the former inmate and fore-runner of gambling sectors inside the prison.

He makes his debut as the unseen antagonist of Tomas Tuazon, who kills Fatso before Cardo Dalisay was betrayed by Joaquin Tuazon and was imprisoned to meet him. Ramil is also an all times rival of Angelito Valmoria, who betrays him and complains to Renato Hipolito and Serrano Jacob.

In February 2021, he is formerly antagonist of Cardo Dalisay, who is held by his archenemy, Lito in May 2021. He is back to reunite the Task Force Agila to kill Druglord for what he has done wrong to him without permissions. And he was he no longer by Lito.

He escapes from Lito's transaction in order to go back to Task Force Agila and redeem himself, but when he was about to grab his things from his room, Lito and his men stop him from escaping.

As Lito is enraged at Ramil for leaving him behind, it is unknown what Lito is going to do with Ramil now that Ramil no longer trust Lito.

He later gets on Cardos' good side from an alliance, forging their vigilante group. He is hired as a policeman, ranking the first rank officer from the Presidential pardon made by Oscar Hidalgo after battling with the Cabrera family and the latter veils from Pulang Araw evil groups.

He is also portrayed by the Filipino voice actor, Michael De Mesa, who is also known for I Found You.


After Tomas Tuazon was imprisoned by the CIDG Officers, Ramil was a racist and xenophobe who has seen his fat friend shot by him. He later fought him in the Gambling sections, where he starts to kill him. He later meets Cardo Dalisay, who was betrayed by Joaquin Tuazon and was here by accused of torturing the three policemen.

Since then, Ramil redeems himself in order to save Cardo and then kills Tomas Tuazon, who takes down Carmen. Ramil became known as the legendary fighter who defends innocent people. He helps and supports all of the Pulang Araw members named Vendetta who are ready to tell the corruptions what to do and that they stay away from innocent people.

Ramil Taduran has been cursed and Ego washed by Lito in order to attack the Task Force Agila for torturing Alyana Arevalo in any slights. But when Ramil finds out that Angelito Valmoria takes down his own families and hires him in Bilibid, he would have another girl. Delfin Borja has to do his favor in order to find out that Lito has another lover rather than Alyana.


After a long day of hard work, Cardo and his allies have a drinking session when Ramil comments about how Cardo is not impressed with Alyana's decision to keep working for Lito as tensions flares up between Cardo And Ramil, as Cardo is furious about how Ramil said that Alyana is more comfortable with Lito, as Cardo had enough and assails Ramil in the face for commenting about Alyana and Lito's relationship, as Cardo points his gun towards Ramil in anger as his allies try to convince him to calm down and try to explain

Ramil does not want to attack Cardo Dalisay and the Task Force Agila for resignation, he wants to release the truth about Lito's betrayal (who has sent him to jails, where he meets Tomas Tuazon). When Lito is released to Ego, he washes him and JP Arevalo takes down the Task Force Agila for killing Alyana without permissions, and Lily Ann Cortez and Arturo Padua adopts Angelito from Renato Hipolito and Serrano Jacob.

Cardo finds out that Angelito Valmoria took down his families without permissions after he released his betrays and quit. Angelito goes wild and attacks Ramil for resigning without permission. When he tells Agila the truth about him and his deeds. It is unknown that Ramil Taduran will ever finish Lito for his deeds or will Angelito Valmoria take down Him for resigning to Him.


Ramil haves Both redemption between the 2016 to 2021 just like when Cardo Dalisay was betrayed by Joaquin Tuazon and He kills His Father, Tomas Tuazon for presumed killing Carmen De Guzman. He manages to be the Goon of Angelito Valmoria before He redeems Himself again like in Prison and returns the Task Force Agila to finishes all of the Syndicates away from Them.

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