Lorenz Gabriel is the Despicable Antagonist Leader of Riding In Tandem from Ang Probinsyano who joins Tomas Tuazon, He cares about taking down Ricardo Dalisay after He gives up on CIDG Officers if He goes wild Him.



Lorenz Gabriel is the Brainist, Arrogants, Selfish, Envious, Hotspur and Delusional, Who he cares about robbing the Stores to steals the Beers and stuff foods He wants. He was a Money loving machine guy, Who also needs His deeds. He is Reckless, and Ruthless, Who he is thinking about killing Cardo

Synopsis Edit

After Lorenz and His friends Riding in Tandem cheers for Tomas, The CIDG Demands and Battles all of Them. Cardo fights and attacks Lorenz that He quits to Him, He was now killed and Murdered by Him.

Trivia Edit

He is portrayed by Mhyco aquino.

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