Lily Ann Cortez is a fictional character in top rating drama of ABS-CBN's FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. It is portrayed by Lorna Tolentino, widely known as "LT"


Lily is the current baglady and former to the late incumbent President Lucas Cabrera in his administration.

Apperance Edit

Lily likes to wear Chinese colored clothes. She wore a heavy gauge of makeups and her shouldered hair. Giving by her being wealhy, she likes to wear fine accessories especially with the necklace. A wide attraction of her butt inclining to a mature looking woman. Short stature yet a long armed structure.


Lily is a cunning person. Having her secretive and in arrogant, sarcastic and impatient by her true nature. Showing off her pretention side, she is very lovable, caring and a philantropist. Knowingly by her strict and cold actions, she tends to hide moneys and guns inside her bedrooms if in case someone would snatch and leaking her things out.


Lily's first appearance in the series is where President Lucas at the palace waiting for someone, and then Renato Hipolito introduces who was Hipolito's secret banker to deliver some moneys for their additional counts forcing to let their fame and power increase. Lily introduces as Hipolito's long-timed ally in syndicate business whom have organized all corruptive leaders of the numerous syndications.

Lily's true intention is unknown from that time. Until she was stayed character for a long-time, she gets to remark being fulfilled in determining the success of putting down both evil Lucas and Cardo's. This makes another hit for Renato to take a pit having betrayed by Lily, on the other hand. And from Renato's debt is not paid to Lily, she lately buffers to wait in return by shooting him down for her benefits in eradicating evidences to which she had some connections with the now Renato being wanted and the most threatening person to the nation.

After being sulked from Renato, she went accidentally with the vigilante group named Vendetta from assaulting her by the rogue policemen who are supposed to kill her which ordered by the now Renato being hissed. There, she introduces improperly with the Vendetta with some misinterpretations that lead to her escaping from the group. Cardo pursues her by convincing that their group Vendetta are not the real enemy knowingly by the public as the terrorists. Here, a misinterpretations have been worsen as she opted one day to secretly manage to contact Renato to inform the evil President Lucas for reporting the location of the vigilante's hideout.

By the another chance Lily has to get closer with Renato to Lucas, she fully admires Renato's wit by using some of his syndcate members for some benefits. Where situations are getting even worsen, Renato and his troop once raided the hideout and then finally Vendetta flees from then while the pitiful Lily ended up habing no choice. Here, Lily starts to give thanks with the group and led to help with the rest for protecting herself from doubtful decisions. On this moment, Cardo and Alyana starts to smells fishy to her while Ramil and Marcial are now going through by doubting too. Lily starts to introduce her first revealed of her one-of-the most secured mansions. This also reveals that she is more to negotiating wealthy cohorts. With the appearance-looking of the mansion, it does to refer Lily has a bloodline ties with the Chinese nationalities.

Although succeed from being hissing for Renato, Lily starts to become a philanthropist with the Vendetta by treating clothes, foods, shelter and even guns and restaurants. Remarkably, Lily is a wealthy negotiator.

Trivia Edit

  1. Lily refers to a character in a drama show entitled Wildflower portrayed by Maja Salvador, also with her the same name.
  2. Lily may be referred to a particular manga character named Yumiko.
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