Here are the list of characters appeared in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

Season 1 Batch[edit | edit source]

Main Casts[edit | edit source]

Dominador de Leon Deceased twin brother of Cardo
Ricardo Dalisay Provincial twin brother of Ador
Delfin Borja Ador and Cardo's grandfather
Flora de Leon Ador and Cardo's grandmother
Tomas Tuazon (former) main antagonist later he turned secondary antagonist of first season
Joaquin Tuazon primary antagonist of the season
Don Emilio Syquia main antagonist replacing Tomas. Leader of mafia group.

Season 2 Batch[edit | edit source]

Season 3 Batch[edit | edit source]

Season 4 Batch[edit | edit source]

Season 5 Batch[edit | edit source]

Season 6 Batch[edit | edit source]

Season 7 Batch[edit | edit source]

Guest Casts[edit | edit source]

P/Maj. Victor A. Basco Police Major appointed by Pres. Oscar to join force with Task Force Agila
Lazaro Enriquez Also known as Uwak in Pulang Araw. Betrayal-ally of Renato and Lily
Domingo Suarez Also known as Domengsu. A certified asset of Cardo replacing Benny
Jacob Serrano Right-hand man of Renato Hipolito
Ronald Serrano Jacob's brother
Dante Madarang Also known as Alias Bungo in his criminal status. He is the twin brother of David, a defeated syndicate underboss killed by the twin brother of Cardo, Ador
Timo Right-hand man of Bungo
Jane Sebastian A defenseless girl who suffers from having dissociative mental disorder which makes her the culprit behind the serial killings
Meilin Yang Chinese adopted daughter of Lily since she was young
P/Capt. Edwin Salonga Aide-de-camp of Pres. Oscar Hidalgo
Agustus Lily's right-hand man bodyguard
Stanley Galvez Culprit behind the white-van scare
Kristelle Sandoval Adopted daughter of Stanley. Known as Letlet in shorter call.
Whiskey Gay nanny of Kristelle
Brgy. Kgwd. Bea Malonzo Barangay Kagawad of Brgy. Bagong Pag-asa
Elias Sniper shooter of Renato
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