Mr. Jamil is the Dark skinned antagonist from Black-America of Ang Probinsyano who joins Mr. Miller alongside with his Friend, Juan. He is thinking about abusing Ricardo Dalisay after the Task Force Agila, Renato Hipolito, Jacob Serrano and Lance Mendez goes Wild who they all barges in their Evil deeds.

Aliases: Jamil

Mr. Jamil

Origins: USA

Birthday: December 13

Age: 42 Years old

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height: 6'2 Feet Tall

Weight: Muscle

Hair Color: Black

Eyes Color: Brown

Skin Color: Dark

Powers/Skills: Muscle

Blood Users

Abnormally Strengths

Hobbies: Drinks


Goals: tortures Cardo in any slights (Fails)

Martial Fates: Killed in Action (KIA)

Status: Deceased+

Deaths Causes: Destroyed by Cardo Dalisay

Portrayers: Uncredited Cast

Debut: September 2019 Book 4 Season 7

Role Ends: November 2019 Book 4 Season 7

Crimes: Attacks

Attempts Attacks

Attempts Kidnaps

Assaults and Batteries

Alignment Chart: Chaotic Neutral

Type of Villain: Delusional Wrestler

Appearance Edit

Jamil is the Tall brutal black american guy with a Black hair and Facials, He wears the clothes in alternate. He was seen wearing in Denim jacket and Pants.

Personality Edit

Jamil was a Hot heads and Sadists, which cares about no Respects. He was a Bloodthirsty who knows anything about Wrestling. He deeds about Abusing Cardo Dalisay, which gets no respects for Lifeless body.

Synopsis Edit

After The Task force Agila raids and goes wild at Destroying The foreigner syndicates, Juan Jamil and Mr. Miller decides to tells them. Cardo destroys Lance Jamil and Mr. Miller once again, but Renato buwitre and Serrano Jacob Resigns to Vanishes the Task force agila This soon. Ricardo gets mad and fights Juan, but retreats Him and goes Berserk about Mr. Miller and Jamil's Death.


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