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Juan Morcilla is the Vengeful extreme Antagonist from Probinsyano who joins Renato Hipolito and Mafia Forces


Species: Human (Formerly), Zombie (Currently)

Skin Color: Caucasian

Martial Fates: single alive

Friends: Lily Ann Cortez

Arturo Padua

Meilin Yang (Deceased)

Ernesto Tordesillas (Father Figure, Physically Deceased)

Renato Hipolito (Formerly)

Jacob Serrano (Formerly)

Stanley Galvez (Best Friend, Deceased)

Enemies: Ricardo Dalisay

Renato Hipolito

Jacob Serrano

Lazaro Enriquez (Deceased)

Francisco Rivera

Avel Guzman

Mark Vargas

Manuel dela Cruz

Alignment Chart: Neutral Bad

Crimes: Murder the People

Hate crimes

Type of Anti-Villain: Tragic Ferals


Season 7[]

He was once a street child and soon met Mr. Miller to be his right hand man. He soon escaped during the raid in a warehouse and met Lily.

Ricardo Dalisay caught and overheard Juan and his wife having their romantic discussion together inside their house. Cardo then came into his fight against him physically but the latter did not defend himself. He pretends to be weak and turned out to be the most arrogant one to express his revenge backfires as soon as he left the rental house of the Dalisay secretly.

When he came back from departing the rental house, Juan wants to taste his backfires as he shoots out raiding the house of the Dalisays in scaring them. Cardo and the family were safe except to those customers who are eating by the Flora's Garden. There were all annihilated completely from the raining bullets Juan backfires onto them.

When Cardo and the rest police friends chases Juan, they met inside an abandoned dark infrastructure where it was too hard to unmask the gunman that wears his helmet and a jacket even if it was too dark inside. After how many chases and runs, Juan went out of his luck as he was shot by Cardo at his right shoulder. However, he quickly escaped the scene and ran proceed to Ernesto's hideout. He contacted Lily right away about his failures and the woman replied that he should not go back to Cardo as of the moment in order to protect her foundation. Ernesto also warns him not to go fully armored directly as deeds by himself and finishes Cardo and his family.

Elsewhere, Juan confronts an unknown civilian who looks like Cardo that he never assumed. The civilian panicked after raining bullets to some random people. However, someone took a recording video on him by the distant corner and he was unaware of that as Lily and others have watched the shared public video against him — a suspected gunman makes a trouble out of nowhere.

After how many failures he got from the simple duties charged by Lily and Renato, especially on taking down Cardo, Jacob was forced by Renato to silence Juan after knowing that he stole Renato's listed names of syndicates that was owned by the hands of them. This would let Lily lose her one wing upon knowing that Juan was shot multiple times at the secret area. He is unconsciously lied on the floor after failed from chasing out from Jacob before the incident.

He is ressurected by Lily and turns into Zombie and will eats Serrano Jacob's Ego.......... Juan Morcilla is also killed by Cardo Dalisay, Delfin Borja and the Task Force Agila.


He is the third villain that to have fallen and plans steal Alyana from Cardo. Being first is Marco Cabrera and Second is Tanggol.

He is portrayed by the Filipino voice actor, Romnick Sarmenta.

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