Jacob "Lobo" Lanuza-Serrano serves as the Reccuring Antagonist from the Television Series of Ang Probinsyano that He turns the Mafia Forces who is the brother of the deceased sibling Ronald during the incident with the serial killer, Jane. He is the trustest goon and the nephew of Renato Hipolito, after He left lonely just to let Him joins with Lance Mendez and Migz.

Personality Edit

Serrano has been Delusional, Arrogant, Big Egotistic and Misanthropic machine guy, as He is seeking Vengeance for the death of His twin Ronald from Jane. But he is thinking highly about killing Amir Marquez for stealing His missions, and killing Migz for no Reasons.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Peak Human Intelligence

Peak Human Strength

Expert Marksman


Trivia Edit

He is also portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Marc Abaya.

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