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He is a (formerly) minor villain turned recurring antagonist in Probinsyano and Lily’s cronies. He is portrayed by Dennis Raymundo.


He is a rogue police officer and he encountered Cardo after he mocked and provoked him while drinking in the bar which causetd a violent fight and Cardo aggresively grabbed his gun and threatened him. He was later hired by Judge Padua and Lily to get Cardo’s Gun to use it to eliminate the Witnesses of Delfin. He was then assigned to investigate the cases of Delfin’s witnesses which was framed by him by stealing his gun and gave it to Judge Padua and Lily, to use it to destroy Cardo and his Family’s Reputation. He then faced again Cardo to kill him supposedly, but thanks to Clarice who convinced them to stop and Cardo used Clarice as his hostage in order to escape with his Squad. Later they faced again Cardo and the Task Force Agila as an order of Judge Padua. For their second attempt with Judge Art to kill Cardo, they once again failed. Due to constant failures, Judge Art Gave him his downfall and he was replaced by his assailant. It is unknown or when how he was killed as it was never shown in the series.


According to Vargas, he is known to be a rogue, egotist, corrupt and notorious in doing anything illegal. According to his police records he is also known to have Unique intelligence and motives. He is also shown to be heartless ,merciless, and arrogant


  • Despite being a rogue and corrupt policeman, PMSgt. Reyes whose a honest policeman and an ally of Cardo is very loyal to them and a good friend of them as it was noted that he’ll try to settle things and ask apology after Cardo violently faught them and agressively grabbed his gun and taunted him.