Mr. Lao is the Murdering antagonist since Ang Probinsyano's 2016 who is Mafia Forces hates Tomas Tuazon, to a Chinese foreigner.

He cares Highly to destroys Cardo Dalisay after erupts the Syndicates, They have been bombs to Fights back. He is Marta Maglipon's Killer.

Aliases: Mr. Lao

Origins: China

Birthday: August 18

Age: 46 Years old

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Black

Skin Color: Tan

Goals: Takes down Cardo and Tomas tuazon (Fails)

Martial Fates: Killed in Action (KIA)

Status: Deceased+

Deaths Causes: Shot by Cardo Dalisay

Debut: June 2016 Book 1 Season 1

Role Ends: June 30, 2016 Book 1 Season 1

Crimes: Physically killed Marta

And attempts for killing Tomas


Attempts for Kidnaps

Thug Lifes

Animality Laugh

Alignment Chart: Bad

Type of Villain: Egotistic Businessman

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