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Councilor Gina "Coun G,Konji" Magtanggol is the Egoistical Antagonist from FPJ's Ang Probinsyano who joins Renato Hipolito and Serrano Jacob. main antagonist for Lola Flora's Barangay area who is the corruptive councilor politician. She is the reason behind Cardo's family's business and house renting problem which Gina could tame their will from exposing her leading corruptive rackets for her next possible seat to Mayors and to Senators. By continuing to hide her secret syndications, she gains a few minions to settle their business too. Lately, they became more obssesive towards Flora and the rest to make troubles and malign the name of the De Leons and Dalisay's lovable and cheerful family.

Gina and her Bodyguards are; Francine, Gido, David, Nick and Princess.


Season 7[]

Gina continues to hire even more tyrant and a spontaneous Barangay Captain Bartolome Bulaan, commonly known as Cap. B or Cap. Bart. This time, she let Bart leave the rest of the plan in order to evict Cardo's families out of their town. Currently, Gina herself is hidden to corruptive politician while slowly spoiling out Cardo's families' weaknesses that would assume their residents that they are troublemakers. But, Gina does not want to harm the Dalisays by spoiling their devilish plans in killing them physically. Gina couldn't control her worriness as she just wants to avoid Kap. Bart's other plans.

After Bart's loss, He tells His deeds to kills Alyana Arevalo and Bubbles. Witness the passed away of Her baby, Jerome loses controls that His plans murders it.

Gina rest assured being silent in planning as she gets conscience surrendering what they have done wrong to the Dalisays as well as her minions following their rail. She continually cries over Kap. Bart's ruthless heart against the Dalisays.

When Kap. Bart finally cornered with the Task Forces, Gina no more is confused as she just trying to barricade Cardo but no more when the polices raided the center. Gina and her minions got captured and handcuffed willing have no more chances to escape as they were. And when the clash of Kap. Bart and Cardo ended, Gina continuously cries inside the prison disappointing their failures from planning to smash the rock of the Dalisays. She is physically killed by Task Force Agila.


  • Her role ended with no possible confirmations yet to return to the story as Arturo Padua is about to revive the corruptive plans in the Barangay Pag-asa as he resides with his family.
  • She is portrayed by the Filipino Voice Actor, Mitch Valdez.