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Mariano Patag is the supporting antagonist in Ang Probinsyano. He is Ambo's Former Bestfriend. He was a doppelganger of Oscar and will get a two womens in the bar. On Between July/August 2021 and his no longer girlfriend of Cassandra Jose possibly will breakup and has been betrayed by Arturo Padua. he will returned to Season 9 on August 30, 2021. on October 2021 if will breakup with Cassandra Jose as a no longer a girlfriend of himself. on December 2021, he will travels to the north was leaving and his house. On November/December he betrays Cassandra for sex scandal, he becomes increasingly violent.

In airport scene, Mariano was killed by Lily after detonating his bomb vest.


He was then chosen by Renato and Jacob as requested by Art and Lily to choose a double of Oscar when Oscar gone in Coma. He is then tired of his job and complaining about his difficult.


He is seen to be reluctant and lazy (both formerly) as he do most of the time is to eat and sleep. He is also seen to be enthusiastic, curious, playful, and immature. He’ve also stated that he is worthless to his family. he becomes increasingly violent later he become evil, egotistical, egomaniac and slaughter and torture and murder people.


He strongly resembles to Oscar except that he has a messy hair, and doesn't use eyeglasses if he is not pretending to be Oscar.


  • He is also portrayed by Rowell Santiago.
  • He Is Very Similar To Dong Zhuo The Main Villain Of Dynasty Warriors.
  • He is left handed.
  • He’s allergic to shrimp. (formerly)
  • He has a crush on Ellen. (formerly)
  • He is a street food fan. (formerly)
  • He is Very Similar To Ishida Mitsunari The Main enemies of Sekigahara.
  • He caused so many "Sexual" Rated SPG category episodes due to scandal scenes.

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  • Lucas Cabrera - His successor of President of the Philippines.
  • Oscar Hidalgo - His heroic President Counterpart.
  • Marianna - A character from Fairy Fencer F (Her Japanese translation name is Mariano which is the same name to Mariano from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano).