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Excellency President Oscar Ortega Hidalgo is the Political Protagonist from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano and one of the fictional President of the Philippines from the series' fifth season.

Oscar used to have a family but they were ambushed and killed by Cabrera and Terante's gunmen, He was later betrayed and Setup by His arch-nemesis, Lucas Cabrera and His arch-rival, Renato Hipolito. He makes His debut in March 23, 2018 Book 3 Season 5 as a semi-antagonist in the series.

On February 3, 2020, he will be soon as to be No longer one of Main Antagonists in the series because of Lily Ann's interference to have a down fall of Diana and Delfin and for possesing to take an ecstasy drug from his Former Lover. He gets brainwashed and loses His memories to sends Arturo Padua as the Executive secretary.

President Oscar Hidalgo He was turned to anti villain because of Lily's and we take Delfin Aressted in Jail Again is Fake.

On July 2020, he will be back one of Main Antagonists in the series because of Diana and Delfin's interference to have a against Lily.

He gone in coma due to an overdose of Lily’s drugs. Later when he was seen starting to regain consciousness which his fingers moves slowly and realised the truth about Lily and stating in his mind that the real traitor is Lily. Eventually he finally starts to regain consciousness and wakes up and soon pretends to be unconscious which is unknown to Lily the he’s awake to stop her from her evil plans. He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Rowell Santiago.


  • The etymology of Oscar was in the reference of the PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde, the head of the PNP forces.
  • The etymology of Hidalgo may refer to the veteran actor Jun Hidalgo.
  • Earlier in the day he had coma, he accuses Judge Padua and Lily are ganging up about their conspiracy talked to them in an unfriendly way. It is somehow unclear if he’ll now be more suspicious to the duo. However according to the episode’s teaser when the Oscar fainted it was also stated that there is a big chance that their secrets will know be revealed.

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