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Police Major General Manuel G. dela Cruz was the general protagonist from Ang Probinsyano and the leader, head, and director of the Presidential Anti-Crime Task Force Agila.

In February 3 2020 Book 4 Season 4, He's the (No Longer) one of the Main Antagonist from Ang Probinsyano who resigns to Lily Ann Cortez. He is Vietnam War Veteran and the one who discussed the further updating crime cases to the task forces as well as for the CIDGs.

On July 2020 He's the back one of the Main Antagonist from Ang Probinsyano who returned to Diana and Delfin's against Lily.

He is Portrayed by The Filipino voice actor, Rey Malonzo.


He was Kind but a crazy and dreadful, He cannot let that happens to Scolds them for ruining His deeds.

He is eagers to haves His brains are more Giants as hells, and He can't let that happened that Lily Ann Cortez ego washes Him and Oscar Hidalgo.


He was introduced to meets President Oscar with His fellow friend, Basco. They all searches and finds Renato Hipolito. Despites He loses Homer Adlawan, Lucas Cabrera, Mr. Cabrera and Congressman Brandon that They are all caused by Cardo Dalisay and His Good Deeds. As He gets mad and attacks the Policemen to retreats.

Manuel Dela Cruz gets Task Force Agila to arrests Mamu. But Domengsu doesn't want to be Incarcerated by Them, He hates Drugs.

Manuel motivates His deeds who will able to kills Buwitre, Jane Sebastian, Dante Alyas Bungo and Serrano. He and His deeds kills Michael Rosales, Mendez, Mr. Jamil and Mr. Miller.

Manuel dela Cruz after that, Buwitre shoots Delgado. To informs The Task Force Agila about Her deaths just like Bartolome Bulaan's evil deeds kills Alyana Arevalo, Cardo never forgives Him about Her passed away.

After Task Force Agila shoots Lazaro Enriquez with Meilin Yang who is released to joins Ann Cortez, Manuel is pours is Them about His lifeless body.

After Diana Olegario shot Meilin, He and Oscar gets their Egos washes by Ann against Vendetta. On Delfin Borja's Series, They both deeds to destroys Cardo, Alyana and Lola Flora. Continues to hires Judge Art the guy that He arrests Tomas Tuazon for killing Carmen De Guzman, They all unleashes to sabotages and takes Their bonds ups. No wondering why They are like that, Their deeds needs to stays away from that.