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Marcelo (Also known as The Father of Onyok) is the Heroic Antagonist from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who is a Lover of Rowena and was Father of Orphan Onyok and Late Gigi, He tries to Abuses his Rivalry from the Prisoner after Renato Hipolito kills Marcelo's Lover and Daughter by his Evil deeds.

He makes His debut of November 2016 Book 1 Season 1 Who is sometimes a Villain Himself and He was No Longer One of the Major Antagonist of Him, He is an All time Archenemy and an Anti Heroic Counterpart of Ricardo Dalisay for barging His house that He is the Children's killer.

Later, He will back as Antagonist in July 2020 where He was capeable to be seen in Dreams. He is Now Remarkable Protagonist of Cardo's.

He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Christopher Roxas from 2016. And as a Teen, He is also portrayed by Filipino Voice Actor, Joseph Marco.

Species: Human

Skin Color: Caucasian

Goals: Takes down Children and retreats (Formerly, Succeeds)

Takes down Cardo dalisay for barging in His house (Formerly, Fails)

Takes down His rivalry from the Prisoner (Currently)

Abuses Renato Hipolito and avenges Rowena and Gigi (Both Fails)

Martial Fates: Unknown

Status: Physically Deceased+

Deaths Causes: Shot by His Inmate

Friends: Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay (His All times Archenemy, Heroic Counterpart)

Albert Rogelio (Physically Deceased+)

Delfin S. Borja

Lola Flora Daisay

Billy De Guzman

Chikoy Rivera (Physically Deceased+)

Mark Vargas

Jerome Girona Jr.

Rigor Soriano

His Tribes (Dead+)

Roy Carreon (Physically Deceased+)

Miguel Clemente

Roxanne Opeña

Alessandra Romero (Physically Deceased+)

Benito Manlapig (Physically Deceased+)

Alyana Arevalo (Physically Deceased+)

Carmen De Guzman (Physically Deceased+)

Diana Olegario

Junior De Leon


Erwin Salonga

Glen Corpuz

Romulo Dumaguit (Physically Deceased+)

Anton Tigre (Physically Deceased+)

Lawin (Physically Deceased+)

Amir Marquez (Now)

Victor Basco (Now)

Manuel dela Cruz (Now)

Oscar Hidalgo (Now)

Brother Lorenzo

Ramil Taduran (Now)


Gener Guinto+

Julian Valerio+

Lawin (Physically Deceased+)

Geraldo dela Paz


Makmak (Physically Deceased+)

Macario Sr. (Physically Deceased+)







Karlo Ramos

Eric Gabriel

Louie Rallos

Clarice Padua (Now+)

Natalia Mante (Now)

Jacob Rogelio (Now+)

Guillermo Acosta (Now+)

Ador Black (Now, Undead+)

Enemies: Don Emilio's Inmates+

Renato "Buwitre" Hipolito

Homer Adlawan+

Lucas Cabrera+

Ann Lily Cortez

Meilin Yang+

Congressman. Brandon Cabrera+

Mr. Marco Cabrera+


Ernesto Tordesillas+

Joaquin Tuazon+

Tomas Tuazon+

Mr. Philip Tang+

Diego Sahagun+

Dante S. Madarang+

Lorenz Gabriel+

Hector Mercurio (Physically Deceased+)

Anton Guerrero (Physically Deceased+)

Ronald Serrano+

Jane Sebastian+

Ivan Gomez (Physically Deceased+)

Mr. Lao+

Gina Magtanggol (Physically Deceased+)

Bartolome Bulaan (Physically Deceased+)

Riding In Tandem+

Pedro Ladronio+

Mateo de Silva+

Serrano Jacob

Migz Rosales+

Lance Mendez+

Gascon Dela Vega+


Stanley Galvez+

Mr. Miller+

Mr. Jamil+


Jonas Paulino+

Eric Maniego+

Edwin Maniego+


Nelson Wong+

Mariano Hidalgo

Arturo Padua

Maggie Padua (Undead)+

Jimbo Padua

Ellen Padua

Clarice Padua (No Longer+)

Ombudsman Castillo+

Angelito Valmoria (Now)

Albert De Vela (Thug)

Natalia (AKA Liar) Mante (Undetermined No Longer)

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Neutral

Type of Anti Hero: Redeemed Criminal


Marcelo gets His Manly Muscle. He has Dark Brown Hair, Facial and Black Eyes who wears a Cyan Shirt, Denim Pants and Shoes. In Middle Scenes, He wears a Yellow Shirt, Shoes and Brown Pants.

In Prison, He is seen wearing an Orange T Shirt, Brown Pants and Shoes. After His 1st Match, Marcelo also wears a Sleeve Prison Uniform.


He is seems to be Blood Man and Delusioner in His franchises. He is first seen as a Hot Headed and more of His Arrogants and Crazy, that He demolishes everything who gets in His ways.

In His middle scene, He is more Ruthless and Misanthrope. He hurts Ricardo Dalisay that He barges in His house, and mostly what kinds that He didn't care? was Violence's. He the Killing Machine Guy and Oppressors.

This last scene of Him who wents Jails was He is Freedoms, Strong Willed and Badass. He is now a Jerky Hero to gets mad and fights His rivalries. Even He passed away, He will never forget to serves His deeds Justices.

Full Synopsis[]

Season 1[]

Onyok tells his father Marcelo that he stays away from His plans, Marcelo gets mad Rowena and His son from the Car, Marcelo hurts Onyok About his plans.

Life as an Evil[]

Marcelo kills Children alongside with His deeds and retreats the Policemen. What Rowena is not doing Right for Her lover, Marcelo gets mad and spanks Her for telling the Police to arrests him.

then Cardo walks out in the bad ways to tells Marcelo about onyok, His father goes wild Him that he barges in his House. Cardo got nothing from Marcelo's house, loses to asks Him for hitting Onyok, then He hits him by His hands. Gigi the Marcelo's 2nd daughter meets Cardo understands hits to saves Him, Gigi betrays and spanks Marcelo who She'll never meets him No more!! Gigi runs away to finds her Elder brother but now Succesfully killed by Renato hipolito. after Cardo assaults Marcelo's face in the Door, Cardo punches Marcelo if he ever hits Onyok.

Onyok decides to stay away from Marcelo if he'll never meets him No more! Marcelo cries infront of hits Cardo, By showing his No mercy for deeding to Takes down everything who gets in his way!!

Cardo and his friends faces Marcelo, in the Court about deeds, Instead of Cardo Marcelo is the on that done his Crimes 1st. The police captures and arrests Marcelo and putting him to the Jail, Cardo freed away.

After He redeems Himself[]

After revealing the Truth about Marcelo, Cardo is here by Acquittal and He is Now guilty. Marcelo 1st Battles in the Prison + Takes down his Victim who gets in his way, and now dead for sures.

The inmate relaxing himself and Marcelo motivates his good deeds to protects his Innocent lives and joys, Inmate and Marcelo sees again and He gets mad and battles Him. The hitmen of Both of them will goes wild in Hardly mode, as the Delusional attacks starts begins. Inmate impale Marcelo instead of his Acquittals, He cannot avenge Rowena and Gigi against Renato Buwitre Hipolito. Cardo meets Marcelo's grave who there is no way He can stay away, if He didn't finish Renato for murdering Rowena and Gigi. Lately, Benito Manlapig shoots the Head in orders to avenges Onyok's Father. Benito tells Cardo the Good news that He defeats His rivalry for shooting Marcelo, Cardo is now in His grave.


  • Murders Children
  • And attempts for murdering Cardo
  • Hits His own son, Onyok
  • Attacks Policemen
  • Kidnaps
  • And attempts for Kidnapping
  • Thefts
  • Thug Lifes
  • Sociotic Natures
  • Hate crimes


Cardo Dalisay's abusive methods with Him was having a matters for hitting His own biological Son.

He compares His roles with Macario Sr. who are the Archenemies of Him later, redeems Themselves in Prison to reconciliated Their Son, Him and Makmak but Both Presumed passed away.

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