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Patrick Espinosa is major protagonist and is one of the sons of Espinosa Family living in the slums of Manila. The brother sibling to Wangbu. The former drug user of the neighbors and lately recruited as Vendetta member leading Romulo Dumaguit. Hired as a policeman after the dissipation of the Vendetta vigilantes.


Season 8[]

In this chapter, Patrick falls to Clarise and Clarise himself destroys Dante's friendship. Dante, on the other hand, really has a hunch that Clarice hasn't really changed it yet. And the two Dante and Patrick had a fight because Clarice was allegedly being molested by Dante Villafuerte, but this was not true to break the friendship between Dante and Partick. And Patrick and Clarise are both have a plan for Clarice to escape, they are all asleep Cardo they have fled and Dante sees that he and Clarise and Patrick have escaped. Stucked in a very hard situation with Clarice he was force to help escape Clarice but failed only to be catched by his teammate. They soon vented out their anger to him and pointed a gun. He then soon asked repentance for his betrayal.


  • Fall in love to Clarice
  • Their friendship with Dante caused a tension due to Clarice motives.
  • Patrick is considered be temporary Minor Antagonist In Season 8. He later repented.
  • Now is back to Protagonist.