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First Lady Lily Ann Hidalgo (marital name: Lily Ann Cortez-Hidalgo) is the Central Antagonist Of Ang Probinsyano and the wife of President Oscar Hidalgo, She was a baglady of the late President Lucas Cabrera and the supposed to be an ally of Renato Hipolito.


Lily is a cunning Devious And Sadistic Ruthless Person She Only Pretended To Be An Ally At Cardo And The Vendetta At Frist Until She Knows That Meilin Her Assistant Was Killed By Diana And Knows That The Task Force Agila Knows Her Drug Administration She Plans On Getting Revenge On Cardo Killing Cardo And The Task Force Agila After They Killed Meilin

Showing off her pretention side, she is very Lust, Flirted and a Greed. Knowingly by her strict and cold actions, she tends to hide money and guns inside her bedrooms if in case someone would snatch and leaking her things out.

Later She Let Us To Call His Cousin to coming arrives on San Andres, Cousin's Names of Lily is Simon and Franco he both coming to saves Lily, But Not Mariano is too crazy, to takes revenge on Arturo, Renato, Mariano and Augustus for her life family ruined.


Season 6[]

Lily's first appearance in the series is where President Lucas at the palace waiting for someone, and then Renato Hipolito introduces who was Hipolito's secret banker to deliver some amounts of money for their additional counts forcing to let their fame and power increase. Lily introduces as Hipolito's long-timed ally in syndicate business hom have organized all corruptive leaders of the numerous syndications.

Lily's true intention is unknown from that time. Until she has stayed idiot

for a long time, she gets to remark being fulfilled in determining the success of putting down both evil Lucas and Cardo's. This makes another hit for Renato to take a pit having betrayed by Lily, on the other hand. And from Renato's debt is not paid to Lily, she lately buffers to wait in return by shooting him down for her benefits in eradicating evidences to which she had some connections with the now Renato being wanted and the most threatening person to the nation.

After being sulked from Renato, she went accidentally with the vigilante group named Vendetta from assaulting her by the rogue policemen who are supposed to kill her which ordered by the now Renato being hissed. There, she introduces improperly with the Vendetta with some misinterpretations that lead to her escaping from the group. Cardo pursues her by convincing that their group Vendetta is not the real enemy knowingly by the public as the terrorists. Here, misinterpretations have been worseden as she opted one day to secretly manage to contact Renato to inform the evil President Lucas for reporting the location of the vigilante's hideout.

By another chance Lily has to get closer with Renato to Lucas, she fully admires Renato's wit by using some of his syndicate members for some benefits. Where situations are getting even worsen, Renato and his troop once raided the hideout and then finally Vendetta flees from then while the pitiful Lily ended up having no choice. Here, Lily starts to give thanks to the group and led to help with the rest for protecting herself from doubtful decisions. At this moment, Cardo and Alyana start to smell fishy to her while Ramil and Marcial are now going through by doubting too. Lily starts to introduce her first revealed of her one-of-the most secured mansions. This also reveals that she is more about negotiating wealthy cohorts. With the appearance-looking of the mansion, it does refer Lily bloodline ties with the Chinese nationalities.

Although succeed from being hissing for Renato, Lily starts to become a philanthropist with the Vendetta by treating clothes, foods, shelter and even guns and restaurants. Remarkably, Lily is a wealthy negotiator.

Season 7[]

As wanted to be the most powerful woman to syndicates or by being the queen, Lily has to put her forces to take down any of her connections (just like Ms. Vergara, Mr. Suarez, etc.) to have some her money and by cleaning her dirty image to avoid being masked out of the people's instincts. Also, she planned to coordinate with Lazaro and uses as a toy to share some amounts of money and paying any debts they had.

She lately ties closer and letting much Oscar's attention be focused on her. In that way, she planned to fake her unusual condition by convincing the doctor of Cabrera during his administration and then the doctor received some shares of money from the latter for his neatly part of the job. The doctor frames up on Oscar about her condition (a condition from the intestinal part). Pretends much easier as she passes Diana and Delfin to erase and forget about those of their suspicions. She rarely talks to the public while Oscar tells everything about her updates. She pretends to be in dizziness in meetings and press cons resulting in her "fake condition". And lastly, as soon as she recovered from the "fake ill", she goes back to work but the President declined her work for as is to have some resting days after rejuvenation. Meanwhile, when Lily was recovered, Lazaro contacted and congratulated her on all of her pretentions. Diana from the noted part of Lily's situation, she is confused about what of doing her pretention is just a matter of under circumstances in suspicion. Delfin wants to stop Diana from investigating it because it is just a form of suspicions and not having some of its pieces of evidence that Lily recently sneaks to Diana's office and garbage everything of the leads' documents.

Bungo assaults Lily but she does not want him from his indiscipline and anxious guy. Lazaro has to clear out things after but still, Lily wants him to fires all of his marks inside their hideout. But Bungo was coming short in his allied with Lazaro since he remained his indisciplinary attitude.

Lily remains undisputed in masking her illicit designs, however, Lazaro's promises plans to Lily are already becoming redundant and having no success even once and when she will kill him if to do so, Lazaro would expose everything Lily had masked to the public. Therefore, Lily has to cut their ties until she finds another one ally to help her out, she was Meilin. She was from China who was being adopted by hers to help her raising. Having no shards she got in her heart, Lily now gains another ally from the raid of Cardo during the transaction with the International syndicates and with Renato on the lead side. He was Juan, part of Mr. Miller's right men who will defend their trading of illegal drugs and money. Juan, because he has no other persons to be with him involving syndication, so he was being convinced by Lily after his timed raid with Meilin advancing Lazaro who has plot to kill Meilin.

Lily Ann Cortez hires and sends Ombudsman Castillo to tortures Delfin Borja in any slights, that He connects Tomas Tuazon before He is kills by Ricardo. Ann Cortez tears Meilin Yang, as She remembers Her memories. Juan reminds Her of Meilin that Diana shoots Her.

After Oscar Hidalgo grounds Diana Olegario, She punches Lily Ann Cortez if Meilin Yang ever deeds to kills Her. Diana can't believe that she understands suspended after Oscar helps Her lover, Lily. They both continues to hires Arturo Padua the man who arrests Tomas Tuazon.

Lily scares at her lover, Oscar when he got intake the overdosage of the implanted illegal drug that is supposed to seal his good mind which leading him in comatose. Arturo Padua takes here to help her with their deeds, while Cardo and the company task forces gathered. Renato took the quest from the suggestion Arturo had the plan that he should call someone that is body double to Oscar. He lets him and successfully the quest completed. Now that the impostor Oscar starts to imitate the real ones, Cardo cares to tortures Lemuel in any slights on the other hand after got caught that he was luring Alyana forgetting about Cardo.

Season 8[]

Until now, Lily also set her plan to begin ripping parts from Cardo slowly and surely with Renato's suggestion appealing their offscreen disguises by putting bounties on Cardo and his family ranging hefty amounts of million pesos. With her loyal bodyguard named Agustus, more privacy lockdown has been set up took inside the President's palace, so that nobody sees what the impostor President Oscar is up to and the rejuvenating real one, who is now already gaining his senses realizing how cruel his wife, Lily was. She also puts him into a bedsore battle before being silenced using sleeping pills and soon, she continues to drown her husband with a drug once again.

Elsewhere, Lily and Arturo assembles with Renato's group for their laboratory construction and transaction of illegal drugs to be imported and exported then outside the country making her as the proclaimed “Queen of Southeast-Asian Baroness”. 

Mariano, an impostor President Oscar, is now obliged by Lily to expose himself in public where some journalists requested to see the president in public for a long time. With Lily, Arturo answers some unbeknown questions that Mariano took hard to respond so that he will be off in the scene quickly. Lily praised Mariano from his good improvements by imitating Oscar, who is now lying in the bed for the whole time.

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