Pulang Araw (lit: Red Sun) is a group of rebellion figured vigilante members from Mt. Arayat Province. The group was split into three different groups; the Kamandag Group leading Renato and Homer, the Vendetta leading Romulo and Cardo, and the Insekto Group leading Lito and Turo.

Members[edit | edit source]

Members are named according to animals that are classified by strength or power. Some of them are newbies that are haven't named its nom de guerre, particularly in their group.

The Good Sides[edit | edit source]

These are the members of the vigilante group where others are later part of Vendetta. The deceased members have unequivocally died long before the Vendetta formed.

Member nom de guerre Position Splitted to
Domingo Bulaon Lawin (hawk) Founder Deceased
Delfin Borja Pagong (turtle) Co-founder Vendetta
Romulo Dumaguit Leon (lion) Leader Deceased
Anton del Mundo Tigre (tiger) Co-leader Deceased
Ricardo Dalisay Agila (eagle) Member Vendetta
Aurora Dumaguit N/A Member Deceased
Magdalena Dumaguit Lena Member Deceased
Engelbert Moreno Daga (rat) Member Vendetta
N/A Kalabaw (carabao) Member Vendetta
Simon Yumul Paniki (bat) Member Deceased
N/A Barakuda (barracuda) Member Vendetta
Marsial Matero Butete (pufferfish) Member Vendetta
Dante Villafuerte Bulate (worm) Member Vendetta
Gregorio Cortez Greco Member Vendetta
Jerome Girona Jr. Kabayo (horse) Member Vendetta
Victor Basco Unggoy (monkey) Member Vendetta
Roxanne Opeña Ardilya (squirrel) Member Vendetta
Ramil Taduran Tuko (ferret) Member Vendetta

The Bad Sides[edit | edit source]

These are the Kamandag Group members and some of them are not belong to the group but an ally to Renato Hipolito.

Member nom de guerre Position Splitted to
Renato Hipolito Buwitre (vulture) Founder/Leader Kamandag
Jacob Serrano Lobo (wolf) Co-founder Kamandag
Homer Adlawan Alakdan (scorpion) Co-leader Deceased
Roldan Gagamba (spider) Member Deceased
Pilo Tuko (lizard) Member Deceased
Mando Ahas (snake) Member Deceased
N/A Hunyango (chameleon) Member Deceased
Lazaro Enriquez Uwak (crow) Member Deceased
Luis Mangubat Buwaya (crocodile) Member Deceased
Dante Madarang Bungo (skull) Member Deceased
Stanley Galvez Pating (shark) Member Deceased
Alejandro Terante Baka (ox) Member Deceased
Lucas Cabrera Kuwago (owl) Member Deceased
Marco Cabrera Pusa (cat) Member Deceased
Angelito Valmoria Lamok (mosquito) Member Insekto
Turo Anay (termite) Member Insekto
Vito Langgam (ant) Member Insekto
Enrique Vera Gamo (moth) Member Syndication
Albert De Vela Osong Puti (polar bear) Member Black Ops
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