The Mafia Forces are the Antagonistic groups from Ang Probinsyano who are lead between Philip and Renato and are the rivalries of the Drug Syndicates. the forces of the Dragon cares about the drugs which breaks ups the friends of Buwitre who they are thinking about killing drugs with out permissions, Every mafia teams will gets mad and fights Each others.

Anti Villains Edit

This Villains where anti are the side of Philip's forces.

Leader: Mr. Philip Tang+

Second in Command: Mr. Lao+

Founder: Diego Sahagun+

Member: Lorenz Gabriel+

Riding In Tandem

Nelson Wong+

Maria Olga Fernandez+

His deeds

Villains Edit

They are the Heavily villains who joins Renato Hipolito to gets rids of the Syndicates.

Leader: Renato Hipolito

Second-in-Command: Lucas Cabrera+

Founder: Serrano Jacob

Member: Homer Adlawan+

Marco Cabrera+

Lance Mendez+


Chloe Delgado+

Manolo Catindig+


Stanley Galvez+

Bartolome Bulaan

Gina Magtanggol

Mr. Jamil+

Mr. Miller+

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