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Joaquin S. Tuazon is one of the main antagonists of the first season of the Television Series of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.

He is an all-time and Villainous Counterpart of Cardo Dalisay and is the son of Tomas Tuazon and Verna Tuazon. Joaquin is also the Taker down of Dominador de Leon.

He is the grandson of Don Emilio and was the Leader of the Drug Syndicates the Others was Lily Ann Cortez. He was also the Elder Brother of Rachel Tuazon.


Joaquin has Manly Straight Body with Brown Hair and Eyes. He wears a Pink Shirt, Black Pants and Yellow Shoes at the First Meeting in 2015 before He takes down and hijacks Ador.

He wears a Police Outfit and a Blue Cap as He saves Diego Sahagun from the Setup Missions. In the Series of the Riding In Tandem He wears The Same Color in Debut and seen in Black Jacket.

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Joaquin tuazon gets Mentally illness, As he is thinking about taking down the Natures. He cares about Moneys, and His brains were tall. He had a Flamboyant styles, That gave him a Looks.

in Season 2, He's been Sadistics, Cruelty and Master Manipulators as He's evil deeds was severely Released during His manipulations with Ador


Season 1

Joaquin Tuazon Deeds for murdering Ador but succeeds in savesDiego Sahagun then runs away and shoots His former friend Dominador B. De Leon.

Joaquin was seen in Ador dead in Funeral, And he wants to forgive what happened to Him. Cardo speaks with Joaquin about Diego Sahagun, and becomes Friends. Joaquin later helps Tomas to retreats, and shoots Diego after Cardo never forgive him that He murders Ador. Cardo confronts and punches Mr. Philip Tang that He is thinking about killing Him, He shoots and kills Him.

Joaquin meets Cardo who shoots and defeats Congressman. Subito, and congrats him for sure. Joaquin shoots the Lover of Congressman, and the son of Congressman goes wild that His mother passed away.

Season 2

After Cardo's Extra mission with Joaquin and his Friends, Joaquin successfully betrays Cardo Dalisay that he'll Never meet Him No More! After Cardo's Downfall, Cardo punches Joaquin if He ever puts Him at his Falls fronts.

Joaquin sends Cardo guilty and kidnapped in the Prison, He shoots and kills Him and avenges Carmen Guzman. Later Joaquin tuazon goes wild in front of His father Tomas' death, He will never forgive Him for murdering him.

Cardo punches and shoots the Guy that joins Joaquin, As they both met again about their Deeds. Cardo dalisay shoots and kills Joaquin Tuazon for the 1st time after Assails the Drug syndicate, Cardo Dalisay will be the 1 who murders and Finish Don Emilio.

as Rogelio Jacob and His deeds were barged by Cardo and his Friends, Joaquin tuazon shoots and murders Francisco Rivera. Then Jacob shoots Avel Guzman, and Jerome Girona understands murdered to Defeats his Killer.

The wedding erupts between him and Joaquin Tuazon, Cardo wanting to help Alyana Arevalo against Joaquin. After He encounters Him just like He shoots Ador, Cardo shoots him With his knife. Then later returns again to takes down his deeds.

Untold stories

Joaquin tuazon shoots the Son of Congressman and Alyana arevalo, who Cardo loses to helps Her. Everyone mourns Alyana arevalo that there is now way They can stay away, if They all never avenges the son of Congressman and Her. The world lives again, he was mentioned in Ador back.

Ador Black De Leon Arc

but now he was in his Past flashbacks with Cardo Dalisay. Cardo Assaults and Punches Joaquin Tuazon (Again) if He ever puts Him at his False fronts anymore, Someone erupts the Brawl attacks between Both of Them Ador de Leon survives His lifeless body by turning himself a Zombie. He shoots Joaquin Tuazon and Pinpoints Cardo, but who hits Ador in his egos was Joaquin. Ador de Leon Demands Cardo and Joaquin if they both assaults him, Joaquin finds the way to saves Cardo for murdering Ador de Leon. Now Ador loses his Zombie form and unleashing his Deeds, to Absorbs everyone to Become Powerful. Joaquin Tuazon finally survives to saves his past self.


Allies: Tomas Tuazon+

Mayor Anton Guerrero (Imprisoned)

Don Emilio+

Romano Recio

His Deeds

Drugs Syndicates


Enemies: Cardo Dalisay

Billy De Guzman

Mark Vargas

Chikoy Rivera (Physically Deceased)

Rigor Soriano

Jerome Girona

Delfin Borja


Oscar Hidalgo

Benny Dimaapi


Amir Marquez

Ador de leon

Philip Tang+

Diego Sahagun+

Renato Hipolito+

Homer Adlawan+

Romulo Dumaguit (Physically Deceased)

Anton Tigre (Physically Deceased)


  • Joaquin Tuazon is Portrayed by Arjo atayde who is also known as Paco from Hanggang Saan and Elai from The General's Daughter.
  • Joaquin also appears in the Classic ang probinsyano before 2015.
  • He suffers one of the most brutal deaths in the series, being stabbed in the neck by Cardo. Other examples include Enrique Vera, being amputated with a knife by Fernando while being shot to death by Cardo and Don Emilio Syquia, incinerated as his helicopter was shot and exploded to the ground by Cardo Dalisay.