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After Mr. Cabrera released that Cardo kidnaps Alyana to the new world, Marco joins the gets mad at Vendetta and is Here to save Alyana. Cardo and his Friends mauls and assails His men and beats him, For barging in Lola Flora's House

Mr. Marco Cabrera is the Titular Antagonist from the FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is the No Longer Lover of Alyana Arevalo. He cares about taking down Cardo Dalisay after He arrests Her in orders to send in the St Arc Be cuz He doesn't want Her to gets Affected.

He is the Younger Brother of Brandon Cabrera and is One of the Mafia Forces the Others was Renato Hipolito, His Nephew, Serrano Jacob and Homer Adlawan. Son of Lucas Cabrera and Catherine Cabrera.


Mr. Cabrera has a Tan Toned Body with Black Hair of 1 Bun and Eyes. He wears a Black Suit, Pants and Shoes and an Orange Shirt. He is seen wearing a Grey Sleeve Shirt, Denim Pants and White Shoes.


He is a Wealthy Fighter who has a Authoritative for His Justice to improves One of His Religions to makes sures that Everyone was Clear. He releases about Alyana Dalisay's upcoming Work in orders to join Him until She succesfully lies Ricardo Dalisay that She will never meets Him No More!.

Upon learning that Alyana reveals that Cardo saves Wally from the Drug Syndicates, Mr. Cabrera was a Crybaby and Punk after She decides to stays away from Him in orders soon, to moves out. After He arrests Him, He also becomes Hot Headed, Racist, Wrathful and Xenophobic.


He is portrayed by Filipino Voice Actor, JC Santos who is also known as Alejandro from Till I Met You.

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