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Guillermo Vincento Alberto Udrayko Acosta or Guillermo Acosta, is a major antagonist in one of the first seasons of FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who was a Misanthrophic Bureau of Corrections Director inside the Bilibid Prison paid by Tomas Tuazon to sit on the Position for hitting Cardo Dalisay before His Final Breath.


He replaces Dir. Olarte and joins Jacob Rogelio who kills Him for not saving Him, after his death alongside with Tomas Tuazon. He takes down Ricardo for torturing Tomas in any slights, Joaquin Tuazon sees his destroyed.

He hits Everyone for destroying Him. Hurts the Cook Guy and sees His abuse mental illness, the Supporters in Bilibid can't forgive His evil deeds. Guillermo abducts Onyok the son of Marcelo, Cardo assails Him with His good deeds to punches back all of them. The old priest passed away to saves Him.

After Cardo, Manager and Jimboy's escape, He is taked down by Joaquin and gets the madness at Cardo for killing him.


He is extremely sadistic, and morbid compared to Dir. Olarte.