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Marcelo's Groups are the NO LONGER Antagonist since Series of Probinsyano who joins Marcelo. They are lead to introduces as the Rivalries of Drug Syndicates and Mafia Forces, they are now the Anti Hero again and associated Pulang Araw, Vendetta and Task Force Agila.

Aliases: Friends of Marcelo

The teams of Onyok's Father

Origins: Ang Probinsyano

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Known Members: Marcelo (Leader+)

His 8 Friends that they survives and kills the Policemen+

2 Teams who are killed by Policemen and avenged by 8 Colleagues+

Goals: Takes down Children and retreats Policemen (Formerly, Suceeds)

Takes down Cardo Dalisay and His friends that He assaults Their master (Formerly, Fails)

Abuses Renato Hipolito in any slights for killing Their leader's family, Rowena and Gigi (Currently, Suceeds by Cardo)

Defeats Their rivalry, Joaquin S Tuazon (Fails)

Martial Fates: Killed in Action (KIA)

Status: Deceased+

Deaths Causes: Both shot by Policemen

Eights friends of Marcelo shot by Joaquin

Debut: November 2016 Book 1 Season 1

Role Ends: Ongoing

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Good

Type of Anti Hero: Outrightful Vigilantes

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