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Police Captain Hector Mercurio was the classmate of Ricardo Dalisay during their police training. He was a sharp-shooter police agent and the demise of his wife is the cause to blame Cardo for having his loss as he wants to avenge. His further motives after being captured is still unknown.

He is Antagonist from Series of Ang Probinsyano who is the Drug Syndicates and the Mafia Forces.


Past Flashback

He is the former friend of Cardo before He goes wild about His lover, He saves Him during the Mission. He was about to helps Her but She was killed by Delfin Borja's deeds. Hector meets His lover's corpse, goes wild and hits Him who kills Her and lately rampages that Cardo was affected and gets out.


He is first seen to shoots His victim who kills His lover. The next days, Hector seeks revenges Delfin for telling His deeds to kills His lover. He murders another victim who kills Her same with Him. In the July 18 birthday of Delfin Borja, Hector shoots Him and Avel Guzman finds the Sniper.

He fights Cardo that His grandfather and His deeds kills His lover. After bombing Car, He was physically killed by Cardo and CIDG Officers.


He is portrayed by Filipino Voice Actor, Cesar Montano.