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Vice President Lucas Cabrera was the head of the Cabrera Family and the Quaternary Antagonist in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano during Season 5 and 6 (Political Arc). He is the incumbent Vice President to President Oscar Hidalgo and they were bestfriends both at the same party. Having two sons raised by him with Catherine namely; Marco and Brandon.

However, because of Oscar not doing what any Lucas wants, he decided to turn back to Oscar by attempting to assassinate him along with his family, just in order to become the next President, unlawfully. He used his cohorts tagging with the Police Director General Alejandro Terante for the plan. From being the next President of the Philippines, with Oscar and family weakened, he wiped his dirt from his hands in order to take down including the Vendetta. He is one of the worst villains


Lucas is Hotspurs with his Misantrophic, He was Ruthless since March 2018. He doesn't want Brandon loses, Just to make sure He will be free someday. He laugh after His deeds setup Oscar and His Family, He was Mental illness, Psychopath and Nature Psychotics.


After revealing there is Vendetta who will gets mad and foughts all of Them, Cardo assaults and battles Lucas. Vendetta manages to shoots All of them, Cardo dalisay shoots Lucas cabrera. Renato hipolito kills Tigre Del Mundo and is murdered by Ricardo, The vendetta retreats but Loses to save Anton.


  • He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Edu Manzano who also plays Lorenzo since The Bridges of Love.
  • He Is Very Similar To Lu Bu The Main Villain Of Dynasty Warriors.

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