Gigi is the Daughter of Rowena and Marcelo and the younger sister of Onyok, She passed away with Her mother by Renato Hipolito after She spanks Her own Father that He hits Ricardo Dalisay.

Real Name: No informations

Aliases: Gigi

Origins: Ang Probinsyano

Birthday: March 19

Age: 5 Years old

Gender: Female

Hair color: Black

Eyes color: Dark brown

Skin color: Caucasian

Goals: Returns Her older brother, Onyok her Home (Fails)

Martial Fates: Unknown

Status: Physically Deceased+

Deaths Causes: Kills by Renato

Debut: November 2016 Book 1 Season 1

Role Ends: Ongoing

Families: Onyok (Her elder brother, Orphaned)

Rowena+ (Her mother)

Marcelo+ (Her father)

Allies: Ricardo Dalisay

Delfin Borja

Avel Guzman

Jerome Girona Jr.

Alyana Arevalo (Physically Deceased+)

Lola Flora Dalisay

Rigor Soriano

Francisco Rivera (Physically Deceased)

Mark Vargas

Ramil Taduran





Junior De Leon

Makmak Jr.+

Amir Marquez

Victor A. Basco

Manuel dela Cruz

Oscar Hidalgo

Andrea B. Collins

Brother Lorenzo

Karlo Ramos

Eric Gabriel

Louie Rallos

Jacob Rogelio (Now+)

Guillermo Acosta (Now+)

Ador Black (Now)

Enemies: Don Emilio's Inmates+

Serrano Jacob

Mafia Forces (Actives)

Drug Syndicates (Actives)

Ronald Serrano+

Michael Rosales+

Lance Mendez+

Renato Hipolito

Joaquin Tuazon+

Tomas Tuazon+

Diego Sahagun+

Mr. Philip Tang

Marco Cabrera+

Lucas Cabrera+

Brandon Cabrera+

Mayor Anton Guerrero (Physically Deceased+)

Hector Mercurio (Physically Deceased+)

Lorenz Gabriel+

Riding In Tandem (Dead+)

Mateo De Silva+

Victor De Silva+

Lily Ann Cortez

Meilin Yang+

Juan Morcilla

Ombudsman Castillo

Arturo Padua

Maggie Padua+

Clarice Padua

Ellen Padua

Jimbo Padua

Lazaro Enriquez+

Cedric Anderson+

Gina Magtanggol (Physically Deceased+)

Bartolome Bulaan (Physically Deceased+)

Ernesto Tordesillas

Stanley Galvez+

Alignment Chart: Neutral

Type of Hero: Wrathful Daughter

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