Krista Sandoval was the newcomer resident from Barangay Pag-asa where the Dalisays lives. She was with her daughter Kristelle, and her gay friend, Whiskey. She was allegedly mistress of a businessman, who was the boss of the white van scare.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Krista is a light-hearted woman in good terms but getting coward then to the police as his lover Stanley continues to bat her physically when he got jealoused after Krista being caught resorting to some random guys. Krista is an overprotective one when her daughter is not following her and she is also an indisciplined mother sometimes.

Full Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Krista, Whiskey and her daughter, Kristelle moved out to the residence of the Dalisays Barangay Pag-asa. He met the Task Force Agila in helping their appliances up to the house, Cardo is one who confronts Krista as well as for Whiskey. Thereon, Krista blinded her way eye out that she already likes Cardo from the get-go looks.

She had a boyfriend named Stanley Galvez, who was a businessman. She doesn't know he was the leader of the white van scare kidnapping all daughters and sons of the debtors who will not pay for him.

When Krista knew about the secret of her lover, she argues with him as to let Kristelle (Letlet) go away with them but the latter refused. As Krista going by with Whiskey to escape the long run after arguing with the lover, Kristelle was almost kidnapped witnessing her mother and the gay friend ended up bait to white van scare goons by Stanley. It was the boss' plan to take them to the hideout for not following his instructions.

Krista and Whiskey at the hideout, staking their lives with Stanley and then arguing with him again. This time, she and Whiskey got shot both in their stomachs from the lover as his patience getting shorter from reiterating his instructions to be reminded them. Unfortunately, Krista was not able to see her only-daughter as she was also waiting for her to reunite.

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