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Mr. Philip Tang (AKA Dragon) is the Extravagant Anti Antagonist from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is the Leader of the Mafia Forces. He cares about taking down Carmen De Guzman after She was saves for being kidnapped by Maria Olga Fernandez.

He is the Main Rival and Taker down of Cardo Dalisay and is the Adoptive Son of Don Emilio. Philip is also an Adoptive Twin Elder Brother of Verna Tuazon who is the Lover of Tomas Tuazon and Mother of Joaquin Tuazon and Rachel Tuazon.


Philip gets His Manly Muscle who has a Black Hair and Eyes. In His First Appearance of November 2015, He wears a Black Jacket, Pants and Shoes and a Dark Blue Shoes.

The Middle Scene of the Madame Olga's Arc where He wears a Yellow Jacket, Brown Tie and Belt, Black Pants and Shoes.

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Philip tang cares about killing Natures, He was Psychopath, Delusional, Bloodthirsty, Manipulator and Sadistic. He takes down every Innocent peoples who gets in His ways, as the Hot headed, Jerk and Necessary.


Philip was introduced in a silhouette as the "Dragon" of the syndicate to Tuazons. Left China alone, he started to boom his appearance from Tomas' order to help their business by transporting illegal drug in and out of the country. Carmen was one of his targets while Cardo identifies the "Dragon". Cardo thinking the "Dragon" is a big boss, is not his instincts to Tomas instead. Just a few plans Philip has fulfilled, he gained more goods from Tomas and Tomas himself have something more goods too. Later, Mr. Tang hires and sends Diego Sahagun to takes down Cardo, Delfin, CIDG Boys and Tomas, as He is now one of the Mafia forces with His deeds After that Philip demands Tomas about Verna Tuazon, and assaults Delfin Borja. Cardo later who confronts and punches Mr. Tang if He was thinking about destroying Him, as He later shoots and kills Him.


He is portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Richard Yap who is also known as Leo Herrera from Kadenang Ginto and Marvin from Sana Dalawang Ang Puso Ko. He is revealed as the Rivalry of Renato Hipolito, who They cheats both of Them as their Nemesis themselves between Mafia Forces and Renato's Friends.


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