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Jacob "Lobo" Lanuza-Serrano serves as an antagonist from the Television Series of Ang Probinsyano that He turns the Mafia Forces who is the brother of the deceased sibling Ronald during the incident with the serial killer, Jane. He is the Nephew of Renato Hipolito, after He left lonely just to let Him joins with Lance Mendez and Migz.

Born as an Enforcive Disciplinarian, He First Debuts in June Season 7 2019 with Migz and Lance Mendez after Buwitre was left Lonely in April before May. He is also the Son of His Unnamed Deceased Father and His Mother was Presumed Killed if She finishes all of the Syndicates or She was arrested by Mr. Philip Tang's Forces.

He is an All times Rival and Anti Villainous Counterpart of Amir Marquez who joins the Task Force Agila and is One of the Dangerous Mastermind of the Phillipines. Serrano is also a Liar to Angelito Valmoria who quits to the Mafia Forces.


Serrano has been Bloodthirsty, Racist, Blackmailer and Ruthless Machine Guy, as He is seeking Vengeance for the death of His twin Ronald from Jane. But he is thinking highly about killing Amir Marquez for stealing His missions, and killing Migz for no Reasons.

Until He destroys all of the Task Force Agila, Angelito lies and Betrays Serrano and Buwitre if He'll never meets Them No More! He manages to kills Him for resigning to Him but was retreated by Him, Serrano attacks Lito's betrays for putting drugs to Him. It is Unknown that will Serrano Jacob takes down Angelito Valmoria with His Uncle, Buwitre for betraying Them, or will He be killed by Him?.


Powers and Abilities[]

Peak Human Intelligence

Peak Human Strength

Expert Marksman



He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor and Musician, Marc Abaya.

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