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Senator Mateo de Silva was the corruptive Senator allied with the emerging big-boss Don Emilio after being learned what he really is to Cardo and the family.

He later serves as the Major antagonist from The television Series of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. Following the Ends of Miguel Enriquez and Javier Enriquez, He will be the Senator to takes down Ricardo Dalisay, and The current Vendetta, who are the Formerly good Pulang Araw.


Mateo is senn Ruthless, Authoritarian, Big megalotistics, Arrogants and Sadists, who He wants to be with Don Emilio and His evil Deeds.


Season 3

Mateo De Silva and His deeds to prepares the governments about the country, Cardo shows to tortures Them in any slights. Giving a Bombs to loses and retreats all of Them, He is not thinking that He tortures His deeds in any slights.

Season 4

Mateo decides to helps Don Emilio to retreats the Bilibid and graduates Pedro Ladronio to makes Ramil Taduran, Julian Valerio and Gener pays. He joins Him to destroys Vendetta. He has a younger brother names Victor De Silva who shot by Cardo and tears in a Hospital being Disgrace.

Mateo hasn't released that Ricardo gets abducted. Jimboy and His friends saves Him and shoots Pedro, but Mateo shoots Julian and General to retreats His lifeless body by attempts for destroying.

During the gets mad at Cardo, Vendetta, Don Emilio and Mateo de silva, He shoots Him and all of Them then Hijacks their Car alongside with Romulo Dumaguit. He revenges for shooting Julian Valerio X Gener.


Mateo De Silva is Portrayed by the Filipino voice actor, Joko Diaz who is also known as Hector Mangubat from Kadenang Ginto in 2019.