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Jerome Girona Jr., or Jerome Girona is One of the Pentagonist from Ang Probinsyano who is a former member of Manila Police District, CIDG Police Group Division. He is the stepbrother of Lorraine Pedrosa, the current admirer of Bubbles, and now one of the members of Task Force Agila.

He is portrayed by John Prats.


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Jerome gets the Black spikey hair with His blue police costumes, He is seen to wear a Varies civilian Costumes. In season 7 Book 4 He waers a Black office suits.


Jerome girona is a Comedian and Quiet person, He is to Kind and Friendly for the Honors of His justice. Knowing his Father, Jerome girona Sr. died during his last battles with Two syndicates. He will never forget His father's death and is will to avenges Him.

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