Ang Probinsyano Wikia

Julian Valerio is one of the (NO LONGER) antagonists from Ang Probinsyano to take down Cardo and the first villain in Manila as a kidnapper and a suicide bomber inside the train. He later joins Cardo's group after his recession inside the Bilibid prison along with Ramil Taduran and was turned to Supporting Protagonist in Ang Probinsyano.

Real Name: Julian Valerio

Aliases: Julian

Origins: Ang Probinsyano

Birthday: September 13

Age: 46 Years old

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Black

Skin Color: Tan

Martial Fates: Killed in Action (KIA)

Status: Deceased+

Deaths Causes: killed by Mateo alongside with Gener

Portrayers: Julio Diaz

Debut: October 2016 Book 1 Season 2

Role Ends: January 2018 Book 2 Season 4

Allies: Gener (His Best Friend Forever+)

Ramil Taduran


Ricardo Dalisay

Romulo Dumaguit (Physically Deceased+)

Tigre (Physically Deceased+)





Enemies: Don Emilio+

Victor De Silva+

Mateo de Silva+

Pedro Ladronio+

Renato Hipolito

Homer Adlawan+

Lucas Cabrera+

Brandon Cabrera+

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Good

Type of Hero: Fighting Heroic Mercenary