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Lazaro "Uwak" Enriquez is One of the Primary Titulary Antagonist of The television series of Ang Probinsyano who was a former member of Pulang Araw of Renato's side and a current businessman-druglord leading a small group of his syndication. He was the former ally of Renato since they were in Pulang Araw contraction.


Lazaro in his Place with Cedric, hiring Dir hipolito as His services. He later setup Him about Moneys and wills about to kills Him, Renato retreats Lazaro and Cedric's races. Uwak asks Lily Ann Cortez helps from Buwitre, and considering himself to deeds for the murders of Him.

To cares about supporting Lily, He wants to know the witnessed about Oscar Hidalgo. She doesn't want to have relations with Him, but He demands Cedric to shoots Her deeds succeeds.

Lily attacks from her deeds, spanks and beats Lazaro. He can't let that happened to Her after that, Renato Hipolito assaults and punches Her, Him and Cedric who they three joins forces. They all retreats and Buwitre goes berserks.

Lazaro shoots and hires Dante S. Madarang to makes moneys succeeds and He wants to understands revenges on Renato for betraying Him. but He retreats and Lazaro cannot let that happens.

Lazaro released Lily who hires Meilin Yang to destroys Him. Following the orders, She revealed His betrayals and Cedric to gets more of the Wealths.

Juan Morcilla assaults Him that He kills His father. He was abducted during His setup by Uwak and Cedric, later He wants to knows Lily about Him. Juan retreats Lazaro and continues His exact Vengeance to His father against Him.

Lazaro Enriquez attacks Juan and Meilin and is shot by Both of them, survives death and loners the taxi. He gets His nightmares that Lily forgets Him, and goes berserks. He finds the ways to gets His deeds to kills Oscar.

In the Wedding, Lazaro assaults and shoots Oscar, kidnaps Lily to forgets Him. The Task Force Agila, Ricardo Dalisay and Meilin searches to saves Her and shoots Him.

Lazaro's lifeless body was solves by Manuel dela Cruz and proud of Cardo Dalisay and Task Force Agila to states Lily's deeds with Oscar.


He is portrayed by Filipino voice actor, Gardo Versoza also known as Ulysses Balthazar from Sandugo' Television Series.

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