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Oscar Hidalgo is the fictional President of the Philippines. He used to rule in power, however thanks to the corrupt activities of First Lady Lily Hidalgo, with Art and Renato's assistance, they were able to claim power in the Malacanang Palace. Currently, Oscar is hiding from the authorities. Mariano, a body double of Oscar, is in position and is serving as the President.


  • The etymology of Oscar was in the reference of the PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde, the head of the PNP forces.
  • The etymology of Hidalgo may refer to the veteran actor Jun Hidalgo.
  • Earlier in the day he had coma, he accuses Judge Padua and Lily are ganging up about their conspiracy talked to them in an unfriendly way. It is somehow unclear if he’ll now be more suspicious to the duo. However according to the episode’s teaser when the Oscar fainted it was also stated that there is a big chance that their secrets will know be revealed.
  • He Is Very Similar To Ieyasu Tokugawa The Japanese counterpart Of Liu Bei.

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