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Honorio "Onyok" A. Dalisay is One of the Secondary Protagonist from Ang Probinsyano who is an Adoptive youngest brother of Cardo and a personal asset after Benny Dimaapi. He is portrayed by the Child actor, Simon Ezekiel Pineda.


Onyok is Cheerful and Hyperactive, Sometimes he could be Tragedy of all. Honoring himself will became middle student, Even He losts his own Family.


Season 1

Onyok finds Cardo during His deeds, to know anything for Goods. Hangs Glen Corpuz, He and Her haves fun to continues His journeys.

Season 2

Onyok's family was released to have His late mother, Rowena. He has a late Daughter, Gigi and Haves an Arrogant Father who names Marcelo who's thinking about His Groups. He's not thinking about His son during the day when Rowena wants her son back, He will breaks up His relations Her.

Onyok tells His father, Marcelo that He stays away from His deeds. Marcelo gets mad Rowena and hurts Onyok for telling Him to stay away from His deeds.

Marcelo's Evil Sides

Marcelo and His deeds shoots the Children and retreats the Policemen. Rowena did just cause about His deeds, Marcelo gets mad and spanks Her. Onyok finally decides to stay away from Marcelo if He ever goes wild Cardo, He cries in front of the Policemen. Lately, Cardo is here by acquittal and Marcelo is here by Guilty.

Marcelo's Good Sides

Marcelo reconcilates His son, Onyok for abusing and reunites Cardo to takes cares of Him. James joins the Task Force Agila, Cardo, Onyok x Marcelo and tells the truth about Renato Hipolito who's His families' Shooter, Marcelo goes wild His deeds for killing Rowena and Gigi.