Macario Samonte, Jr. is the Side protagonist since Probinsyano who is the Son of Macario Sr. He tries to defeats Lucas Cabrera's deeds after Brandon Cabrera is

shot by Ricardo Dalisay and Vendetta for the murders of Adonis Dimaguiba. He is portrayed by Aura Briguela.

Real Name: Macario Samonte Jr.

Aliases: Makmak

Origins: Ang Probinsyano

Birthday: October 24

Age: 15 Years old

Height: 4'7 Feet tall

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Black

Skin Color: Tan

Martial Fates: Killed in Action (KIA)

Status: Deceased+

Deaths Causes: Shot by Lucas' deeds

Portrayers: Aura Briguela

Debut: April 2016 Book 1 Season 1

Role Ends: March 2019 Book 3 Season 6

Relatives: Macario Sr.+

Alignment Chart: Good

Type of Hero: Kid Hero

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