Miguel Clemente is one of the Protagonistic friend from Probinsyano who was an MMDA Constable acting traffic management officer along with Cardo in Manila. He was a former part of corruption by easy-money scheme but now later change himself to be the most trusted partner of Cardo in helping various crime investigations. He was the second asset of Cardo after Onyok.

He is portrayed by a Filipino voice actor, Neil Goleta.

Synopsis Edit

Season 1

He is shot by a Bus Kidnappers, Cardo shoots and destroys Him in orders to defends Him.

Season 7

At last Clemente reunites Ricardo to sees His lover and His children, He reminds to saves Delfin Borja who is caused by Ombudsman Castillo who joins Lily Ann Cortez to killed Them. He'll be helping Him to destroys Renato Hipolito and His Evil Deeds in orders to saves Sir. President Oscar.

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