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Meilin Yang is the Femme Fatally Titularly Antagonist since Probinsyano who was a Filipina-Chinese woman by Lily's adoption, to protect her stepmother from other letting her business trailed. She was Lily's right-hand person as well as her personal secretary. She was payed an exchange in her murder case filed by Arturo Padua.


Meilin is a prideful and ambitious woman. She was a tactician-cunning person too same as Lily. Meilin was a good fighter in Wushu practiced with a mixture of the neighboring Chinese-related martial art skills. Though being a cool inside, she is a fighter and a braver outside.


Meilin is a good one in beauty with her chinky-eyed Asian descent features. She likes to wear long-sleeved fitted clothes practically like Chinese formal attire during fighting scenes. A muscular stature makes her will to become more defensive.


Meilin appeared in a glance of her walking scene from foot to head when Lily contacted her anonymously for her protection against all odds. She eventually met Lily by the rendezvous point of the one-of-her personal safehouses, after getting dazed from Lazaro's uncommitted plans and broken promises to overcome her connections with Oscar.

She gets rid of Cedric Anderson for lying Her to Lily, She compiscates cellphone and ready to tortures Renato Hipolito in any Slights. She is shot by Diana Olegario witnessed about Her evil deeds, Juan Morcilla speaks with Her about Diana and Her deeds that She murders Meilin Lily tears over Her.


  • She is portrayed by the Chinese actress, Janice Hung who is also known since The General's Daughter.