Ang Probinsyano Wikia

Javier is one of the Fictional antagonists from Ang probinsyano who is the Father of Miguel, He is thinking about taking down Ricardo Dalisay and Romulo Dumaguit after they both gets mad and battles Both of them that there goes wild starts now.

Age: 57 Years Old

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3 Feet Tall

Weight: Muscle

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Dark Brown

Skin Color: Caucasian

Goals: Destroys Cardo and Romulo alongside with His son Miguel (Fails)

Martial Fates: Killed in Action

Status: Deceased

Deaths Causes: Shots and Finishes by Romulo

Portrayers: Jestoni Alarcon

Debut: September 2017

Role Ends: 2017

Alignment Chart: Lawful Evil

Type Of Villain: Disciplinary Misanthrope