Councilor Gina "Coun. G" Magtanggol is the main antagonist of Lola Flora's Barangay area and the corruptive councilor politician. She is the reason behind Cardo's family's business and house renting problem which Gina could tame their will from exposing her leading corruptive rackets for her next possible seat to Mayors and to Senators. By continuing to hide her secret syndications, she gains a few minions to settle their business too. Lately, they became more obssesive towards Flora and the rest to make troubles and malign the name of the De Leons and Dalisay's lovable and cheerful family.

In Season 6, Gina continues to hire even more tyrant and a spontaneous Barangay Captain Bartolome Bulaan, commonly known as Cap. B or Cap. Bart. This time, she let Bart leave the rest of the plan in order to evict Cardo's families out of their town. Currently, Gina herself is hidden to corruptive politician while slowly spoiling out Cardo's families' weaknesses that would assume their residents that they are troublemakers.
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